Best Apple Watch Straps or bands

Best Apple Watch Straps or bands

Now you can give your Apple Watch a dramatic makeover with some customization by using third-party Apple Watch Straps or bands. Most Apple Watch owners looking for an official strap for their watch. But at the same time, it requires a high budget as well. The good news is that there are some third-party bands for sale that are far cheaper than the official ones. As there are many Apple watch straps or bands so finding a perfect one as per your demand will be a little challenging.


To make it easier for you, we have put together this Apple watch straps buyer guide. Have a look to know about their exclusive features.

What to consider before buying an Apple watch straps or bands

Apple Watch comes with high-quality straps and Apple offers itself a lot of different bands for its Watch. But at times you want to change the look of your watch and make it the way you want. The first thing that comes to your mind is to change the band or strap of your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch comes in a couple of different sizes and materials as well. That is why you should not only look for the quality of the band but you should also consider if you have an Apple Watch Sports or Apple Watch Edition. Usually, high-quality leather straps are mostly preferred as they last longer. But if you are going for a metal strap, look for a high-quality metal that does not rust or snap instead of opting out for a cheap one.

There are various materials used in the Apple Watch Straps or bands. Here I will be discussing a few of them to make your selection much easier.

Leather bands

Leather bands range in different quality. You will quickly find the inexpensive leather bands to the high price of exotics. If you have enough money, then choosing the perfect one will be easier for you. You can find from grained and smooth leathers to naturally vegetable-tanned leather straps.

These leather straps have various prices depending on the quality you select and how well they are created which includes workmanship, deployment buckle, and whether the band is padded or not. If you have made up your mind about buying a leather band, then make sure about both the quality and stitching. Even if there are minute imperfections in stitching or color, it will give a casual look to your Apple Watch instead of a glamorous and professional one.

Metal bands

Metal bands are usually more than casual bands. While buying a metal band, you need to consider the quality. Stainless steel comes in some shades from untreated to polished or even colored coatings. There are various metal bands including titanium, aluminum, gold, or rhodium bands.

If you are looking for a gold band then it is mostly recommended to avoid gold plating or filling as coloring mostly tends to rub off with the passage of time. Stick with raw materials that are not treated especially stainless steel and titanium are long-lasting. Also, gold or platinum bands will serve you for years with slight scratches.

Another significant factor that is mostly ignored is metal allergies. If you are allergic to any metal or anyone around you, it is better not to opt out of a metal band.

 Other Materials

Besides leather and metal bands, you will find a number of bands or straps in the market including rubber, nylon, and various plastic straps. They are perfect for casual watches. Rubber bands are mostly preferable for the people who drive and spend time in the water.

All of these factors need to be noticed if you are going to buy a strap for your Apple watch. No doubt, they can make up the look of the entire watch. A clever way to save money is to buy at least two straps or bands for your Apple watch and interchange them based on your daily excursions. In this way, you can give two looks to your Apple Watch.

Best Apple Watch Leather straps or Bands

Best Apple Watch Leather Bands

Vintage Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band


The vintage Apple Watch band is one of the best leather bands for the Apple Watch. As the quality of the band is the foremost factor while purchasing it, hence the Vintage Genuine Leather Apple watch band offers you a classic quality up to your expectations as it is finely made with genuine leather.

You may find it a little difficult to search for a 100% genuine leather Apple watch band. Keeping in mind the significance of customer satisfaction, the band offers you 100% genuine leather along with original grassland cattle. The inner leather is made with 100% real microfiber. The band is a beautifully handmade craft and you will surely don’t want to miss it.

In addition to that, it is crafted with modern technology. The buckle of the Apple watch band has a matte design. It is made with high-end steel. The buckle offers you a great durability feature and does not rust. Furthermore, the band adapter is made up of original Apple steel which is exceptionally easy to be installed and replaced. The Europe crazy horse leather design band can be used on a number of occasions. Wear it for business activities, parties, and outdoor activities and it will beautifully highlight its genuine leather elegant design.

 STIROLL Slim Leather Band

STIROLL Slim Leather Bands

STIROLL Slim Apple watch band is made available for 38mm, 40mm, 44mm, 41mm, and 42mm Apple iWatch Series SE 1/2/3/4/5 and 6 and 7. The leather Apple watch band has a magnetic closure that holds the band tight and securely to your wrist. It allows a very precise custom fit. The band is very easy to lock on your Apple Watch with a button removal. You can also swap back and forth with a different color or another Apple Watch band.

The band is nicely designed. It is soft, comfortable, and sturdy enough to be used in daily routine. The leather loop band comes in different colors. Coming towards the composition of the band, it is made with classic quality leather. The leather keeps the band rough and tough hence you can wear it anywhere you want. No matter if you are wearing the leather Apple Watch band in your daily routine or occasionally, the quality won’t get affected.

