Best IP Cameras of 2018 for Better home & business Surveillance

The primary concern of an individual is one’s home’s security where his family lives. You just can’t always be physically present to monitor your home’s security, that’s when IP camera’s surveillance steps in to ease your tension.

Therefore, home surveillance is a very important addition to your home. While looking for home security solutions, you may have several factors and options to consider. One of the best options you can consider is the internet protocol camera which is known as IP camera. It is a safe keeping video camera in which information is sent through WiFi or networked connection.


Best IP Cameras
Best IP Cameras

In comparison to classic closed circuit television, an IP camera offers you live video streaming, notifications of happenings in your home, better quality image, less cable requirements, remote control settings and two-way communication. We have looked into the number of IP cameras and selected the top ones for you. The buyer guide is made available to let you choose more easily with considering the significant aspects.

Factors to consider while buying an IP camera

If you are looking for an IP camera for your home or office, then you need to keep in mind few essential things. Here we have mentioned some of the factors that you need to consider for fulfilling your requirements.

Requirement for one or more camera

Choose the number of IP cameras as per your requirement. If you are looking forward to know about the happenings in your outside areas or rooms then you will be needing more than one IP camera. Also, you need to ensure that the IP camera is focusing on the key areas that you are monitoring. On average, homes and small businesses can be monitored with four IP cameras.

Type of IP camera

Surveillance IP cameras are designed either for indoor or outdoor use. Usually indoor IP cameras are smaller, lighter and less visible. Outdoor cameras are generally more advanced and costly as they are designed to withstand extreme temperature and from the attacks of intruders. But nowadays high quality cameras that can be used for both indoor and outdoor use are also available.

Adjusting the right angle of camera

Before buying an IP camera, you should see the lens size and the focal length the lens should cover. The image sensor determines the wide viewing angle of IP camera. Usually larger image sensors provide you better wide viewing angel and allows more light in the picture. Whereas other lenses will probably give you the viewing angel of a partial side.

Degree of recording resolution

If you are looking for an indoor camera monitoring a single area under proximity, then 550 lines are enough. But if you intend to use the IP camera for a longer distance then 700+ resolution of the camera is recommended.

Setting up remote viewing

As every system has its own capacity for allowing you to watch the videos. Therefore, one need to consider the instructional manual for details. Mostly DVRs allow you to watch the videos and live streaming on your computer. Also, you can use the apps provided by some systems for convenient viewing on your Android phone or PC. In this case, high speed Internet connection is also required.

Benefits of IP Camera

1. IP cameras comes with a broad range of resolutions that are usually measured in megapixels that you can choose as per your requirements. Even the IP cameras with the lowest resolution is equal to 4 times of an analog camera. In addition to that, faces are more clear, license plates are easy to read and the surveillance of a major area can be covered by using a single IP camera.

2. IP cameras provide better scale-ability as they connect to IT network along with no restriction on the limit of IP cameras connected. Also, there is no need to run a cable from the camera to the DVR. Moreover, in IP cameras video is recorded by using network video recorders. NVRs use multiple drives and often use redundant array of independent disks as a backup technique to disperse data safely and efficiently.

3. IP cameras provide you remote access, you can conveniently login into secure server remotely. By using web based interface, you can watch real-time footage on your PCs, Macs and other mobile devices.

4. You can review the footage with multiple zoom on the playback with no degradation of image.

Best IP Cameras & their Pros and Cons

1. Nest Cam

Nest Cam
Nest Cam

Looking for some best IP cameras on the front line? I’ve got just the thing for you…..

Nest cam is one of the leading best IP cameras and previously known as Dropcam Pro. Nest cam features 1080p HD sharp video from your home to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. If it senses any motion or sound, it will immediately alert you and you can see or hear what’s going inside your place with 8x zoom and 130-degree lens.

Wondering if any additional security features?

Yes surely! The best IP camera comes with in-built speaker and microphone that lets you to talk and listen through the app. Also, it features 8 infrared sensors that effectively give you clear night time shots. In addition to that, you can get even more features including cloud storage and Netatmo-style facial recognition in order to improve alert accuracy being one of the best IP camera.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?


1 Nest Cam comes with speakers.

2 The infrared feature effectively help with recording at night time. Now you can see the whole room at night and not just the limited spotlight view.

