Best budget gaming mouse in 2021

If there is something that gamers can’t think of living without, it is probably the best gaming mouse which is the integral companion in the gaming journey. It is an essential part of gamers’ arsenal predominantly as it works in tandem with the keyboard. It handles most of the actions and moves that a player is required to do in a game. Selecting a gaming mouse is your personal decision. A mouse working best for one person may not always suit the other. Having a great gaming mouse is a significant factor in competitive games. In a number of mice out there, we have worked hard for you and created a list of the best gaming mouse. There are gaming mice that are offering exceptional features that we have found. The guide is made available to let you simply select the mouse that suits your requirements.

Factors to consider while buying the best gaming mouse

1. Before buying the best gaming mouse, make sure about your gripping style. As there are various mice with different grip styles including finger grip, claw grip, and palm grip, hence choose a one that lies in perfect accordance to your requirement and gives you comfort while using it.

2. The weight of the mouse is an important factor to be noticed. If you are playing first person shooters, then usually a light mouse is recommended in order to gain fast twitch movements and gain the upper hand. Also, some people prefer a heavy mouse. Therefore, you can choose a mouse with various weight settings.

3. A very important question while buying a gaming mouse is the sensor. Usually, laser and optical sensors are mostly used and the difference between them is the light that they use to track movement. Laser sensor uses laser beam while optical sensor uses LED to track movement. So, go for the one which you find more convenient.

4. DPI is the most common term in a gaming mouse and it stands for Dot per image. It determines the sensitivity of the mouse. A mouse with high DPI is not always a better choice. At times, the mouse with less DPI proves to be more effective and useful. Therefore, you need to consider other aspects of the gaming mouse as well instead of solely relying on DPI.

5. Acceleration in a gaming mouse can be useful for other applications but in gaming, it’s a big drawback. Acceleration is the time it takes to fully accelerate the mouse to its rated speed. For any gamer, a mouse without any acceleration is recommended.

6. While buying the best gaming mouse, the most confusing part is to buy a wired or wireless mouse. The wireless mouse is somewhat less popular as compared to the wired mouse because your gaming performance can suffer if you forgot to charge the battery of your mouse. But at the same time, there are people who prefer wireless mouse as they want a cleanup setup and having wires can be disturbing for them. Also, now the new gaming wireless mouse have more battery life and better sensors but requires a great investment of money as they are very expensive as compared to wired mouse.

7. For many gamers, illumination is very important and they prefer a gaming mouse with lighting mechanism. RGB mouse is a nice addition to your gaming requirement but again it is expensive and you need to consider about your budget. There is a number of a mouse with various price ranges and features. If you are investing more then make sure it delivers all the advanced features.

8. Mouse polling rates is another noteworthy factor. Mouse polling is referred to mouse communication with your computer. Your gaming mouse should be able to support 1000z polling rate to ensure what you do with your mouse should immediately display on your computer screen.

Best Gaming Mouses Comparison

Best Gaming MouseGripping StyleLeft/Right handedButton layoutDPISoftwareWeight
Razor Viper wireless gaming mouseFinger/claw/palmboth8 programmable buttons20,000optical sensor and switches, 74 g
Roccat Kone Pure ultraClawleft8 programmable buttons16,000 optical sensor, onboard memory66g
BenQ Zowie S1Claw/palm right5 buttons layout3,200Avago 3360 optical sensor 90gm
Logitech G303Claw Both6 programmable buttons12,000 Most accurate optical sensor on the market,
32-bit microcontroller,
3 onboard profiles
87 grams
Logitech G900Palm/ClawBoth 11 programable buttons layout12,000high definition PMW33 optical sensor, on board storage107g
Razer Viper MiniPalm right 6 programmable buttons 850032-bit ARM processor, onboard memory, PixArt PMW3359 sensor 61g
Razer Mamba
Claw/Palm right9 programmable buttons16,000click force technology, razor new 5G optical sensor, Hybrid on-board memory125g
    Cooler Master MM711 Claw/Palm ambidextrous 160001000 MHz and , RGB lighting, PixArt PMW 3389 sensor60g
ASUS ROG Gladius 11Palm and claw grippers. Right6 programmable buttons12000 Optical sensor,Bluetooth RF 2.4GHz require wndows 8
Wired via USB 2.0
Corsair M65 RGB Hand Right 8 programmable buttons12000Sniper switch 317.5g
Razor Deathadder Hand Right 8 programmable buttons10,000optical sensor 105g
Logitech G ProHand Ambidextrous(both right and left hand) 4-8 programmable buttons25,6000microprocessor 32 bit ARM, onboard memory, Hero 25K optical sensor 80g
Razer DeathAdder V2Both Right8 programmable buttons20,000optical sensor system, Razer synapse 3 software 82g
Logitech G502Both Ambidextrous11 customizable Buttons25,000 –USB-, on-board memory 125g
Razer Basilisk XRight Right6 buttons16,0005G optical sensor, onboard memory, Bluetooth and wireless compatible106g