The Apple watch band Fits on a 5.1″-7.8″ wrist. It weighs light. If you are looking for an elegant high-quality leather Watchband, then don’t miss the chance to get it from INI. It is no exaggeration to say that the leather Apple Watch band will boost your overall look.

OULUCCI Apple Watch Band

OULUCCI Apple Watch Band

OULUCCI  Apple Watch band is a feminine watch creatively designed for all models. It is also compatible with the newly released Apple Watch Series. The OULUCCI  leather Apple Watch band is made of Genuine top grain leather with no padding. The Lambskin leather maintains the quality of the band thus giving it long-term durability. It is a perfect fit for a 5.5-8.0-inch wrist circumference with top-notch leather and a clear texture.

Another convenient feature of the Apple Watch band is that it is super easy to remove the old one and replace it with this one. It is a great match for all the 38mm, 41mm, and 40mm Apple Watch models. Furthermore, it has precise cut holes on the Apple leather band to fit well for most of the wrists. The band is finished with exquisite manual stitching which makes it very soft and comfortable to wear. The color of the leather band is available in smoky blue color.

JSGJMY Apple Watch Band waterproof leather loop


The JSGJMY Apple watch band is made of high-quality genuine leather. The watchband is 1:1 as the original. It has a two-piece magnetic closure which is simple to secure. The band is super easy to remove. It is made with smooth top-grain leather which maintains its refined texture. It is 38mm which fits perfectly for a 5.5” to a 7.5” wrist. The buckle is made from stainless steel.

The high-quality stainless steel ensures lifetime durability. It offers a strong and tight fit hence you can perform any activity while wearing the band without any risk of coming unbuckled. Coming towards the dimensions of the Apple watch band, it is 7.5×2.1×0.7 inches and weighs 1.58ounces. The color of the band is soft pink which gives it quite an appealing look.

Isn’t it one of the best apple watch straps or bands

Most feminine apple watch straps or bands

 Secbolt Bling Bands-Jewelry Bracelet

Secbolt Bling Bands Compatible with Apple Watch

The Secbolt Bling is the most feminine apple watch band. It is a nicely designed jewelry bracelet compatible with the Apple watch series, watch SE & Series 6 & 5 & 4 & 3 & 2 & 1. It is designed for all 38mm and 40mm, 41mm, 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm versions of Apple watches and perfectly fits the wrist size from 5.5-8.1 inches. The strap is made from high-quality stainless steel and rhinestones are embedded in the metal bracelet. It is one of the most feminine apple watch straps or bands with a variety of colorful metal bracelets.

It is 100% genuine, stylish, fashionable, light, feminine, and has fine craftsmanship. This anti-slip band has a very comfortable touch feeling on your wrist. Also, it has a sweat-absorbent property. Moreover, the band has a Stylish chain with a push-button drawstring style lock, made from stainless steel. The drawstring-style lock ensures the stability of the band. It is quite easy to install as well as to remove.

Secbolt Bands

Secbolt bands

The Secbolt band is the most feminine Apple watch band or wrist strap. It is compatible with an Apple watch of 38mm, 40mm, 41mm, 42mm, and 45mm Series 7/6/5/4/3/2/1/SE  that is specially designed for women. The bracelet fits perfectly for the  5.5-8.1-inch wrist. It is very light in touch and gives a very striking and feminine look on a special occasion. The bracelet is designed in a Stylish chain with an easy removable folding clasp for adjustment on your wrist.

The metal bracelet is made of stainless steel with detailed fashionable sparkly rhinestones. The band is the perfect gift for women. Chain bracelet comes in stainless steel polished in various colors.

Secbolt Bling Bands

LELONG for Apple Watch Band


LELONG is the most feminine Apple Watch Band. It is compatible with iwatch models 41mm, 38mm, and 40mm including Series 7 Series 6 5 4 3 2 1 SE. Diamond Rhinestone embedded on the Bracelet. The elegant Metal wristband Strap is made of Stainless Steel.

Shock Resistant Rugged Protective case

SUPCASE [Unicorn Beetle Pro]for Apple Watch

SUPCASE [Unicorn Beetle Pro] Designed

The SUPCASE  Unicorn Beetle pro offers you a delightful Apple watch band. It offers a rugged protective case with easy access to the watch buttons which gives it an interesting ensemble. The polycarbonate(rubbery soft) material used in the band is of classic quality which gives you super comfort while wearing it all day long. The SUPCASE Band for Apple Watch is compatible with the 44mm Apple Watch 6/SE/Watch 5/Watch 4, but not compatible with the 40mm Apple Watch.

