Best battery cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Best battery cases for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Can you believe it we really did check 21 battery cases and spend almost 140 hours (3 cases for iPhone 6 plus and 18 cases for iPhone 6) and after the intensive test we came to the conclusion that Ankers Ultra Sim extended Battery case proved to be the best. It’s available at a price for $40 but the best part about this battery cases is that it provides extra above an average of 117% charge to iPhone 6 which means first 100% then 17% extra all due to the battery case like one can fancy of it. The interesting part is that it is very light and thin as compared to the other battery case. It is by far the cheapest case that provides with so much percentage of charge per dollar. If you are looking for iPhone 7 battery cases, you can find them here.

Our recommendation your first choice?


After the whole test on battery cases we can finally recommend you a battery case that would be Ankers Ultra Sim extended Battery case. First we talk about the price it just cost $40 which is very cheap as compared to other battery cases.

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This battery case provides you with good performance, cheap price and also it does not add to much weight. Anker’s introduced this battery case for a higher price but it price dropped and it’s available at a regular price of $40. This battery case provides with 117% battery which means extra 17% which is quite extraordinary. This battery case offer 2.9% charge per dollar of an iPhone 6 of all the cases we have tested. It adds some thickness that is 6.1 millimeter and also some weight that is 84 grams.

Sliders or front faces are the two type of design that almost most of iPhone 6 user for installation. First you remove a short plastic cap so that the phone can slide in at the top, and then just reinstall the cap. It is very easy and simple as compared to other battery cases.

Battery case is it necessary?

We all know if our usage of iPhone 6 is very much then its battery will drain for sure but it will depend upon the user how much he is using. If you are fortunate enough to rely on your iPhone 6 battery to last for whole day, and you don’t have any option to charge it then him best option for you is to get a battery case cover that provides you with the recharge your battery with some amount that can last for longer. While in some extraordinary cases battery cases can double the battery life of your iPhone. Well there are stand alone battery packs that can charge your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus but for that you have to carry a cable and our have to think for a possible to carry both of these things together but with battery cases you don’t have to do anything. To get protection and power in a one unit you just have slide or instant your iPhone into the battery case.

Picking and testing was it easy?


For checking and testing the battery cases we first use a completely drained iPhone and put it into airplane mode then installed it into the fully charged battery cases. When the iPhone stopped charging or when it reached 100% charge we removed it from the battery case then fully drain the battery of iPhone 6 again. We assumed the battery case has still charge remaining then we installed the iPhone 6 into the battery case again for the second time to note the battery of the iPhone 6 when the case stopped charging. We considered the time taken for the charge and the charge percentages with other things like the dimensions and the weight for each battery case. We did the test again after a few days and did 3 test then we averaged the result of the charged test.
We also used the micro-USB and connected the iPhone to the computer to check whether it allows some charge of the battery while it is in the battery case and also for data syncing. While putting the battery case on the iPhone we checked he usability like pushing of the home button and how it feels when we hold it in our hands.

The Second best


Ankers Premium Extended battery case is the runner up it cost $60. It has a larger capacity of all the Ultra Slim and is considered a great alternative for any user who is fretful about getting the raw power over size or even in the respect of cost thoughts; it is also a great performer who gives a tough competition to the other battery cases. It can give around 142% of battery charge to the iPhone 6 and it has a 3100-mAh cell.
Tylt also has a great alternative that is also considered to be a runner up which cost around $30. The other battery case cost around $92 that is from the company Energi Sliding power case it gives 3,200-mAh battery. Energi is two piece designs that are also good.

Summing it up

There are various battery cases for the apple iPhone 6. The best is Ankers Ultra Slim Extended Battery case that cost around $40 is a very good deal. It provides a very good charge and it is quite small also.

what if you have a iPhone 6 plus

For iPhone 6 plus there is Tylt’s Energi Sliding power case it cost around $100 it is the best choice for the apple iPhone 6 plus. It has almost the same design but it size is that it fits iPhone 6. In just an hour and a half this battery case provides with 83% of the completely depleted battery of iPhone 6 plus. Checkout our story for best iPhone 5S cases. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.