Best apps for the Apple Watch

The smart tech watch lauched by Apple known as ‘Apple Watch’, codenamed gizmo the Apple Watch project began in 2011 by Senior Vice President of its design Jony Ive and his friend who soon became the official collaborator, Marc Newson. The device runs Watch Operating System, a variation iOs headed by the Vice President Kevin Lynch.

The Apple Watch, which is the best most personal computer was released on 24th-April-2015 in some selective countries i.e. US, Canada, China, France, Germany, Honkong, UK, Japan, with memory of 512MB RAM and comes in two sizes – 38mm and 42mm; and three introductory collections i.e. ‘The Stainless steel Apple Watch’, ‘The Aluminum Apple Watch Sport’ & ‘The Gold Apple Watch Sport’. The Apple Watch Sport starts at a price of $349 while the Apple Watch Edition costs $17K.

The Apple Watch acting as personal computer or say your personal assistant has many greats features to appeal. From tracking your activities to your daily chores and meetings, the Apple Watch your best companion. Unlike all other smart-watches it can accurately measure your heart rate and fitness sessions with its inbuilt accurate heart sensor.

Now let’s brief you a little about the best third-party apps for you new Apple Watch. Gear up because it’s going to be extremely interesting since you never imagined of such a smart-watch. :

  • iTranslate :



iTranslate is an award winning translation App that is now available for Apple watch too. With its state of the art technology you can speak any language in a second. speak into the mic to see and hear translations in over 90 languages

      • Facebook Messenger :

facebook messenger


In September 2015 Apple Event, apple announced that Facebook Messenger is now coming for Apple watch. It will run directly on device.

      • Keynote:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch


An amazing app developed for your ease to control your keynote presentations from your wrist.

      • Knock:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch


Knock app is specially designed for you to remotely & quickly lock or unlock your Mac OS from your wrist. Sounds cool?

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      • Delivery:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Deliveries is very impressive app  used to track your shipment goodies that are winging their way to you or to some other place, so that you know when they reach your place or to the place for where you have dispatched it. The importance is high lightened when you get to know that you are not out the time your courier is to be delivered to you. The notifications alert you periodically.

      • Day One:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

The application is available for $4.99. But the catchy thing is that you have a recording of your day via quick entry, using a last photo taken, the location check-in and quickly input your ‘Day One’ activities. You capture the picture, input notes for the journal and later on expand the activity. By this you never lose a moment unrecorded to be recalled later for a beautiful memory.

      • Twitterific:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Twitterrific is a daily use app which will be of 24/7 service to you notifying you periodically of your favourites, @s, DMs and your day’s statistics. The app is designed in a way to let you glance of your recent acivity and loved notifications. You may even reply to messages via Siri, and perform important in-context actions.

      • Avocado:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Let’s call it the ‘Love App’! Why? Because it keeps you connected to your lover at all time by the Apple watch. You can send photos and other attachments and the most love part; smooches.

      • Yahoo News:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch


Yahoo News has brought about a great app for you summarizing the whole day news for you especially on your wrist. You may highlights of the hourly news any time you want, yet compressed and solid.


      • The Score

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Crazy for sports? Then this is just the app developed for you to keep yourself updated of your favourite matches, scores, teams and sports.

      • Transit:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Transit is yet another amazing public transportation tools that has made its way onto your wrist so that you are updated in a jiffy of your directions home, a breakdown of your daily routes and pin the maps of where you get picked up and dropped off.

      • Babbel:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

You have crossed your borders and you don’t know how to speak that foreign unknown language. A Land of the unknown it what it comes to mind in depression; but wait you have ‘Babbel’.  Babbel comes here in action by tracking your location and presents translations in 14 different languages based on where you are at the moment.

      • Strava:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

An app developed just for the athletes to track their workouts in ‘ride’ & ‘run’ modes, so that you never miss your workout activity. Sounds gym even dude!

