The Most Popular Photography Apps for Android

The Most Popular Photography Apps for Android

Mobile app development has never been made to look simpler as VeztekUSA puts it. However, to understand fully what a mobile app really entails, it is imperative to understand the popular Android apps in the market these days. An Android application is a group of tasks. Each of these tasks is labeled as an activity. With the ever evolving needs and trends of the tech-world, each activity within every application is made with a unique purpose.

Let’s face it. Our phones have become the ultimate moment-capturing device for most of us. These moments are so dear that once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. It is these captured photographs that remain beautiful memories to cherish years later. Therefore, mobile app developers increasingly release apps made to fit the purpose of exceptional photography give the ultimate Android phone features these days. If you carry the craze for capturing phenomenal photographs then make sure you carry at least one of the apps listed below in your Android phones:

  1. Google Camera


If you are fond of simplicity then Google’s own camera app is for you. It offers clean and manual settings with user friendly features and easy to understand controls. The app consists of basic photography modes such as Photo Sphere and Panorama. These modes along with Lens Blur option follow a fun and easy to use mechanism and allow your pictures to stand out by giving them a professional macro touch. The Photo Sphere mode is interesting for many users and is exciting to use as well. If used correctly, the mode allows you to capture a unified 360-degree photograph.

However, it is better to understand the bugs that users have reported within this app as well. On various devices, the app has been reported to crash. Nevertheless, it is a must have app since it can produce outstanding results if used correctly.

  1. Camera360 Ultimate


This app is one of the most popular apps in the entire list of camera apps on the Android play store. The app, as the name suggests is not just capable of capturing a seamless 360 degree photograph but also offers tons of other modes and filters to choose from.  This app is again easy to use and offers to select your filters before the photograph is even captured to avoid going through the hassle of picking and choosing from filters later once the photograph has been captured.

Adjusting multiple settings simultaneously has never been made as easy as it has been on this app. Most of the dials are on one screen so that makes it all the more convenient and easy to use. This is one of the most liked features of the app itself because other apps require navigating through different screens to select different dials.

  1. Open Camera

Open Camera Android Apps on Google Play

Looking for a fast working app to capture your best moments? Install this light-weight app as it is absolutely free and offers almost all the required photo adjustment features, modes and filters required by most users. Some of these include manual focus, exposure time and ISO settings. Be sure to upgrade your Android to Lollipop though if you want to make full use of this app.

One of the unique features in this app is that it offers users to create a widget of the app that can be added to the home screen. Hence, accessing the app with the click of a button becomes all the more easier. This is a useful tool if you wish to capture a moment instantly.

  1. B612

This app is great for capturing the dreamiest selfies. It has been particularly designed as the ultimate selfie app for all you selfie lovers out there. The app has fun and fresh features which are easy to comprehend and use. Not only this but the app allows users to capture videos that can later be edited using the same filters that are available for selfies.

  1. A Better Camera

A Better Camera Android Apps on Google Play

As the name suggests, Better Camera is basically a modified version of the standard Android camera app. Along with various interesting features the app includes the ability to capture the best shot using the Bestshot feature. This feature capture numerous photographs in one go and then provides you with the best shot.

Immediate post-processing after a shot has been captured is another most-liked feature of this app. This feature is often missing in many professional cameras released by brands like Samsung and Sony as well. Recording in HDR is also one of the added professional moment capturing features of this app. However, some of the best features of this app are only available through in-app purchases. But if you are a photography lover and are ok with spending a little on investing on your photographs then this is just the right app for you.

  1. VSCO Cam

VSCO Android Apps on Google Play

This is for those technical photography lovers. It has a list of features to choose from but requires a little understanding to work with thoroughly.  The app has highly been regarded and reported as one of the best Android camera apps due to the variety of customization that it offers its users.

Along with editing and other sharing functions, VSCO Cam is known to produce Instagram-like experience for its users.

  1. Manual Camera

Easy to handle camera app with features that result in friendly Facebook sharing pictures but not very professional ones. This app provides a range of features and filters that are not offered in most other apps. These include focus, shutter speed features, exposure, white balance and many others through which you can control even the minutest details of your photograph. These photographs are also available in RAW form so that they can be processed later.
These apps are some of the most highly rated apps for Android camera phones. So, if you are a photography fanatic then be sure to install at least a few of these on your smartphones to capture great moments with a range and mix of most loved features.

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