Razer Viper Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best gaming mouse in best budget 2020

Razor Viper is a highly rated fastest best gaming mouse on the market. It offers excellent core features and over-all hand comfort. It features an Ambidextrous Design that works best with both left/right-handed grip. The weight, placement, button layout, etc. is designed in a way to suit all the grip styles. It comes with 8 programmable buttons that can be easily accessed. An adjustable DPI optial sensor is present behind the scroll wheel and all the buttons are adjusted to require a different amount of pressure for the best response.

Moreover, it has a matte finish on the outside which gives a nice feel whereas the LED colors offer an appealing look. The DPI is adjustable to 20,000 and you will not find any positive or negative acceleration on the device which makes it ideal for hardcore gamers and can pay FPS games with the lightest and fastest gaming mouse. Furthermore, accuracy and tracking are very smooth. Another amazing feature is the company’s trademark surface quality analyzer tool that analyzes the mouse pad (ridges or imperfections) and automatically adjusts the lift-off distance for convenient use.


1 The Razer Viper is designed for multiple grips.

2 It offers adjustable lift off distance.

3 It has a good button layout.


1 There is no adjustable weight option.

ROCCAT ROC-11-730 Kone Pure Ultra 

Best budget gaming mouse in  2021(Roket Roc Kone pure ultra

Thinking of buying something cool, ultra-light with an internal honeycomb structure? Here’s another best gaming mouse we’ve got for just you. The Roccat Kone Pure ultra offers a wide range of features that could be highly valuable for competitive gamers. The ergonomic design mouse features 8 buttons. The left-handed mouse is perfectly designed to fit claw-grip gaming styles. It is highly appreciated for shunning acceleration and angle-snapping.

On the inside, you will find an owl-eye optical sensor which is an upgrade from pre-optical and increased DPI. It further includes fine-tuning software for lift-off adjustment and a whole suit of usage stats. It features a DPI that goes up to 16000 and also can be adjusted to as low as 50. Roccat mouse has onboard memory for storage of macros and profiles. It is the lightest mouse you will find with 66.5g weight.


1 Roccat Kone pure ultra mouse is a nicely designed mouse with the exceptionally light weight.

2 It offers large memory.

3 It gives speedy response time.

BenQ Zowie EC1

Best budget gaming mouse in  2021(Zowie FK1


Zowie ec1 is specifically designed for claw grip use, something that makes it different from others. The mouse does not require any complicated driver installations. It is a simple plugin and plays a mouse. It provides quick and easy DPI adjustments between 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI so the gamer can select according to his play style. Moreover, it features the Avago 3360 optical sensor that tracks well on any surface.

The slightly curved and elongated shape of the mouse offers precise control and a nice grip. The surface is slightly tough and textured plastic that allows a good grip without making the hands sweat. The Zowie mouse comes with simple 5 button layouts. The buttons are of high quality and avoid any accidental presses. Lastly, the mouse offers a very low lift-off distance of around 1.5mm. Though the mouse lacks some extra features. But if you are looking for a basic mouse that performs all the gaming functions well then go for it, yet making it one of the best gaming mice in market.


1 Zowie EC1 offers great DPI adjustment.

2 It is designed for right handed.

3 It features high-quality buttons and optical sensor.

4 It comes in different sizes.

Logitech G303

Best gaming mouse in best budget 2020(Logitech G303)

Logitech G303 is a perfect gaming mouse with a number of significant features for competitive gamers. It offers adjustable DPI settings from 200 to 12,000 that can be easily adjusted by using mouse clicks. It delivers the DPI adjustment without sensor smoothing or filtration.  The mouse works best with FPS gaming and suitable for a claw grip style. The firmware for Logitech 303 is updated for Windows 10.

