Want to watch 360 degree Youtube videos on Android? Here is how

Want to watch 360 degree Youtube videos on Android? Here is how

Those who have viewed Google’s 360 degree Youtube videos on Android cans distinguish the amazing feel. The 360-degree video, introduced on YouTube by Google early this year, enables you to watch videos from different angles. The service has gained a good reputation as it entertained millions of viewers in an amazing way. If you are still away from this interesting service here you tell you how to watch 360-degree videos on you tube.

No mater you are on a PC or smartphone you can watch the 360-degree videos without any issues. However on PC you need the Google Chrome, Google’s own browser where you can use the feature. But as compared with the PC experience of 360-defree videos the Android smartphones give you the real feel. For instance, on Chrome you need to use mouse clicks to change angles of your 360-degree video but on your Android device just rotation will do the entire job.
Here is the stepwise procedure you can follow on your Android running smartphone and tablets.

360 degree Youtube videos on Android

First look for the latest version of YouTube app and upgrade you app with latest features. If you don’t have it right now then you can install easily from Google Play. With an updated YouTube app now mow to first step.
Open your YouTube app. On the first page, or your YouTube homepage you can find a button on left corners. By tapping the button on top left the app menu will pop out.

After you get the option from the app menu, scroll down and you will find option tagged as Best of YouTube. Tap on the option and you will find the 360-degree button.

After tapping the 360-degree video button you will enter into YouTube’s 360 videos. The YouTube channel gives you a lot of 360-degree videos where you can enjoy viewing them from various angles. Just keep rotating the device and the video angel will change according to your desire.

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