Best LG G5 Cases and Covers

Best LG G5 Cases and Covers

LG G5 Cases and Covers

The LG G5 was launched with great fanfare during the MWC 2016. The bold company didn’t hesitate to introduce the Smartphone amidst the hustle bustle of the Samsung Galaxy S7 duo. With unique uni-body metal design and the eye-catching construction, LG G5 is the Smartphone we all want our hands on. In this review, we will be reviewing some best LG G5 cases and covers to protect your phone.

With dual-camera setup on the back and the delicate construction of the device, we all want to protect it from any sort of hazards and scratches. This is why different popular companies have jumped into the scene with their unique and stylish covers and cases for the LG recent flagship. Although the gadget won’t make it to our hands until March or April, we all want to know our options for the protection for this device.

Due to our undying wishes to make our Smartphone stand out, different covers and cases with different sorts of styles and designs are making soon to the market. In order to protect your phone and to adorn it with different additional features like extra battery life, wallet etc, we have made a list of the covers and cases for the LG G5 soon coming.

Best LG G5 Cases And Covers

Tauri TPU Slim Case for LG G5

Best Covers And Cases For LG G5

Tauri TPU covers and cases are famous for their simple, subtle and flexible look. Tauri, like every other time, has come up with a case for the LG’s recent flagship too. The Tauri’s selection for the LG G5 is slim with precise beautiful cuts, here and there.

The Tauri TPU Slim Case for the LG G5 is available in five different colors. From smoke to crystal clear, these colors expose the beauty of the flagship. The aluminum feel of the LG G5 remains intact in these cases.

LG G5 Quick Cover

Best Covers And Cases For LG G5

LG is famous for its little adornment to the upcoming sets here and there. After furnishing the LG G5 to their best, the company, in its mainstream habit has also designed a cover for it. As similar to the other LG covers and cases available, the new Quick cover offers 360-degree protection of the Smartphone.

In order to protect the slim and stylish display of the device, there is a flap protecting the display. The Quick Cover also enables Touch Use. The users will be able to answer calls, weather, date, time launch the camera, get at-a-glance notifications, and more without ever opening the phone. This means that the cover responds to your single touch.

The LG G5 Quick cover is definitely one of the best LG G5 cases on this list and available in the market with providing you the best screen and mobile protection experience ever.

Spigen Tough Armor LG G7 Kickstand Case

Best Covers And Cases For LG G5

Spigen is one of those companies which excel in manufacturing the covers and cases for the device. There is an entire array of their cases for the LG G7, up on Amazon. One of the lovely cases, which immediately got our eyes, was the Tough Armor. Sure, you would have heard the name, because Spigen is not using it for the first time!

The Tough Armor has a dual-layer design that has a drop-resistant TPU inner material. The case is soft and has a hard polycarbonate plastic outer shell for the protection of the Smartphone inside. There is also a built-in Kickstand along with a pitch-perfect screen protector and many other protective elements too.

If you are looking for military grade LG G7 cases and covers, it is suitably priced at $16.99 and can be ordered from here.

Spigen Thin-Fit LG G5 Case

Best Covers And Cases For LG G5

As mentioned above, Spigen is one of those companies which are always on the front for the manufacturing of cover and cases for the devices. For LG G5, it has two offerings. One is the Tough Armor case and the other is the Thin-Fit LG G5 Case. Like the other case, it is also a new addition to the Spigen’s mainstream Thin Fit series.

The case in question has a protective polycarbonate layering along with a durable TPU plastic making it thin yet resistant and protective at the same time. The precise cuts and wraps protect the screen. There are separate cuts for the dual cameras and fingerprint scanner.

The Thin-Fit case is expected to ship from April with a very cheap and reasonable price tag of $9.99. The case can be ordered from here.

Spigen LG G5 Wallet Case

spigen lg g5 wallet case amazon

This case is one big Wallet for your every need. Caution, this case is not meant for the minimalist or those who carry bulky bags along with them. The new Spigen Wallet is meant for those who avoid carrying bags and want to put all their greeting cards and money along with their phone in a single case.

