I need an AdWords Management Provider – What Now?

I need an AdWords Management Provider – What Now?

What is AdWords?

Google Ads previously called AdWords is an advertising platform that promotes your product, business, or brand, shows your product or post at the top of the searches. Google Adwords gives you the opportunity to advertise your products or post at the top of the search results by bidding. These are paid ads through the Google Ad platform.

The great benefits of AdWords are that they are easy to apply monthly budget parameters. Best of all – you can stop your advertising at any point you choose.

What is AdWord Manager?

AdWord Manager consults you in growing your business, AdWords
Consultant in helping you to project and improve upon your brand and its digital marketing offering and it’s very important to let them do what they do to help you, while you focus on your core business.

Adword Manager is a handy dandy tool for consultants to manage their client’s accounts easily without logging into each one’s account. For example, they can create campaigns.

How to use AdWord Manager?

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is to bring AdWords consultants on board and expecting instantaneous results. This stems from a belief that digital means instant – a dangerous mindset to have when you expect anything of value from the expert that you have hired.
In reality, creating or building upon a successful marketing strategy takes time, and it is unfair to expect instant results from your digital marketer.

What services should I outsource?

Online marketing campaigns have shown to be highly profitable when the services of an AdWords Consultant are employed. Even if you start off on a smaller budget, you need to start seeing returns, and this will be made a lot easier by involving the right people in the process. Start small if you feel uncertain – even a small campaign can help you reach greater traffic,
targeting and clicks.

Although the larger search engines do make it a lot easier than ever before to set up a paid search, it is the attention to detail, and executing things with greater speed and efficiency, that makes the digital specialist a well-justified expense to your campaign. It may be easy to set up and run the campaign online, but there is no substitute for the great human inputs of strategy,
tone, and nuance. A fully automated campaign can feel robotic and soulless, and for this reason, the human factor remains central to your brand’s success.

What should my AdWords management agency be able to do?

Yet again, you could do endless searches on this topic, and come up with many answers, and although their services might not be considered essential to the greater scheme of things, time has shown that the benefits a digital campaign gains simply by having a professional consultant working on it, make the investment of outsourcing worthwhile.

Even if you decide to start off with a basic campaign, you can expect your AdWords management services firm to at least be able to generate new campaign ideas and strategies, and implement them, rework existing campaigns to a more efficient version, and manage all the “behind the scenes” aspects of an online campaign to maximize its efficiency.

Can’t I just Do It Myself?

Sure – if you have about 3-4 months lying around for campaign development and growing your audience, developing email strategies and content, and money to blow on experimental phases that might not come to fruition.

Faced with this choice, this is often the point where most people turn on their heels and hightail it over to a good AdWords specialist. They will help you to crystallize your goals and objectives for the campaign, use their expertise to go and find you an audience (where you might have spent time figuring out the HOW rather than the WHERE if you had to attempt it
alone), and bring your vision to life with its own flavor. Time is money and investing a bit more money in a professional to save time in the long run, will always be worth your while.

Is an AdWords specialist all that?

Many people are stuck in the mindset that the amount of clicks they get on their website is what translates to the money they make. While it not untrue that leads bring in money, and clicks bring in leads, it is not how digital marketing works.

You may be one of the lucky ones to spend a little on a marketing campaign, have major luck with one click leading to a huge number of leads, and making more than you spent on the campaign for one lead. Here is the thing though: something like that is not calculated, and dumb luck is no basis on which to build your campaign. Here is why you need someone who
knows their keywords from their PPC, and why you need them on your side.

It’s all about the turnover

Even a small business can benefit from targeted digital marketing, and the great part is that you can work within any budget. The great benefits of AdWords are that they are easy to apply monthly budget parameters. Best of all – you can stop your advertising at any point you choose(but would you want to?) To best answer that, let us talk about how effective digital marketing really is.

Millions of impressions per month that lead to proven paid clicks cannot be wrong. Speak to an AdWords consultant about what you need from your digital marketing – it is always better to treat marketing in a bespoke way and tailoring it around what you need.

Are you all write?

Good copy is what stops an ad from malfunctioning. If there is anything to outsource, make a copy, and find an Adword consultant with great writing skills. A good copywriter will research your topic, make sure they know their oats when it comes to your competitors, and will structure your campaign based on best practices within the industry. In a nutshell, they know what they are doing, so
you do not have to figure it out. Bad copy affects your trustworthiness as a brand and attempting it if you do not know what you’re doing, is time and money wasted.

Be specific

Keywords. There is so much to be said about this category, but most importantly, the key is not missing the mark. Getting to this point involves a lot of trial and error, like keywords that cover too broad a field leads to more money being spent on fewer clicks, which is definitely not what you want!

How hard can it be?

If something inside you is still going “I can probably do this”, you either need to stop immediately or make sure that you know exactly what you are doing when it comes to plotting the campaign points, defining, and researching your demographics, and isolating the most effective keywords. A bit daunting? Sure, but this is the value of involving an AdWords
Consultant in helping you to project and improve upon your brand and its digital marketing offering. Let them do what they do to help you, while you focus on your core business.

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