3 It has a quick and easy setup. Simply plug in Nest cam and download the app to get started. No hub is required.

4 This IP camera has excellent clarity, even in low light.


1 All the extra features are not available for free.

2  The invisible LEDs used for nighttime video illuminate rooms unevenly.

2. Withings Home

Withings Home
Withings Home

Withings Home is an appealing IP Camera. Why?

Well, I’ll tell you why…..

It works seamlessly with both IOS and Android device. The setup of IP camera is quite easy. All you need to do is plugin the unit, download the Withings Home app, locate your broadband router and type the WiFi password. You can set your home to trigger both noise and motion and it will stream 1080 HD footage at 30fps to any device with almost zero latency. The IP camera offers you 135-degree wide angel image that can be easily zoomed and panned by using the app’s pinch control.

Interests you? Doesn’t it?

Another significant feature of the camera is time-lapse function which allows you to quickly recap the past 24 hours. One of the interesting feature is GIF creation tool that saves motion detected as a GIF motion. Moreover, it offers infrared night vision for an efficient night time recording. The camera comes with speakers and allows two-way communication. Also, it has an ability to play lullaby.

Making it stand out among the best IP cameras we have just for you.


1 Withings Home has an advanced environmental sensing of air quality.

2 It takes 30 seconds’ to setup for a complete home monitoring solution.

3 Useful motion and sound alerts.

4 Easy to install.


1 The motion sensor is quite sensitive.

2 It can play only one lullaby.

3 Cannot download recorded video.

3. Netgear Arlo Q

Netgear Arlo Q
Netgear Arlo Q

Looking for something to surveillance inside and outside home, both? Well we’ve got just the best IP camera for you.

Netgear Arlo Q  are the perfect IP cameras that can be used both inside and outside the home. Now you can see splendid clarity and strident details and watch live streamed recorded videos on your computer, tablet or smart phone through Netgear Arlo app. The camera has patented 100% wire free design with magnetic mounts so you can place it anywhere you want and monitor your home from every possible angle.

Also, they are waterproof and can be placed outdoors if you want to keep an eye on the garden or your drive way while you are out. The IP camera has night vision and motion detection capabilities with 1GB of storage space in the cloud free of charge. The motion stimulated cameras activity alerts deliver you notifications both email or app. They are battery powered and requires at least two lithium batteries that comes with the camera.

Sounds cool? Right?


1 Netgear Arlo have night vision capability that offers great HD clarity even in the dark.

2 It is waterproof and safe for outdoor use.


1 The camera is not suitable for outdoor streaming.

2 It does not have any sound.

4. Amcrest


Among the best IP cameras we have listed for you. Amcrest offers you well designed waterproof IP camera which is simple to install and can be monitored through your computer or any Android phone. It provides you high quality HD resolution image and you will not need to struggle to identify the crucial details in the footage. Also, no gaps form lag in the feed. It offers you high quality image in the day with 3.6-millimeter lenses and a camera of 90 degrees but can be tilted 360  degrees to give a wide range of view.

Moreover, it provides high intensity infrared LEDs for clear night vision, no matter how poor the light is. You can easily install the app by scanning the provided QR code on the surface of DVR box. Once you have scanned it, feed a name and press start live preview. The system is effectively supported by various active interface options including zoom, pan or tilt maneuverings. Also, some switching features are provided to you between streams and capturing screenshots. The app provides you playback option and allow you to view recorded files with limitless access by using your phone.


1. The camera infrared mode is activated automatically in low light to give you the best quality video.

2. The motion sensor can be customized and prevents any fault alarms.

3. The superlative build quality of cameras guarantee amazing reliability of the surveillance system even in the extreme weather.

4. 4 hour free trial storage is provided on the Amcrest Cloud once you install and login, through your device to control the camera.

5. You can talk and listen, both at the same time, as a result of its two-way audio system.


1. It may face technical issues.

2. The Wi-Fi connectivity is not strong.

3. The user manual that comes along with the security camera is somewhat ambiguous and not so useful for first timers.

5. Sharx Security

Sharx Security
Sharx Security

If you are looking for a great picture quality and good night vision, then Sharx security is the just the best option for you in our list of best IP cameras. The IP camera has a fine built up and thus it is weatherproof to stay durable and serve you in any weather condition. It provides high-quality image and great night vision images even in absolute darkness up to 45 feet.