      • Quick Fit:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

The 7-minute workout application that guides you through the yoga exercises just from your wrist/

      • Misfit

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

The app is designed to track your workout through 1,4 & 7 minutes. Caring and tracking your fitness in a beautiful way.

      • WebMD

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

She’s your nurse! Why? Because it’ll remind you to take your daily medicines and keep track of your dozes periodically.

      • Epicurious:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple WatchScrumptious and the app name rhymes. Doesn’t it? You are getting it, aren’t you? Epicurious lets you have the recipes’ from its vast database and your Apple Watch serving as your guider, notifying you when to add what and stir and pour. You have your very own personal cook guider man. Happy now?

      • Aero press timer:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

If you are an AeroPress user, the app is best for you. It shows you different recipes’ while acting as your timer.

      • Shazam:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

You already had the ease in your smartphone but let’s make it a luxury when you have Shazam in your smart watch i.e. Apple Watch. All you need to do its tap Apple Watch on your wrist and it identifies the song and its artist being played in your background.  With the app you can also read the lyrics and spotify your play list the next time you want to hear the music.

      • Robin Hood:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Your very own intelligence investing assistant is here which lets you do zero-commission stock investing and management on your wrist.

      • Hotel Tonight:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Planning for a tour? Worried about booking a hotel? Here you go; the app is best you have to book a hotel room reservation from your Apple Watch.

      • City Mapper:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

The CityMapper is the most popular public transport navigation app made for you to update you about the constant streams of the latest train times, travel navigations and directions from your Apple Watch. It notifies you of the train directions to walking directions and updates the estimated live time of the arrival of the bus. It prompts when you are near your approaching your bus, train of tram.

      • Uber:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

The Uber app is the daily use app designed for you to update live travel information, including details of the driver as well as the map. You need Apple Watch, just launch the app, tap a button and request the Uber Taxi to reach your location and it’s simple that the taxi reaches your location.

      • Instagram:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Yes! instagram is finally on your wrist, to keep track of your daily doze of likes and view picture feed identical to the mobile app. However the little the pictures shown are little square of the pictures.

      • Dart:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Want to view your emails on your Apple Watch? Try the best app designed for you, ‘Darts’. Your emails come with prewritten responses for the recipient so that whenever the email is received you can easily and quickly read it rather than figuring out in the small display that who has emailed you.

      • ProCamera8:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

ProCamera8 has features ability to take multiple shots and set a timer. The app also gives the user some editing features to do it form your watch. Great? Isn’t it?

      • Ebay:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

The eBay app allows to easily checkout your watch list, sales and bidding. The Apple Watch app allows you to buy and experience the same as on you iPhone. You can even search and view your favorite products to buy.

      • Slack:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Slack is another communication tool made for you to direct messages and mentions, which you can reply to using the pre-defined answers so that you wouldn’t have to worry about typing the message to reply, and reply using emoji or even voice input via Siri.

      • Cruncher:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Cruncher is the app designed for you to use as an alternative calculator easily on your wrist and do your day to day calculations. So stop doing quick math in your mind and have the Apple Watch on your wrist.

      • Hole19:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

A great tool for golf players, Hole19 provides you with hole routing , and a simple interface for viewing your score. The app allows you to hone the data down to what you need at any moment: score input, putt tracking and key distances.

      • Trivia Crack:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Trivia Crack is a game developed for you in which you choose among six categories of questions, collecting little characters as you proceed in the game whilst clashing brains with someone online. You just need to start the game on your iPhone and play it entirely on your Apple Watch.

      • Dark Sky:

Best Third-Part Apps for Apple Watch

Dark Sky is another great weather app, it notifies you of the temperature, and predicts when it’s going to rain and till how long. The app sends you a quick nudge that when it’s going to rain near or at your location. It is very convenient to use the app on your Apple Watch on your wrist rather than using your iPhone to view the weather information.

So didn’t you like them? There are thousands of more apps for you to explore. Go search ’em! Happy Apple Watch!



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