Apple iPad mini 4 unboxing and comparison

Apple iPad mini 4 unboxing and comparison

iPad Mini 4 was among the first announcements on the Apple event this September. But at the event the enthusiastic iPad lovers were provided just a little detail. They were enough to mark the upcoming iPad Mini 4 as an exceptional pad but yet much remained excluded from the discussion.  In short, the iPad Mini 4 comes with Apple upgrade concept to make its devices thinner, faster and lighter.

Following the briefing on September event now we have the unboxing video to fill the blanks left behind. Here now we not only find the key upgraded areas but also a comparative edge got by iPad Mini 4 over others. Let’s go thru the unboxing video to elaborate the hidden features.

The iPad Mini 4, as we know, comes with the Apple’s own A8 inside with 2GB RAM. In the proceeding iPad mini 3 we got the A7 CPU with 1 GB RAM. Thus with the iPad Pro you will get almost dual RAM performance with a remarkable addition in processing powers.

The effect of additional processing powers area evident on its other areas where it carries similar updates. These updates include those on its camera. Against the 5megapixel of preceding iPad now we are going to have 8 megapixels. Unlike the main camera on the front the specs are kept unchanged. Also the Touch ID is kept intact as it was on the iPad mini 3.

Apart from the details out of its specs upgrade some other assessments show an even faster performance. This is made possible by integration of hardware upgrades with the new iOS. The iOS 9 on the iPad Mini 4 joins up with the A8 and other specs to give you the most powerful experience out of iPad. Also on the iPad Mini 4 the iOS 9 is reported to make exclusively integrated with its key features for improved performance.

Dan Esposito has shared an un-boxing video of Apple iPad Mini 4 at his YouTube Channel. Enjoy the video and do share thoughts in the comments section.

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