Review: Xbox one with Windows 10

Review: Xbox one with Windows 10

Windows 10 has swiped the PCs and tablets with great intensity. The new OS has proved itself to be versatile and assuring for different devices with different natures.  The impact of the new Windows on the popular gaming console;Xbox; is significant too.

Xbox has also introduced new and popular titles to its games lineup. With the new Windows on fire and the title fight between the games, there are number of things you need to know.

On 18 June 2015 Windows 10 basic look and its functioning on the console were showed by Microsoft at the biggest event of all time-E3 2015. Due to this event we learned few things like Snapping apps, Cortana as well as about Navigation.

Now, that we have officially heard from the team and the popular unveiling has finally taken place; we have lot of things to tell you in-depth regarding the new Windows and its connection with the popular Xbox One. Give a read;

Important Update

On the popular unveiling event, Microsoft stated that they have listened to the response of the Cortana regarding the popular headphones controversy. Well! if you don’t have Kinect then via the new side menu of your Xbox; you can easily launch the Cortana and then  you can ask her by typing any query you have in your mind.


Snapping app


Snapping apps on Xbox have always done wonder and its always refreshing to deal with one. The snap function is situated at the right side of the  Xbox Console. With listening to everyone’s impatient feedback; Microsoft has placed it on the left side.

Now the function has got different color schemes. Moreover, also the option has changed for the Xbox apps like musics, videos etc. Before the new announcement, it used to be green.

Cortana Feature

On the new Windows experience on Xbox; Cortana will be an important part of Windows 10. Anything that Cortana is able to do on your windows 10 Mobile phone or Windows 10 PC will be the same on Xbox one.

You can ask anything to her. Like, you can ask Cortana about the weather ; and in answer you’ll get the perfect weather analysis. You can also ask questions through your Xbox also.

If you have some appointments scheduled, than Cortana will notify you. Microsoft has already notified at the launch that Cortana will not work with a headset. You will need the Kinect, for sure, now.

Taste of Community


At first, everything used to be in the friends app. This time Microsoft took a decision to enlarge it. The company took the social aspect out of the app. The dashboard now provides its own tab. The community tab will have many new functions especially the “Feed” that is basically from the friend app. Both will mash together with the classical section. The section is situated on the Dashboard.

If you share something on the new “feed” the headline will no longer remain on the front position. The screenshot or the video will display as a small thumbnail. While the Screenshot/video display is on the title, the headline is also located on the top of the title. It gives a good and a neat look. The appearance will definitely attract the attention towards the post.

There is also a new trending section next to the “feed”. Video will appear as soon as you launch it from Microsoft. The and trending posts will emerge soon after that. All the things that you are mostly fond of, will be included in the trending section.

Store; Old or New?

With every app coming from Microsoft platform; the store is indeed very important. In the new Xbox version, the store and all the other details are not specified yet. The current store was a disaster.

The new version for the store was shown with hundreds of DLC for few games also glitter at the store. This will truly be the first refresh so we expect it to make some amazing changes and we are quite sure of that too. We hope that changes are categorized by AAA title and indie.

Home sweet Home


You can see the new Refreshed look .It will be the first thing you will see when you update your Console and turn it on. This is just the beginning but there are more other things to be told. Microsoft emphasized that the main purpose of this update is speed and the side effect of this is the new scintillating look.

There will be an Avatar that you will see on the top left corner of your screen. From here; it will direct you to the animations like dancing and waving etc. Microsoft just mentioned that they will be bringing the Avatar back but they didn’t speak too much about, just a picture at the corner.

Every transition is instantaneous and fluid; you will eventually notice as you go through Navigating the Dashboard. For navigation action there are trigger buttons; but in Windows 10 you will be navigating vertically not horizontally as you used to do before. With a press of a button you can go straight to your pinned selections while you are at the top of tab.

The highlighted game that you see on the home tab will now have four different components to it. The first choice will tell you about friends who are playing the game and below will be the options through which you can straight jump into Game Hubs, achievement, share clips or read the Headline.

When you switch to different game the only thing that changes is headline. The headline of the game is just like a Twitter status. This will enable the developer to give news to the players directly. Developer can also use it for other things like using it to post notes; like ; telling about an upcoming tournament.

Well developer has a complete authority to change it any time they want.

Summing up the things

Summing up windows 10 and Xbox

There are too many things which are making us excited about the Windows 10  and its inclusion in  Xbox one.

Xbox preview Program is the platform which eager and exited users can join. This will make you the first one to know about the new stuff and age a chance to have a  free trial to them.

We just have seen a glance of how Windows 10 will work with the Xbox and we don’t know anything else. All we can do is wait!

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