5GHz video doorbell (without a subscription)

If you are looking for a smart 5GHz video doorbell that is efficient and reliable then you have come to the right place…

In this article, we have compiled a 5GHz video doorbell without a subscription that will surely keep your home safe and secure from trespassers.

that is worth your money and time-saving.

So, then let’s hop in with a quick brief overview of the specifications of each 5GHz video doorbell camera we have summed up for you:

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Best video doorbell cameras to secure your home in 2022

Before going towards the list of 5GHz video doorbell cameras we have the definitive guide for you about the 5GHz WiFi network.

Questions that usually come into your Mind:

Is 2.4GHz good or 5GHz better?

In fact, 2.4GHz WiFi is better in terms of coverage in a large area but the internet speed gets slow due to the usage of many devices on 2.4GHz and due to limited channels in 2.4GHz, ultimately, there are chances of interference in the data transmitting.

while 5GHz offers a shorter range but the fastest internet speed because 5GHz consists of many channels so there is less chance of interference in data transmitting. 5GHz is best option for gaming and streaming HDTV in small homes and apartments

Moreover, the best thing is that both 2.4GHz WiFi and 5 GHz Wifi work simultaneously in dual-band routers.


What video doorbell works with 5GHz WIFI?

Nooie video doorbell camera, Ring video doorbell 3, Ring Video doorbell 4, Amcrest video doorbell camera pro and Ezviz smart doorbell work with 5GHz WiFi.

Do Ring cameras use 2.4 or 5GHz?

You can enjoy Ring video doorbells 3 and Ring video doorbell 4 with dual-band 2.GHz or 5GHz.

How do I change my Ringbell to 5GHz Wi-Fi?

Open the Ring App on your smartphone, Tap on devices, and device health and then Tap on ”reconnect WiFi” or change the WiFi network.

List of 5GHz video doorbell

  • EZVIZ DB1 Video doorbell
  • aosu wireless doorbell camera
  • Nooie Video doorbell camera
  • Amcrest Video Doorbell
  • Kami video doorbell

EZVIZ DB1 Video doorbell

5GHz video doorbell

aosu Wireless Doorbell Camera

5GHz video doorbell
auso Wirless Doorbell Camera

Let’s introduce you to the auso Wireless Doorbell Camera that works with 5ghz, dual-band 2.4GHz, or 5.0GHz WiFi connectivity. The Auso wireless video doorbell camera is the best 5GHz video doorbell without a subscription.

The doorbell has a Five-megapixel ultra HD video that will help you watch everyone and can be either Wired or Battery Powered and can install easily in any home.

Further, When you’re in a conversation and don’t want to speak, you can use quick replies by sending messages. The Auso Doorbell will automatically declare the alert you’ve sent.

It also uses the latest technology to notify you whenever any stranger steps into your doorway. When you’re not interested in a conversation, you can access everything. The doorbell is waterproof and will work in any weather condition.

Furthermore, it works in the dark and can connect to your assistant.

5MP UltraHD Doorbell Camera with Chime

5ghz video doorbell

+360 5MP ULTRA HD camera offers dual-band capabilities connected with both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz. It features 5MP ultra HD High-resolution videos with a 162-degree field of view. Even in a dark environment, you can see sharp images due to sharp night vision technology. The 5GHz doorbell uses advanced radar technology to alert you when someone is near your home.

Moreover, Face recognition technology lets you know who is at the door. In case of stealing doorbell ring a siren to make the stealer scared. It is IP66 water and dustproof in tough weather conditions. The doorbell offers free 8GB local storage.

doorbell camera Nooie

5GHz video doorbell
Nooie Video DoorBell Camera

Firstly, the wireless doorbell is the best 5GHz video doorbell without a subscription, which features an advanced Human detection algorithm and will alert you correctly in case of any motion detection. It incorporates Alexa and Echo Show.
Moreover, a wireless 5GHz doorbell camera offers you the widest angle of view with the highest quality video.
Additionally, It has a responsive Nooie app that is compatible with both 2.4G and 5G Networks. It allows you to save recorded videos on Nooie cloud or a Micro SD card (buy separately for free as well.
At first, you need to insert the card into the base station with a chime.
Wondering how it is installed? Hear up now
The installation of the camera does not take more than 15 minutes. It is easy to set and use. Moreover, when triggered, it uses a PIR sensor to send you a notification. When it senses motion, the doorbell will alert you, whether it’s from the person or something else, through its passive Infrared. The device records crystal clear video at 2K, which is superb. Even in total darkness, it can record usable video.
Interesting right?
Lastly, accessing a live stream video is beneficial and offers two-way audio communication remotely or from your Home.

Kami smart video doorbell camera

5GHz video doorbell

Lorex 2K WiFi Doorbell Camera

Lorex 2K WiFi Doorbell Camera

XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera 

XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera

Amcrest Video Doorbell

 Amcrest 4MP Video Doorbell Camera

Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

5GHz video doorbell

Google Nest Doorbell

Google Nest Doorbell

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