OnePlus X: All you want to know about Features and Specifications

OnePlus X: All you want to know about Features and Specifications

Starting business from Chinese market OnePlus is yet to go a long way but within the short age it has successfully managed to bring some nice devices in the market. Following the OnePlus One we got the OnePlus 2 with even more strengths. But besides the killer flagship the company has got a perfect device too, that is meant to compare with others in the market. With 5-inch display and premium design the OnePlus X stands to be the ultimate market competitor for some of the key devices.

With the addition into its X lineup the OnePlus not stands against some noted devices but also provide opportunity to its users to remain at a higher level even giving less prices. Though there are some downsizing with respect to the OnePlus 2 and the Nexus 6P but without putting it into competition with both what we find is another notable device by OnePlus.

OnePlus X comes in two variants

One Plus has put the components into the OnePlus X that you can find into some high-end devices released last season. Considering the specs and the price tag the company deems it as a device that stands beyond the mid-range. In addition the customized Oxygen OS build on Android 5.1.1 will give a distinct experience running the unique features. Here let’s go through the key areas where we can consider the OnePlus X standing odd.

OnePlus X Design

Either you like its ceramics looks or the onyx glass the looks on the OnePlus X are really premium. We have observed a number of devices that has he design build downgraded with lower prices, but similar to its specs lower prices are not a matter when it comes to its design.

OnePlus X is a-dual-SIM-phone-so-that-you-can-stay-connected-on-two-networks-simultaneously

The device was first out with the standard Onyx edition that was reinforced by the ceramic version. In either model the device looks and feels perfect to hold. The build looks hefty a little with micro-cuts on sides that make it more comfortable in hand. You will probably find resemblances with the older iPhones and the Nexus devices.

OnePlus X Display

The OnePlus X marks the first high definition AMOLED display by the OnePlus replacing LCD that was used in company’s other devices. It is made 5-inch large in size which fits quite well with the premium looks. The display size is good to match with key devices in the high-end range. It is however lower smaller than the OnePlus 2 that stands among the phablets with 5.5inch display. But with an higher display quality and Gorilla Glass 3 covering it looks perfect.

OnePlus X display is crispy

OnePlus Hardware and Specifications

Under the hood the OnePlus X carries a Snapdragon 801 SoC. You may underrate it as there are some developed options present in the market. But considering the last years’ devices the Snapdragon 801 has been the best performing chipset. And on the base of performance it is powerful one that joins up with other features to make the OnePlus X a competing smartphone.

OnePlus X-sports-last-years-top-chip-the-Qualcomm-Snapdragon-801

With the 32-bit processing powers you will get 3GB RAM that takes up the performance to a higher level. The storage options are also good with up to 128GB external storage support and good native storage level. You can get the device in 16GB option that is good and you don’t have to pay on the base of storage capacity. There are a number of sensors to give you additional features. However you will miss a fingerprint scanner and NFC which are present on the key competitors.

OnePlus X Camera

The OnePlus X comes with an advanced sensor to light up its camera results. The ISOCELL technology improves the sensitivity for light which means sharper images with less noise. With such improvements its rear camera comes with 13megapixels while on front face there is a about 8megapixel camera. Though the cameras are good with high megapixels but with improved components it gives you more than expected performance.

OnePlus X main-camera-is-a-13-megapixel-unit-with-f2.2-lens

Its 13megapixel rear camera is higher than a number of key competitors while 8megapixels on front makes it perfect for selfies. If not for other areas, the camera features can stands in the competitions very well. Finally to mention its main camera got f/2.2 lens, with fast auto-focus. Final results are best with fine white balance and saturation. You can record videos at 1080pixels with slow motion and time lapse modes.

OnePlus X Prices

As we mentioned you can get the OnePlus X in Onyx and Ceramic models. The Onyx model which was first to get listed for the US customers came with price tag of $250 with 16GB storage. The second model is however much pricier with price tag of about $400. Prices for both models keep the OnePlus X among the affordable devices. Except for the ceramic model the OnePlus X stands among many other with comparatively less powers. You can get the OnePlus X at GearBest without the Invites at $279 2GB OnePlus X and 4GB variant for $289 as well.

OnePlus X prices are affordable as compared to OnePlus 2

Though there are a number of ups and downs the device finally comes out to stands for itself. As we mentioned the OnePlus X was unveiled while other members of its family were already there with their amazing performance. Thus what it was to stand for was the nice design and comparatively high power components with lighter price tag.

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