It best suits 6″-8″ wrists. The watch band comes in black color. Another prominent feature of the Unicorn Beetle Pro Apple watch band is that it is super rugged, shockproof, and water-resistant along with raised bezels that protect the screen. In addition to that, it has a nickel finish Apple watch lugs and Buckles. Grab this one of the amazing Apple watch straps or bands soon.

Sport Band Compatible with Apple Watch Straps or Bands

Price:$8.99 – $11.99
Best apple watch straps or bands

The Sport band is making some of the best Apple Watch bands and straps which you surely don’t want to miss out on. The best thing about the straps is that they are soft silicone wrist bands. They are best compatible with every type and size of Apple Watches. Also, it is soft, lightweight, and durable as it is waterproof. The brand offers you various colors, and designs while placing an order. Based on their reviews, these Apple watch bands are among the best sellers.

OHCBOOGIE Stretchy Solo Loop Strap

The OHCBOOGIE is one of the nicest Apple watch straps or bands that comes in various colors. It is made with nylon and compatible with a 38mm, 40mm, or 41 mm Apple Watch. The leather strap is soft and comfortable. It becomes, even more, softer, the more you wear it. The band features an adjustable stretch

OHCBOOGIE Stretchy Solo Loop Strap

Elastic and attaches by using the stainless steel slider. Moreover, stretchy nylon and skin-friendly band maintain the quality of the Apple watch band to offer you a long-term service.

Apple watch sports straps or bands

Laffav Slim Band

The Laffav Slim Strap is available for the 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm variants of the Apple watch series 7 and 6 and Series 5,4,3,2,1. The band is made with high-quality silicone and comes with a stainless steel buckle to hold the strap at your desired size. The Apple watch band is sweat-resistant, water and dust-proof, and skin-friendly. Also, it is quite easy to remove the old one and replace it with this one. Don’t miss the chance to grab this refined strap instead of the original one at a much lower price.

Best Apple Watch Metal straps or Bands

Best Apple Watch Metal Bands

Sunnywoo Metal Stainless Steel Band


Have you ever thought that how difficult it is to find a perfect Apple watch band due to the numerous options made available to you? Therefore, to let you choose the perfect Apple band watch, Sunnywoo technology is offering you a Milanese loop with a Magnetic Wristband for the iWatch Series 7/ 6/ 5/ 4/ 3/ 2 SE for Women and Men. The band is made with stainless steel in quite an elegant and modern style. It is perfectly compatible with all 38mm models.

The closure of the band mostly determines the convenience of using the Apple watch band. Hence this band has an adjustable magnetic closure which has made it remarkably convenient for you to wear or remove it. There is no complicated and slow process in wearing the band. Simply stick it and lock your watch band easily and quickly. With an easy way to lock into your Apple watch, there is a much easier way to remove it as well with the use of one button. Also, you can swap back and forth with a different color or another Apple watch band. Another appealing feature of the band is its affordability.

Kades Apple Watch Band Link Bracelet


Elegant and stylish watch brands can incredibly enhance the stunning look of your watch. Kades offers you an Apple watch cut band design. It is an ideal watch strap replacement that fits perfectly on all Apple Watch editions. The Kades Solid Stainless Steel Apple Watch band comes with metal adapters which make it exceptionally easier to replace.

It is equipped with a solid, stainless steel buckle that is well ground and polished thus giving a stylish look to your Apple watch band. The watch is designed for a 5.67-7.87-inch (144mm-200mm) wrist. As far as the quality of the Apple Watch straps or bands is concerned, it is made with superior quality stainless steel which makes it durable enough to stay on your wrist for a lifetime. The watch is best compatible with 42mm Apple models. It comes in an appealing silver color to give it a more graceful look.

JFdragon Watch Bands

JFdragon Watch Bands Compatible with Apple Watch

JFdragon Apple watch band is one of the most feminine apple watch bands designed for the Apple watch series 7/6/5/4/3/2/1 for women. The Apple Watch band is made with silver stainless steel which gives it superlative robustness. The band is super easy to remove the old one and replace with this one without any hassle. While looking for an Apple watch band, the two foremost factors are quality and comfort.

In case of quality, the stainless steel is a long-lasting guaranteed material whereas, in comfort, the band is up to the mark. It is a unique metal strap with a bling diamond bracelet with no buckle needed. All you need to do is simply stick your watch band and lock it in the easiest and quick way. Moreover, the Apple watch band has a metal clasp. It can easily replace the 38mm, 40mm, 41mm, 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm Apple watch band easily and directly. The band has a similar gold color as the original Apple watch which looks absolutely amazing and glamorous. It comes in a gold anodized Aluminum case.

Lastly, the Apple watch band with all its convenient amazing features is quite affordable. You can purchase it for a party gift at the most reasonable price to experience this great Apple watch band.

