Android Apps : Top 8 necessary Apps in 2014

Top Android Apps Review

You have a cool and smart android phone and you do not download android applications from the Google Play? It is almost impossible. In fact you are too familiar with the apps icons on your android phone that they have become part of your life! Am I wrong? No there will be some apps you will be using multiple times on daily basis.

On the other hand if you have just bought a new android phone, either it is Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or HTC Desire, your next step to use your phone is very predictable. Yes You are going to download and install different apps on your mobile you like the most.

Certainly you decided to buy android phone after comparing different options including the hot iPhone and you are not only one who gave preference to Android phone. The fantastic app store, ease of use, the layout, everything of android makes it to stand in the competition, and Android phone market is reaching new heights every next day.

The open source nature of Android makes it a fantastic place for developers to design cool and great android apps for us and most of them are free. At Google play, one of the best markets or app store available, more than million apps are available to download. Business Applications, Games, Apps of daily use, Wallpapers you will find everything you want with you on your android phone. Android apps download is also very easy. Just go to Android apps Store on your phone and start installing the sites you desire.

Lets start our review of Apps. and remember it is our choice, you have right to disagree with us.

Drop box

Drop box is one of the top free android apps in ‘Sharing and cloud’ section at Google Play.
Drop box is one of the app which helps one a lot in sharing. It is as android moves closer to home computer territory, syncing photos, music and work documents is increasingly important. As a free service, Drop box offers 2GB of pleasingly simple online storage which is automatically synced whenever you log in from any of your devices – very useful for occasional file transfers, semi-permanent documents and shared folders.


Navfree is one of the top android apps in ‘Maps Navigation and Transportation’ section at Google Play. One of recent app is NAVFREE which allows you to access any part of world easily, previously you’ve got Google Maps already and that’s lovely. However, that relies on a data connection, which isn’t always available even in your home nation and will sting you with ludicrous charges abroad. You can load it with paid extras if you like, but its fine as it is. Download the local variant for any country you’re visiting before you leave and you’ll always have a map and a sat-nav tool at your hip. From it one can explore new places, discover local favorites, and navigate world.


InstagramNowadays photography is gaining much passion especially in youngsters, who enjoy taking their selfies, group photos etc and then share it with their loved ones, for this instagram is a best option, which provides a simple way to capture and share the precious moments on your android. Customize your photos and videos with built filter effects, transform everyday moments into works of art you’ll want to share with friends and family. It even allows you to follow your friend’s post. Instagram is placed in ‘Social and Photography’ section at Google Play.


ebayeBay is one of the top android apps in ‘Shopping’ section at Google Play. The e-bay app is packed full of features that make it easy to browse, buy and sell. From it you can search, bid buy or make offers on unique items around the world, and track your packages, leave feedbacks and much more. It is one of the most useful apps for inline shopping lovers.

Adobe Reader

Adobe ReaderAdobe reader is the free, trusted leader for viewing and interacting with PDF documents across devices. For university going student this app is much beneficial as they can download their books in their mobile phone and may release the burden of carrying book along them.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the top android apps in ‘Personalization’ section at Google Play.
Nova LauncherNova Launcher is widely regarded as the most popular launcher available on Android. It has tons of customizations available for icon sizes, home screen transitions, app drawers, gesture recognition, and lots more. Icon packs and additional UI graphics can be downloaded to change all of the system defaults, and there are plenty of color pickers available to change accents. For those that want full control of their Android experience, Nova Launcher will provide.


Amazon is one of the another top android free applications in ‘Shopping’ section at Google Play.
AmazonAmazon is the grand-daddy of online retail. If you’re shopping for anything at all, it’s worth checking out to see what Amazon’s offering. They have crazy deals all the time, just about every physical object you could possibly want to acquire, and with Prime, you’ll get it on your doorstep lickety-split.


TaskerTasker lets you set up a wide range of tasks to execute automatically given certain circumstances. You can set antenna to go off when you leave a certain location, turn on an app after tapping an NFC tag, or mute your ringer after connecting to a specific Wi-Fi network. With the help of third parties plugging into Tasker, you have a ton of options for if/then statements here.

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