Hajj Guide is now at Android

Hajj Guide is now at Android

Labaik Allahuma labaik….! Labaik Allahumalabaik….! Every Muslim man and woman has a soul wish to perform Hajj and other rituals at-least once in a life time. While Spending a week to a month in Makkah and Madina the holy lands for muslims is a serene, spiritual and excited experience it also requires One to prepare him/herself with the hardship of weather and other fast pace events.
While there was a time when People started their journey months before the Hajj dates, thanks to the advance in the technology, the travelling has become too short and matter of hours. Still one needs to prepare him/herself for the rituals to perform at the time of Hajj, remember the prayers and carry the necessary items with him/herself.
Are You going to perform hajj ?
Is it difficult for you to remember all rituals?
Is it difficult for you to remember all Prayers?
You face difficulty in remembering new locations?

This is where the ‘HAJJ GUIDE’ taking the advantage of technology is for you. Now download the ‘HAJJ GUIDE’ an android application on your smart phone and stop getting worried about the little items like what to do and when to do. Focus yourself on Ibadah and ‘HAJJ GUIDE’ will remember what next steps you have to perform for yourself.

Intellisense Hajj Guide 2014

Intellisense Solutions developed this Android Application having tremendous features, Application starts from preparation of hajj where you will get all info to get prepare for hajj. Remembering Rituals is difficult for some pilgrims in Hajj Guide All Rituals are briefly describe with respect to 5/6 days of Hajj i.e from 8 zilhajj to 12/13zilhaj In Guide you will find details about holy places too, all these rituals and details about holy places are represented nicely with the help of animation and labeled pictures. Finding any place or location is really difficult for foreigners. For their ease App. Contains maps of Makkah, Madina, Mina and Arafaat where you can easily find any place or location you are looking for.

Hajj Guide Map

Prayers regarding to hajj are all gathered in one tab of Duas. App also contains a counter to count your tawaaf and saee or any other tasbeeh.

Hajj Guide Dua

In 2014, 56000 Pakistanis will go for Hajj through government scheme and 86000 through private travel agencies. About the expenditure, Minister informed media that Karachi, Quetta and Sukkur pilgrims will have to spend PKR 262000 while those belonging to Islamabad, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan and Sialkot will have to pay PKR 272000 for Hajj. Sardar MuhammadYusuf said that due to the expansion project of Masjid-Ul-Haram, this year 20 percent less pilgrims will reach Saudi Arabia.
May Allah swt ease your hajj journey and give other Muslims strength too so they can perform hajj.

Hajj Guide Android

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