Amazon Free Kindle Reading App is available for all platforms

Technology has changed everything. Every aspect of life is reflecting the technological impact. One of the most affected areas of our daily life is the habit of reading books. While people used to buy books and reading was a part of daily schedule for many, with the advancement in technology most people now prefer to read eBooks on their PCs and laptops. – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

But this experience of reading e-books is not as good as reading a book in your leisure time. Amazon answered this problem for the first time by introducing Amazon Kindle, a tablet like device on which you can read eBooks with swapping its pages like of your hard-cover books. When first introduced Amazon Kindle received a warm welcome by the book lovers and this pushed Amazon to make Amazon Kindle Reading App for different devices including PC, Mac, Android phones and iPhone and iPad.


Amazon’s free Amazon Kindle Reading App is available for almost all the smartphones, tablets and computers. Which means, once you buy the book, you can read it anywhere and on any device with this app without even buying Amazon Kindle. Although the reading experience will not be same on the apps as on Kindle but this app is worthy to have. It is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, blackberry and Android devices and for Windows Phone — which means its one of a few apps available for almost all platforms. You can download the Kindle App for your PC or Mac as well.


Once you install the Amazon Kindle Reading App, you need to register it to the Kindle account on Amazon Cloud. After the registration completes, all the eBooks you purchased earlier will start showing in the Archive menu, from where you can download them as well.

Both the iPad and Android devices are similar almost and only difference is the use of terminology like Archive in Android is Cloud in iPhone. Otherwise major functionality is same like you to highlight Text while reading you need to long press and then you can add note or highlight the selected text. The App supports wide range of file formats including Office, text, HTML and PDFs. There is also an option to share the reading on Facebook and twitter, which makes it easier for user to share things easily.

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