LG G5 Wallet case is a tough polycarbonate case with a hard plastic shell inside for the protection of the device. Yet another contribution of Spigen, the case is covered in soft, premium synthetic leather. The wallet case can be folded to a kickstand, has three different credit card slots and cash options.

For the time being, the case is available in black but more colors will be added soon. You will find it among one of the best LG G5 covers.

Poetic Affinity LG G5 Case

Best Covers And Cases For LG G5

Poetic, alike, Spigen is another such company which is striving to make a history in cover cases. Joke indeed! However, Affinity lineup is really poetic and is one of the best affinity filled cases by the Poetic.

With a clear, soft grip and durable TPU design, the case protects LG G5 from harsh drops and shows the clear, natural metallic aluminum design. The corners and edges are hard so that nothing happens if your Smartphone falls badly. A nice simple look and pretty corners are the highlights of the device.

Caseology LG G5 Case

Best Covers And Cases For LG G5

Caseology is also a strong brand in this list with suitable covers and cases for almost every Smartphone. The thin cases are clear with a proper texture and comfortable grip. LG G5 has got its own separate, Caseology “Wavelength” series.

There is a TPU design with a tough polycarbonate bumper shell that goes around the outer edge of the phone. There are multiple color options with Black and Gold option for the potential LG G5 colors. All in all, there are 5 different cute looking, durable cases.

Caseology LG G5 cases are available with the starting price of $15.99. You can order them from here.

Caseology SkyFall Clear LG G5 Case

Best Covers And Cases For LG G5

Another in line from Caseology for the LG G5 is the “SkyFall” series. The case is mainstream with a close to the ordinary look we use in our everyday lives. However, it has clear and a nice design which expresses and flaunts the beautiful metallic design of the LG G5.

The SkyFall case has an additional, protective polycarbonate plastic shell on the outer rim that’s color matched to the G5 in silver, gold, and other options to give users more style. There is not much in this case to define or describe but it is a simple, formal case for the LG flagship.

Caseology SkyFall Clear Case can be ordered for $15.99 from here.

NageBee Faux Leather Flip Wallet Case for LG G5

Best Covers And Cases For LG G5

This one is another flip case for the upcoming, super-hit flagship the LG G5. To those who have heard about NageBee for the first time, it isn’t a popular company but the covers and cases by the company are of the good ratings at various sites.

The NagBee flip case has multiple slots for credit meeting cards and cash etc and comes in PU Brown Leather.  The plus point of this case is that is thinner than most of the bulky flip cases available. Moreover, there is also a secure snap so that you don’t lose your cards, cash or other important papers. The case is one of the coolest with many other sibling cases from the same company.

You can order it now from here.

LG G5 Ultra-thin SlimSHIELD Hybrid Shell Case by Encased

Among the other best cases for LG G5, the encased ultra-thin SlimShield hybrid Shell case is unique for its interchangeable base colors, which lets you create your own custom look of your phone. The Encased Shell Case is shock and scratch resistant as the name suggests and its minimal design allows you to use all buttons and ports without any problem. Not only it provides your phone the extra security on the exterior, it has dual layer soft shock absorbing interior to provide your phone the premium protection.

LG G5 Ultra-thin SlimSHIELD Hybrid Shell Case by Encased

UAG LG G5 Case

Best Covers And Cases For LG G5

Under Armor Gear or otherwise properly known as UAG was the most popular manufacturer of the LG G4 case last year. So, you know why lasts are not the least. The cases have the sturdy look with fake screws all over; however, the weight is close to nothing. Still, the case is durable and lightweight at the same time. You will find these shock-proof UA Gear cases among the best LG G5 cases in the market. Infact, you can trust on the UA cases for any phone.

The cases by the UAG are powerful and stylish with four different color options. UAG cases have oversized tactile buttons for ease of use, precision cutouts for ports and the fingerprint scanner, and are extra thick on the corners for the ultimate in drop protection. The cases have a manly look and are best for only hard looking people.

These were some of the best LG G5 cases and covers available in the market. If you are planning to order the LG’ latest flagship anytime soon, then hop over one of the above-mentioned cover pages and order the best you want! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.