The IP camera features a 16GB micro SD card and it functions as a standalone DVR for constant video recording and motion detection. You can record videos in a various time range from ½ hour to around 100 hours depending on the selected video quality. You can view live streams on your computer or Android phones along with delivery of instant email alerts on motion detection.


1 Sharx Security IP camera has a super solid construction that makes it weatherproof and extremely durable to serve you in a long run.

2 The tech support and the user’s manual are very helpful. Also, it is simple to install.

3 You can take a look at big and small details in videos with such LEDs.

4 Its high end infrared LED enables you to catch things at a distance of forty feet.

5 Its IR filter offers quality, brilliant image during night time.


1 At times, it may face technical issues.

2 Sometimes variations in picture quality are seen.

3 Motion detection starts working once there’s movement.

6. Simplicam


Looking for something interesting, yet simple?

Simplicam is the best IP camera choice you can make. Though the field view is smaller but 107 degree is still enough to capture a sufficient area. The quality of image is not affected by low light and you can easily look out for minute details.  But once the light go off, the video shows less details. Though the camera has invisible LEDs that let you to identify person.

Moreover, you can zoom in and out to see the video up to three times magnification. Simplicam comes with two-way audio. You can hear the happenings in the room you are monitoring and also communicate directly in that room through the app. This amazing audio feature also include sound detection which offers you to have the camera record only when it hears a sound in the room.

Keep reading…..

Also, the camera uses motion detection and you can set the camera to record only when it senses movement. Simplicam is the easiest camera to use. All you need to do is download the app from your mobile phone and plug the camera into an outlet. Within few minutes, camera will be connected to Wi-Fi and you can adjust the options for the IP camera. One of the most difficult task is scanning the QR code to connect the camera to Wifi. But in Simplicam, you won’t be facing any QR scanning or app downloading issues. Notifications will be delivered on your smartphone or tablet whenever motion or sound is detected. Also, you can set the camera to record at particular timings and review the footage that was captured later. It supports 5-GHz Wi-Fi and does not store your video locally as it is all cloud based.

So isn’t it an amazing one in all the best IP cameras?


1 Simplicam is the easiest camera to use and install.

2 It has a decent night vision range.

3 It features motion and sound detection options and comes with two-way audio.


1 The camera does not let app to use your mobile phone GPS to track when you have left the home and start recording.

2 The camera has lower quality video resolution.

7. Samsung SmartCam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN
Samsung SmartCam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN

Finding some HD stuff for your surveillance? Samsung SmartCam is just the perfect one with an impressive IP camera. It shoots high resolution video at 1080P to offer you clear and crisp image. The clarity of video quality is excellent. It features a night vision range of 62 feet which allows you to see any object even in the complete dark.

Additionally comes with 2-way audio so you can communicate through the app as well. It does not use cloud storage and supports up to 64Gb micro SD cards. Though you can’t schedule recording but motion and sound detection can help you to preserve the storage space. Samsung features Smartthings so you can hook the camera to monitor your home. Also, it works with Samsung devices to hep automate your home.

So are you going to order it just now?


1 The IP camera can be used with Samsung smart home monitoring club.

2 It shoots high-quality video at 1080p.


1 At times the camera has connection issues.

2 The app commands are sometimes confusing.

8. Foscam C2

Foscam C2
Foscam C2

Foscam C2 is just another best IP camera we have for you.

It offers you a superlative video quality even in the low light. The audio of both camera and the app is of excellent quality and clarity. It comes with all the amazing features including motion and sound detection, digital zoom and wide angel lens that allows you to see the major portion of the room you are monitoring. The app for Foscam C2 is simple and icons are way too easy to understand. It’s up to you to use the local storage or choose to pay for the company’s cloud storage service. Moreover, the Wifi camera supports up to 64Gb SD cards. Also, you can schedule recordings and let the camera record only when any movement or audio is detected.


1 Foscam C2 has the best audio quality.

2 It offers you versatile storage options.

3 You can schedule the recordings as per your requirement.


1 It cannot capture movement in the video very smoothly. Motion in the live stream and recordings are not so clear.

2 The invisible LEDs lights are not bright enough to show the details.

9. Flir Flex

Flir Flex
Flir Flex

Flir Flex is one of the best IP camera for its high-quality footage. The video can be captured in daylight as well as low light with exceptional quality. In complete dark, the objects close to the lens can be seen clearly. It features 1080p high video resolution and provide you sharp images. It provides one of the widest field of view and allow you to see the large portion of the room you are monitoring.

