Apple iPad Pro features, release date and prices

Apple iPad Pro features, release date and prices

After a long wait with speculations and rumors finally the iPad Pro unveiled by Apple. Acting upon the expectations, Apple opens its key event with a number of announcements. And proving the rumors true it didn’t took much time to unveil the iPad Pro. As it made its first official unveiling what came out is not any strange device. As we expected it is larger more powerful and more stylish.

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Though the launch of iPad Pro was expected, but the details it brought with certain features still carry a degree of surprise. The Apple head terms the iPad Pro the biggest since the iPad. It is right to the point to explore what Apple has planned for its iPad market. And what we find in the so called big device is a 12.9inch display with most of its specialties packed inside.

Apple-iPad-Pro with keyboard
Although, the increase in size was focused enough but there are several other points that make it special in its lineup. The large display gives its users the most with iOS 9’s split screen feature. As it was described on the event, the iPad Pro is made to do all that things that smartphones couldn’t because of size limits.

Additional flavor is added up by Adobe which was made part of the event. As per announcement several productivity apps can run on iPad Pro. Thus it would be nice to have a deem journey inside the iPad Pro. Let’s have a detail into to its internal and external features.

Apple iPad Pro Display and Design

As we mentioned, first thing notices in the iPad Pro is its larger display with 12.9inch penal. The display is enraged on its front that gives you not only fabulous picture results but also a stunning design outlook. It is also made light in weight and slim in width that measures just 6.9mm. Thus with a large display you have a stylish and premium looking tab by Apple.

The 12.9 inch display is made powerful to stand beyond the limits of older iPads and other competitors. The technology used for display of iPad Pro is the same used in Apple iMac. The Retina 5K is the correct choice made by Apple to bring the pixels of iPad Pro into life with the large 12.9inch display. This make the display as clear and deep as it is large is size thus doubling your viewing experience.

Apple-iPad-Pro dimensions

Apple heads at the event claim to have not only taken care of magnificent display but also other areas. For instance, with the Retina display the screen of iPad Pro comes with variable refresh rate. Therefore, your iPad will not complain about battery because of its large display.

Finally the device comes out to be great with display and design. You may recall the iPad Air as some of its features made a little impression here too. The aluminum covering with bezels and edges nicely curved. But still iPad Air is far behind the new iPad Pro in design terms.

Apple iPad Pro Performance

While Apple introduced the iPad Pro at its event the chairs were doubled as it is said to hold the fresh A9X processor. It means the big device in display is going to have even a bigger power inside the hood. You can judge the performance of iPad Pro with the A9X as it holds about 1.8 times more powers than the predecessors.

When Apple officials refer its team to be on fire with the A9X chipset it really doesn’t seems to be any exaggeration. Apple processing units have already been power packs which are now boosted at all. It also pronounces in other fields thus making the iPad Pro perfect in performance. The 64-bit chip is backed with equally powerful 2GB of RAM memory that make it powerful than most of the portable PCs, as claimed by Apple.

Apple-iPad-Pro unboxing

As we described that the large display of iPad Pro is made supportive for other fields. The same holds true for its internal specs which helps its battery at the same time while giving ultimate performance. Apple claims battery run time of 10 hours while you use the device with its ultimate features including 4K video editing.

The gap if remains any if filed with the expertise of the iOS 9, pre-loaded on iPad Pro. With its upgraded environment the iOS 9 is made to carry the high features to a new end.

iPad Pro will come with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil

Here we come to the features which are made special for the iPad Pro. With the plenty of announcement following the device include the Apple smart keyboard and Apple Pencil. Both of new addition to Apple chart simply boosted the enthusiasm of Apple lovers looking for the iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil

Tablet users have used plenty of smart keyboards. But as iPad Pro is made to stand among others, the same Apple brought to its own smart keyboard. The smart keyboard is made special for iPad Pro. With a fabric covering the smart keyboard is not less than a complement of its magnificent iPad. The device carries three circles for connectivity which work as smart connector for the smart keyboard.

Another complementary part with the equal level of art and functionality is the new Apple Pencil, the Apple version of stylus. And keeping the old Apple expertise the Pencil and the iPad Pro display are made to work perfectly with each other.

With the Pencil turned on the sensitivity of iPad Pro displays sensors increases. This will enable you to enjoy the stylus up to the highest level. You can get brief strokes by pressing the Pencil lightly and wider strokes by hard press.

Hopefully it will be a memorable experience using the stylus with Apple expertise.

iPad Pro Camera will 8 MP

Apple-iPad-Pro camera specs

Before wrapping up let’s have a look at the camera on iPad Pro. With the gorgeous design you will get a facetime camera that is placed well to match the design concept. At the rear end you can find the 8megapixel iSight camera with the most Apple camera powers. As we have reviews the camera experience with Apple you will not get disappointed with these details.

Apple-iPad-Pro comes in 3 colors

iPad Pro prices and release date

Although Apple has announced its 12.9 inch larger tablet at its annual event, the release date is yet not finalized. According to the reports, the iPad Pro production is behind schedule and Apple is planning to start pre-orders by October and start delivering the iPad Pro by the mid of November.

As far as prices of the iPad Pro are concerned, iPad Pro Wi-Fi model will be starting with the $799 price tag for 32GB iPad Pro whereas the 128GB model will be available for $949. The iPad Pro WiFi+ LTE model will be available for $1079 and it will be only available with 128GB memory.

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From head to toe what we find in iPad Pro is a larger and powerful device with some pleasant surprises. Yet we are just introduced to the device we are set to get the device sometime later. Until then there is much to come from Apple, so keep connected with us. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.