Moreover, it offers great shunning acceleration and prediction and has been finely tuned for good accuracy.  The design features 6 programmable buttons thus making your gaming experience much exciting. The software allows a lot of adjustments to the mouse settings through easy to use drag and drop user interface. The mouse offers long term durability to offer you long term play. The spring loaded left and right buttons give a good resistive feel. The mouse has a very light weight of 87 grams without the cord that makes it very comfortable to use.

Feels great? Isn’t it?


1 Logitech G303 is a lightweight mouse.

2 It offers great DPI adjustable settings.

3 It features good button layout and designed for claw grip.


1 It might not be best suitable for MAC users.

2 No weight tuning.

Logitech G900

Best gaming mouse in best budget 2020(Logitech G900)

Logitech G900 is the leading and best gaming mouse. The mouse is super light and weighs only 107g. It is well designed in a curved form with hard edges so you can conveniently use it whether you are right-handed or left-handed. It works effectively with both palm and claw grip. The mouse has 11 programmable buttons. Also, you can use all four buttons on both sides. On the top of the mouse, a textured rubber-coated scroll wheel is present and behind this is a switch that unlocks the wheel compartment.

It features glowing LED strips and the appealing lighting patterns can be selected. Moreover, you can adjust the DPI presets between 200-12000 according to the sensitivity level. Also, you can modify the polling rate between 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz. In addition to that, you can save lighting profiles and other defaults to the G900’s onboard memory thus making it easier to use the mouse on different computers. The best gaming mouse, Logitech G900 offers you a tuning feature in which the software will adjust the mouse settings based on the reflectiveness of the surface, just for you. The high-end PMW 3366 sensor is a favorite feature for the gaming freaks.  Lastly, the mouse offers you a 32 hours’ battery life which is simply amazing.

Pretty outstanding? Right?


1 Logitech 900 features highly advanced software.

2 Battery life is good.

3 It has a sleek and refined design.

Razer Viper Mini


The Razer Viper Mini is a highly proficient and ultra-light gaming mouse with great features. It comes with a 32-bit ARM processor along with an onboard memory profile. Also, it includes an 8500 DPI optical sensor and the fastest optical mouse switch. The gaming mouse can effectively set the polling rate up to 1000 Hz. You can also adjust the lift height as per your demand.

The mouse works in a very efficient way and all buttons are fast and responsive. No matter how fast you move, the sensor will track perfectly. The mouse can be directly connected by the USB with a wire which makes it very easy to set up. The driver offers all the game profile and macro programming bits that you as an enthusiast gamer expect, making your experience as a gamer more thrilling with the best gaming mouse.

Isn’t it fast?


1 Razer Viper Mini feature a lot of buttons.

2 It provides adjustable heel for palm grip users.

3 Well built with excellent performance.


Razer Mamba Elite

Razer Mamba
Razer Mamba

The Razer Mamba mouse comes in a matte black coating with curves and angles and no lack of buttons and light strips. The gaming mouse is little heavy i.e. 125 grams which is a good operating weight. The top of the mouse is very smooth and the sides are coated with grip rubber to prevent slipping. It’s gentle curve makes it suitable for both claw and palm grip. It features 9 independently programmable buttons. A charging dock is also included along with a 2.1 meter USB charging cable.

An interesting feature of the mouse is click force technology. It allows you to adjust the requirement of force to press right and left buttons. Also, you can change the click actuation force from 45g to stiff 95g through screw mechanism. The comprehensive software suite is the most strengthening part of the mouse. You can set up gaming profiles, select DPI values till 16000, switch buttons, create button macros and modify polling rate up to 1000 Hz. In addition to that, it has razor new 5G sensor which can effectively track up to 1 DPI increments. Lastly, it offers a 20 hours’ battery life, something that very few of the best gaming mouse offer.

So, what are you thinking then?