Also, you can set the camera to record only when motion or sound is detected and you can select the specific spots you want the camera should capture. Furthermore, the camera is easy to set up and use two rechargeable batteries. The Flir app sends you notifications when the camera senses motion or sound. It can support up to 64Gb SD cards. Also, the Flir basic cloud storage is free which includes two days of storage before your recordings are removed along with three recap videos per month.


1 The cloud storage in the company offers the lowest price with seven days of video storage and unlimited recap.

2 The video quality is up to the mark.

3 Intuitive, well designed app.

4 Wide angles, excellent night performance.

5 Very simple to set up.


1 You can’t schedule recordings and the camera does not integrate with any third-party systems.

2 The Flir mobile app is not intuitive.

3 Expensive subscription model.

10. Zmodo Pivot

Mar jayein
Mar jayein

Zmodo Pivot security camera effectively keeps tabs on your home when you are away. The camera features 1080p resolution with 2.1mm lens and a 4x digital zoom. It offers you 360-degree field of view by using a mechanical motor in order to pivot the enclosure’s mid-section. Moreover, it offers you IR LED that provides night vision up to 30 feet with clear details.

The camera comes with motion, temperature and humidity sensors. In addition to that, Bluetooth speaker, microphone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless circuitry is also made available to you. Zmodo Pivot can support up to 16 Gb of internal storage(up to 2 days of 24/7 footage). It automatically records when senses any motion or sound and also can interact with numerous home automation devices.


1 Excellent video quality with vibrant colors and sharp night vision.

2 Multiple sensors and 360-degree panning.

3 Easy to Use.



1 No cloud storage yet.

2 It does not work with IFTTT and other smart home devices.

11. D-Link DCS-5222L

D-Link DCS-5222L
D-Link DCS-5222L

Looking for some best network IP cameras? D-Link is just one of the large network camera you are looking for. It is designed to offer you more flexible pan and tilt capabilities. The lens of the camera is surrounded by 4 LEDs to work effectively in the night vision mode. You can set the camera by pressing WPS button to make it pair with the router.

Also, you can use mydlink Lite app on Android or IOS to set the camera. You can select the specific areas for motion detection by browser based configuration on your PC. It sends you notifications either as push notifications or emails to the registered account. The camera can capture up to 720p resolution and 8m in the dark through Infrared LEDs.


1 D-Link offers great image quality.

2 It uses 10x zoom and the frame rate goes up to 30fps which is quite smooth as compare to other cameras.

3 It features a sensitive microphone and intercom function.

4 Local storage on a MicroSD card.

5 Relatively inexpensive, considering the resolution.


1 The mydlink app does not allow you to have a full control over the camera’s function such as motion detection.

2 It does not support cloud storage.

3 Small online video window isn’t resizable.

12 Philips In. Sight HD

Philips In. Sight HD
Philips In. Sight HD

The Philips In. Sight HD is a pleasing easy camera to set up. While putting your main routers’ Wi-Fi details, the information is transferred to the camera via QR code generated in your Android or IOS app that you are holding in front of the camera lens. It has an adjustable ball head for angling the camera and does not require any external antenna.

The IP camera is powered by mini USB connection and comes with a 3m USB cable. Moreover, it has in-built microphone to capture audio along with an integrated speaker so it can be used as a pseudo intercom with your Android or IOS app. Push notifications will sent to your device through the app whenever activity is triggered and also you can adjust the sensitivity level.

Your watchdog!


1 The video recording frame rates are approximately 30fps which is excellent.

2 It comes with Infrared LEDs and offer you 102 degree viewing angel.

3 Long leads.

4 Easy to install.

5 Attractive design.


1 The push to talk function does not always work.

2 You can’t save footage from the app to your device.

3 Fiddly set up with QR codes.

13. Logi Circle

Logi Circle
Logi Circle

The Logi circle is more like a lifestyle camera among the best IP cameras list we have for you. The central appealing circle can be used wirelessly. It features a high-quality 1080p HD video streaming and a time lapse function. It can smartly filter between pets and humans. The camera is very simple to use. It has a convenient two-way communication and provide you great night vision. It timely alert you on your phone when something unexpected happens.


