This iPhone 7 concept is something mind boggling

This iPhone 7 concept is something mind boggling

An Apple iPhone 7 with no physical buttons and ports, extreme thinness, front and rear display and nano-pixel camera would be something mind boggling. But this exists, only in imagination of a Ukrainian designer, as the futuristic concept of the upcoming iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 7

What the Ukraine-Based designer Herman Haidin has dreamed of is nothing but a mystery gadget. Considering the possibilities with the upcoming iPhone 7, the fantastic concept is created with some resemblances to reality. These certain points make the imaginary concept of the iPhone 7, an expected reality.

In the smartphone market, in general the design changes with new technologies have been a much welcomed thing. With each new and highly promoted device the vendors are expected to bring something new and improved over the existing parts. This is actually the point which makes the newly emerging devices successfully replacing their predecessors.

Recently in the smartphone market there have been certain developments which are actually the core points of this dream iPhone 7 concept. The iPhone 7 concept actually imagines a time when Apple is ready to bring devices without any physical button and ports. All the things on the conceptual iPhone 7 are done via touch and wireless connectivity instead of physical buttons and ports.

And, as you can imagine the results when the physical buttons and ports constraints are removed from the iPhone. This will be the next level of device thinness, as it presses the iPhone 7 down to a 3mm body. Now just place the 3mm imaginary iPhone 7 against the thinnest smartphones and currently available iPhones and the difference is all visible

The 3mm iPhone 7 will be something revolutionary as currently the thinnest size on smartphones is down to 5mm while the slimmest iPhone is still 7mm thick.  Besides the super thin body, the iPhone 7 concept also suggests a 5-inch front and rear screen and a 16-nano-pixel camera.

Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7






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