1 Razer mamba features advanced sensors.

2 It has a good battery life.

3 It has powerful and advanced software suite.


1 It is little expensive.

Best gaming mouse under $50

Razer Atheris Wireless Mouse

The Razer Mercury mouse is superb when it comes to comfort and performance. It has a soft-touch finish and contouring that fits perfectly for any grip. The button placement is in the best accordance with the gamers. There are Omron switches that are very responsive while the black and front buttons fall perfectly under thumbs. The soft rubber scroll is very convenient to click. The gaming mouse weighs 2.40 ounces which is ultra-lightweight. Coming towards the features of the mouse, it has a 7200 dpi optical sensor. You can adjust 50-8200 cpi increments and also can choose to program up to three quick settings. It comes with a 1000 MHz which allows for up to 1ms response time and 1000Hz report rate.

Another significant feature is the RGB lighting. You can independently adjust the colors of the scroll wheel and logo. Also, you can set the time before light dims and select an animation mode. Moreover, you get onboard memory for storing the mouse settings hence you can even install it on another computer without requiring any optional software. It features comprehensive mouse drivers including basic mouse settings, lighting settings, advanced mouse settings, button assignment, and macro recording. In addition to that, you can also adjust scrolling speed, double click speed, cursor speed, cursor smoothing, lift distance, polling rate, and angle snap. The mouse is dominating the market for the classy features.

Isn’t the best gaming mouse you were waiting for?


1 Comfortable to use.

2 Multiple features with remarkable performance.

3 Cost effective.



The Asus wireless optical gaming mouse is the latest and leading and best gaming mouse from Asus. It comes with a completely new design with a detailed Mayan style grip on the Right-hand side. The mouse has fully six programmable thumb buttons and is ideal for use in MMOs and MOBAs. There is another set of six buttons that can be customized through the ROG Armory software available for Windows.

The mouse is perfect for pro gamers and lets you to customize button response, polling rate, angle snapping, acceleration etc. The mouse use a 12000dpi laser sensor joined with a DPI switch. Moreover, the ROG Armory offers surface calibration thus giving you the best performance. It allows you to switch between high and low sensitivity with just a single click. Lastly, it comes with micro USB cable that easily connects the mouse to your PC. Also, you can connect the charging station and use it wirelessly.


1 ASUS ROG Gladius II is a wireless optical gaming mouse depending on your preference.

2 It comes with standard LED customization that allows you to change the color of a logo on the mouse, scroll wheel, and also the light that leaks between the thumb buttons.


1 No weight adjustments.

Cosair M65 RGB

Cosair M65 RGB
Cosair M65 RGB

Cosair M65 GRB is a sleek and fierce-looking mouse with a combination of contours and sharp angles. It has a matte surface that is non-slip and gives fast and precise movements. It features a braided cable with a pleasantly solid feel and has three separate light sections. These sections can be customized with a number of colors, wave, and chase effects. It comes with 12000 DPI sensors and a sniper switch so you can easily down your DPI for the perfect pinpoint headshot. It has eight buttons that are perfectly placed in thumbs reach. Moreover, it offers three tuning zones so you can tweak the center of gravity as per your requirement. It is one of the best-equipped mice for enthusiastic gamers who want their battle stations look awesome.


1 The lighting management software is very convenient to use and covers all the significant peripherals. It offers you infinite options for patterns and effects.

2 You can easily custom macros to any button along with additional commands such as multimedia control.


1 The color changing indicator is less convenient.

Razor Death Adder

Best gaming mouse in best budget 2020(Razor Death Adder)
Razor Death Adder

Razor Death Adder is a classic gaming mouse. The surface calibration option allows you to select whatever surface you want. It features two additional side buttons to supplement the common three and their placement gives a great convenience feel. It comes with a 10,00Dpi optical sensor and razor synapse 2.0 software suite. The software is amazingly user-friendly and perfect for configuration and macro creation. Also, you can share your macros across various devices.

The design of the mouse is basic. It has black finish and rubber side grips for stability. The cable is braided instead of rubber which makes it more durable than traditional plastic. The lighting is quite simplistic with only the razor log and scroll wheel lighting up. As a whole, the gaming mouse is for everyone out there who do not want any technicalities. The mouse is simple with all the essential features and provides easy functioning.