1 The camera has an easy setup.

2 The app is excellent and can easily use.

3 Great video quality.

4 Battery-powered option.

5 Two-way voice communication.


1 Battery life is only two hours which is way too less as compared to other IP cameras.

2 It does not have any advanced features.

3 Can’t store video longer than 24 hours.

14. IControl Networks Piper NV

IControl Networks Piper NV
IControl Networks Piper NV

IControl networks Piper NV is a smart security camera that does not require any contract or monthly fees. It is a high-resolution camera providing you 180-degree view angle for live and recorded video. The device features multiple sensors including motion, sound, temperature, light and humidity. It offers you night vision, two-way audio and 105 Db sirens. In addition to that, the system is very easy to use and set. The camera efficiently send you texts and email alerts on your Android or IOS smart phone, tab etc. It connects with Wi-Fi and provide high-grade SSL video encryption.

Great isn’t it?


1 It is compatible with Z-wave wireless accessories.

2 It auto-rearms to capture multiple events.

3 Comes with a backup battery.


1 It does not have any web app.

2 It lacks local storage.

15. Y-cam Bullet HD 720 (2nd Gen)

Y-cam Bullet HD 720 (2nd Gen)
Y-cam Bullet HD 720 (2nd Gen)

Y-cam features a high-quality lens and produces 720p HD videos along with H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG configurable streams. It offers Infrared night vision from amazing 24 IR LEDs. The device is highly compatible with leading software, NAS and NVR drives. Y-cam has a professional build up with amazing weatherproof and internal microphone features. A sleek cable managed wall mount is provided for easy outdoor installation. The camera provides you motion detection and alerts up to 4 configurable motion zones.

Simple yet easy in all the best IP camera? Right?


1 The camera can record direct to internal microSD cards up to 62Gb.

2 It offers maximum connectivity over Wi-Fi, Ethernet and power over Ethernet.

3 It is accessible from PC, Mac, iPhone, Linux, Android and much more without any cable required for setup.

4 High-quality HD video.

5 Supports motion detection and night vision.


1 It does not stream to third-party applications such as security spy.

2  Very expensive.

3 No frills or special tools for easy use.

16. HomeMonitor HD

HomeMonitor HD
HomeMonitor HD

HomeMonitor HD is an incredible security camera with excellent free cloud storage. Unlike other cameras there is no need for ongoing subscription as footage is kept for seven days and you have unlimited download option. The lens features 30 Infrared LEDs for night vision. In addition to that, the front of HomeMonitor has light sensor, status LED and microphone. Also, the camera is small enough to be hidden.

The process of setup is simple. Simply connect the camera to your router with included Ethernet cable, use web browser to access the setup wizard and configure the camera with your Wi-Fi details. As far as the app is concerned, it supports window phone, Roku channel along with Android and IOS apps for monitoring. The camera offers you both push notification option and email alerts. Also, it pre-records 10 secs of footage before motion detection is triggered.

That’s way more than you expected, right?


1 The camera allows you to schedule motion detection operation times.

2 It capture 720p resolution video with 1/4in CMOS sensor.

3 The LEDs allow you to see in the dark up to 15m.


1 No internal or microSD card storage.

2 Image quality is not the best as compare to other IP cameras.

3  This IP camera loses connection constantly.

17. EyeSpy UCam247i

EyeSpy UCam247i
EyeSpy UCam247i

The EyeSpy UCam247i is a simple night vision IP camera. The camera provides three streams, one is optimized for mobile access with 176×144 resolution whereas the other two operate at maximum 640×480 resolution and 30fps. The camera also supports dynamic DNS in case you want to access camera’s web based stream and interface remotely. It timely sends you notifications and email alerts when motion is detected. Also, you can schedule the sensitivity of motion.  Moreover, you can save videos and stills to an FTP server.


1 Picture quality is excellent with remarkably natural and accurate colors.

2 The Infrared mode clearly illuminate fine details in dark.


1 The camera does not offer any pan or tilt.

2 It is expensive.


A good IP camera is designed to meet your expectations and fulfill your requirements in the most efficient way. It must be able to record any contingencies and can alert you at right time thus acting as a real-time deterrent. Before opting out for a particular surveillance system you must consider various essential features and the above-mentioned security systems for the best choice. Whether you want to use IP camera for indoor or outdoor, wireless or wired system, the above guide will help you to select the best security system which will act as your best companion for a lifetime.

We hope you choose the best IP camera from among our list to help you for surveillance and security!

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