Fullmosa Compatible Apple Watch Band 

Fullmosa compatible apple-watch-band

The Fullmosa Apple Watch band is compatible with all the Apple Watch models including Series1, 2, 3(38mm), Series SE 4, 5, 6(45mm), and 7(41mm). The Apple watch band is a perfect combination of fashion, elegance, and nobility. The wrist size that is suitable for the Apple watch band is 6.30″-8.07″.

One of the most important features while buying the best Apple Watch straps or bands is the comfort while using them. At times you need to get on or off your band very quickly, so if your watch band lacks the convenience of taking it on or off then definitely it will create a hassle for you. Therefore, the Fullmosa Apple watch band offers you great convenience in installing and removing the band

As far as the composition of the band is concerned, it is made with stainless steel material and weighs 2.5 ounces. The dimensions of the band are 7×0.83×0.35 inches. The stainless steel mesh mixed with style and graciousness gives you this superlative Apple watch band. Don’t miss the chance to grab this amazing piece of the watchband

Adepoy soft silicone Apple Watch Bands

Adepoy Compatible with Apple Watch Bands

Adepoy Apple watch band is a refined replacement for Apple watch 38mm, 40mm, 44mm, and 42mm models. The band is made with high-quality materials which are comfortable and durable in a long run. Another significant feature of the band is that it comes with lugs on both sides that can lock onto Apple watch precisely and securely. The suitable size of the band for all wrists. The band is available in different colors

Military-Style Loop Apple watch straps or bands

Carterjett Nylon Apple Watch Band


Carterjett is known for designing high-quality and stylish Apple accessories. It is designed specifically for your Apple watch of 42mm and 44m for both men and women, iWatch series 6,5,4,3,2,1. The black-on-black design looks absolutely great inspired by the military-style loop. The Apple Watch band is made of the highest quality Nylon.

The band offers a replacement wrist strap. The most convenient feature you will find in this Apple watch band is that it does not require any tools as the band has adapters that slide and lock onto your Apple watch precisely and securely. The band is perfect for active lifestyles. It is comfortable, lightweight, flexible, and durable.

Another prominent feature of the band is that it is waterproof and sweat resistant. You can hardly find this feature in the other Apple Watch bands. Now you can wear it without any worry while hiking, biking, running, working out, or whenever you need a sporty look. It perfectly fits 8 to 10.5 inches wrist. The bandwidth is 15/16 inches and weighs 0.3 ounces. Your one-time purchase will serve you in a long run.

Nylon- Apple Watch bands or Straps


Carterjett Military Style-


The Carterjett military-style strap for the Apple Watch is a double-layered nylon woven strap that is made for 44mm and 42mm Apple Watches. The band comes in various styles and colors. The band features a classic quality stainless steel adapter with a color combination of grey and black. The quality of the band and adapter is up to the mark as compared to rival brands. Coming towards the price range of the band, it offers you competitive prices.

Designer Sport Band 

Designer Sport Band Compatible with Apple Watch

If you are looking for a unique and creative watch band then the Designer Sports Apple watch band is the right option for you. It is a classy bracelet made from soft and smooth silicone. Each link of the band is smooth and well-polished which gives you a delightful feel while wearing it. It comes with a high-quality buckle. Moreover, the Apple watch band is quite light in weight which keeps your wrist exceptionally comfortable. You can adjust or re-size the watch by removing extra links. The Apple Watch band has a casual and retro style which makes it unique and cool.

Kate Spade New York Interchangeable Silicone Band

 Kate Spade New York Interchangeable Silicone Band Compatible with Your 38/40MM Apple Watch

The Kate Spade Apple watch band reflects feminine spin which is the real attraction. The watch band is made from black floral silicone which is durable enough to serve you for a longer time. The buckle is made from stainless steel. It offers you classic chainmail along with leather that successfully dominates the third-party strap market. The Kate Spade band is made to work with the 38mm or 40mm versions of the Apple Watch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or SE. It comes in a color combination of mainly black, with pink and green flowers here and there.

Spigen Rugged Band for Apple Watch


Spigen offers you a more rugged and masculine band that is suitable for an Apple 44mm watch. It is made with hybrid polymer for extra comfort and durability. The band is quite similar to the original Apple watch band. The lugs connect without any gap. In addition to that, “Pin and Tuck” offers an easier and more secure closure of the band. The Apple watch band has a sporty design for rough and tough use. The band has a weight of 0.353 ounces and it comes in striking black color.


All of the above Apple watch bands are selected for their reliable quality, durability, and other exciting features. The best Apple Watch bands reviews are provided in order to make you choose more easily as per your requirement. An Apple watch can enhance your personality whereas the best Apple watch band can enhance the look of your watch. Buy the best Apple watch band and enjoy the experience of your luxury watch. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.