Best features of MacBook Air

Best features of MacBook Air

The MacBook Air has long been a flagship product for Apple and probably the best laptop available now in the markets. The Slim and stylish MacBook Air has an elegant design and its shape, size and price makes it the best laptop despite the huge competition. The MacBook Air has some of the best features of modern days. The MacBook Air is available in 11” and 13” sizes and has some amazing features. MacBook Air by Apple is the Number One product when compared to its competitors in different areas. Although MacBook Air still misses some of the new features like touchscreens option an higher resolution display, it is still best laptop.

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Here are some of the best features of MacBook Air, which will help you decide to go for it.

1. Battery life


The MacBook Air has a long battery life which can long last for up to 12 hours. The 11-inch MacBook Air can fulfill your requirements for up to 9 hours while the 13-inch MacBook Air has 12 hours of battery life. Intel’s new hardware has provided enhancements in battery life of the product because earlier the 11-inch MacBook Air had 5 hours of battery life which is now stepped up to 9 hours and 8 hours of iTunes movie playback. The 13-inch MacBook Air now stepped upto 12 hours of battery life which was 7 hours earlier and Movie playback is extended to 10 hours. It means that the 13-inch MacBook Air has an upper hand in battery department over any other Mac laptop or other branded laptops running Windows or Linux flavors. The MacBook Air might be a good choice for you if you do prefer the battery life. If you are busy man, remains on a tour very often and don’t have enough time to charge your laptop frequently, the Macbook Air might be your No. 1 choice.

2. Widescreen


If you want to watch movies, news, sports and want to use your laptop as a television the MacBook Air provides you a facility to feel like you are watching on a television while using laptop. The 11-inch MacBook Air offer 16:9 aspect ratio which is usually ratio for widescreen television, 11-inch MacBook Air is great to use for such purpose as it is the only Mac laptop to offer 16:9 aspect ratio. 16:9 aspect ratio is more often used by widescreen televisions and the 11-inch MacBook Air which has a same aspect ratio is an excellent device for watching movies, news, sports or any other program. The 11-inch MacBook Air is the only Mac laptop to offer 16:9 aspect ratio while the other Mac laptops including 13-inch MacBook Air offer the 16:10 aspect ratio.

3. 802.11ac Wi-Fi

If you want fast and reliable internet connection on your laptop we are glad to inform you that the new MacBook Air models now feature 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The 802.11ac Wi-Fi is the latest wireless standard which offers three times more speed than the current 802.11n standard. Apple has made this change for an extremely fast Internet connection and we hope that this feature will surely get your attention. With the 802.11ac Wi-Fi Apple also offers a new 802.11ac version of the AirPort Extreme because 802.11ac is not largely available in the market yet.


4. Faster Storage Standard

Apple has doubled the amount of storage in MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch models both without increasing the price. Previously MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch models came with 64GB memory which is now doubled and now MacBook Air comes with 128GB of flash memory. Faster performing flash memory has also been upgraded, now it is upgraded up to 45 percent faster than the flash of previous MacBook Air versions.

5. Good Webcam


Webcam of the MacBook Air is far better than others Windows laptops. The MacBook Air’s FaceTime camera takes a superior picture in comparison to its competitors. The camera department of the MacBook Air helps it to get extra numbers over its rivals. if your friends have an iPhone or iPad you will not find any difficulty to chat with them over FaceTime In the MacBook Air.

6. Unbeatable keyboard


Apple has done significantly well to fit a full size keyboard which helps to type without any difficulty. The keyboard of MacBook Air is back-lit which allows you an easy typing even in the dimmest light. There is a built-in ambient light sensor which detects changing in lighting. Ambient light sensor detects and adjusts the display and keyboard brightness, it does not matter where you are using your MacBook Air your keyboard display and brightness would be adjusted automatically. It does not matter if you are sitting in the class room or in the shiny garden you will always get ideal lighting for any environment. In the MacBook Air’s keyboard you will find shortcut key for Mission Control which helps you to see all of your open apps. We should appreciate the Apple’s efforts because it is not easy to make a comfortable keyboard into a laptop.

7. Software that doesn’t get in your way


In the MacBook Air switching in between different running softwares is as easy as you ever wish. If you are concerned about Windows for OS X you will be relieved after knowing that switching here is not very hard in fact, the desktop environment here feels more intuitive than Windows 8. For example Spotlight helps you to search anything you need and interactive notifications, which help you respond to messages without leaving the current app.

For the people who own iOS device OS X will be very useful, they start an email on their iPhone and then pick up on the Mac right where they left off. Apple has made it easy to even text and make calls from the MacBook Air.

8. MacBook Air Has powerful Processors – Intel HasWell


Apple MacBook Air now feature Intel’s 4th-gen ULT dual-core processors. The ULT dual-core processor is the ultrabook class of Intel’s Haswell platform. The new MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch both models come with a 1.3-GHz Intel Core i5 processor by standard. You can configure with a 1.7-GHz Core i7 but for this you have to pay more $150. Both the models of MacBook Air come with 4GB RAM standard.

9. Improved Graphics


The new MacBook Air models have shown improvements in graphic department as well. The new models of MacBook Air has improved in graphic department due to Haswell’s improved graphics capability. Now both the models also offer the improved Intel HD Graphics 5000. The results show that new MacBook Air has 40 percent improvement in graphics area.

These were some of the best features of MacBook Air, which make it the No. 1 choice for you. Which feature you find best in your MacBook Air? Is it the Hardware or the Grahpics? Do tell us through the comments section below.

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