F69 Smart BT Swimming Watch on Flash Sale

F69 Smart BT Swimming Watch on Flash Sale

With the increasing number of fitness bands and smart watches hitting the markets every day, it has become really difficult for the end users to choose the best one for them. On the other hand, if your needs are more clear and specific, you have some good choices to take advantage of. If you are a swimmer and do a lot of swimming to remain fit, today we are going to have a brief look at the F69 Smart BT Swimming Watch specific for this purpose.


F69 Smart BT Swimming Watch on Flash Sale


The F69 Smart BT Swimming watch is a complete waterproof watch with IP68 certification which allows you to use it in extreme water conditions without any trouble. With IP68 certification, you can dive into the pool with some good depth and enjoy the long swim with the watch on your hand.

The unique thing which makes the watch more attractive is its double mode heart rate. Heart rate monitoring has become a necessity of every smartwatch and fitness tracker available in the market and if you are the swimmer, it is a must have. The double mode heart rate helps you track your heart rate with healthy rate mode in normal conditions and sports heart mode when you are swimming to track the heart rate accurately in different conditions.

But the double mode heart rate is not the only feature which you will appreciate in the F69 Smart BT Swimming watch. It goes ahead and identify four different styles of swimming and you can select a required mode. i.e. if you are swimming in a freestyle or breast stroke or back stroke or in butterfly style, you can choose the respective mode and the watch will do the rest, keeping track of all the activities.

Like all other smart watches and fitness trackers, it has all smart features like call and SMS reminder, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, pedometer and push notifications to stay connected with the social world. The watch comes in replace watch strap to bring more personalized looks.

If you are planning to buy the Smart BT Swimming watch, you can buy it now at GearBest at the price of just $39 enjoying some 60% discount from the usual price for the limited period of time.

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