XNSPY is an iPhone parental monitoring app which gives you control over your child’s phone

XNSPY is an iPhone parental monitoring app which gives you control over your child’s phone

According to a recent survey, SMS text messaging is the most popular way of communication around the world at the moment. With a rise in the SMS messages sent and received on a daily basis, it is no surprise that teens are the most fervent users of this service. With the latest iPhones becoming more and more popular every day, the lethal combination of iPhones, SMS messages and teens seems unstoppable. Well, there is in fact a way to restrict this lethal combination to some extent and that way is to use an iPhone parental monitoring app like XNSPY on the iPhone of your child.

What is Xnspy?

Xnspy is a really strong and easy to use iPhone spy software that keeps you updated regarding the SMS messages usage of your child at all times. It gives you access to all the other communication records of your child’s cell phone as well. All you need is an Xnspy Username and Password and an internet connection and you can access your child’s cell phone data whenever and wherever you want to.

XNSPY iPhone parental monitoring app


If you are worried whether Xnspy will work well with your child’s model of iPhone, you need not be. Xnspy is compatible with the latest iPhone models having an operating system of iOS 6.0 and above. This includes all models in the iPhone 3 series, iPhone 4 series, iPhone 5 series and iPhone 6 series.

SMS messages and your child:

Xnspy provides you access to all the SMS messages records of your child’s iPhone. These records include all the messages saved in the Inbox, Sent Box and Drafts of your child’s cell phone. If your child has deleted a particular SMS from their phone, you can even access that SMS through your online Xnspy account.

Other astonishing features:

Other than the ability to access the SMS messages records of your child, Xnspy provides you with a few other astonishing features of its. These include:

• All incoming, missed and outgoing phone call records of your child’s cell phone. All these records are provided to you along with the date, time and duration of each and every call. You may even record all the calls if you wish to.

• The Geo Location feature. This feature helps you pinpoint the exact location of your child with the help of the GPS navigator inside their cell phone.

• With the Record Surroundings feature of Xnspy, you get to record all the sounds that surround the cell phone of your kid.

• Access to all the photos and videos inside your child’s phone. You may even view all the phone numbers inside your child’s cell phone as well as all their e-mail messages.

Keep Track:

With the help of an iPhone parental monitoring app like XNSPY, parents can keep track of the SMS messages usage by their children. Any over-using of this service by the children will alarm the parents and they can take measures to keep it under control. You can buy the XNSPY app here and start monitoring your child or employee or you can try the demo here.

Check Out the promotional video of XNSPY the iPhone parental monitoring app below:

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