1 Razor Death Adder is an ergonomic gaming mouse with multiple features.

2 It is durable and comfortable as compared to other gaming mice.

3 The razor synapse software is very user-friendly.

Best gaming mouse under $110

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse


This is the best gaming mouse and perfectly fit for professional esport gamers.

Logitech G Pro is for all the gamers who are looking for a stylish gaming mouse. The mouse is ambidextrous comfortable for both the right and left hand so it has two buttons on each side. It is ultra-lightweight and ergonomic design for convenient palm rest. It features Hero 25K sensor through software at speed of over 400IPS.

Inside the gaming mouse, you will get an onboard memory and up to 25,600 DPI. By using this software. Also, you can change different modes such as normal mode, a battle mode, etc. and the lighting will change with every single click thus making the gaming experience more interesting.


1 Logitech G Pro is a wireless gaming mouse, no need of using wire.

2 It is a stylish mouse with easy use.

3 It has a rechargeable battery with 48 hour of ontinuous usage.

Razer DeathAdder V2


Razer DeathAdder V2 is a popular gaming mouse that comes with two left buttons, and two for DPI adjustment. It features a total of 8 programmable buttons. Also, it comes with 5 onboard memory profiles. One of the most interesting features of a gaming mouse is the optical mouse switches and optical sensor system. It got the mechanism for both laser and optical mouse which means that it can effectively combine laser sensor with an optical sensor.

For this amazing combo, it has 2000DPI sensitivity and a 1000 Hz polling rate. Moreover, you will get an ARM 32-bit processor. As far as the connectivity is concerned, it has 3 modes and can be connected through a USB cable for wired connections. Also, you can connect it with Bluetooth and a hyperspeed mode of 2.4GHz. In addition to that, Razer Synapse 3 software is worth mentioning. It is a razor customizable dashboard for gaming mouse configuration. It is cloud-connected that make sure your configuration is saved over the Internet. Also, sync this software lets you assign macros and customize your mouse keys. You can even have separate profiles if required.


1 The mouse is designed for both right handers.

2 It features dual sensor mechanism.

It is having 70 hours of battery life.

best gaming mouse with onboard memory

Logitech G502


Sounds interesting, right? It’s more interesting when you’ll get to know about the best gaming mouse.

Logitech G502 is an active company for manufacturing PC gaming accessories. G502 is one of the amazing gaming devices. It is an 11-button gaming mouse with onboard memory. It features an ambidextrous shape thus can be used by both right and left-handers. five buttons are present on its left side whereas, on topsides, there are standard left, right buttons, and scroll wheel. Another button is present on the Side of the mouse that can be used to reset DPI settings.

When it comes to software, you need to download the Logitech-G Hub software. and then you can use the software for various functionalities for each key. Moreover, you can adjust DPI settings up to 16000. It has Customize lighting from nearly 16.8 million colors.


1 It is a comfortable and balanced mouse with flexible sensitivity options along with the macro editor.

2 The laser mouse has in-depth software suite with complete customization of all the LEDs.

Razer Basilisk X

Razer Basilisk X


Razer Basilisk X  is a good option for you if you want all the essential gaming features while remaining within your budget. It comes with onboard memory, programmable keys, and variegated lighting. The design is preferable for right-handers. It is fully coated and indented for placement of your both thumb and fingers. The mouse weighs only 95grams which makes it very light and ensures it glides in a smooth way.

It features an optical sensor and you can adjust up to 16,000 DPI. It has onboard memory to store all your macros. Moreover, It offers ultra-fast razer hyperspeed technology making it the fastest gaming mouse. The gaming mouse offers you 6 programmable buttons along with a set of lighting.


1 The software allows you to change scroll speed, tilt speed, DPI level etc.

2 The gaming mouse offers 6 programmable buttons so you can store 85 of your tasks that you want your mouse should do.

3 Battery life is upto 450 hours with continuous usage.


1 It is not suitable for left-handers.


A gaming mouse is an essential gaming peripheral on which you must invest your money. Having the best gaming mouse will surely uplift your game especially if it’s a competitive game such as Data 2, CS: GO, etc. The integral device for playing the game can help you to become a pro with the passage of time. Through this buyer guide, we are hopeful that you are equipped with the right information about the factors while buying a gaming mouse. The best gaming mouse, when used in conjunction with other gaming peripherals, will give you a worthwhile experience.

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