13 best Smart locks that work with ring and Alexa

13 best Smart locks that work with ring and Alexa

Best Homekit enabled Smart Locks

Carrying around a key chain in an era of smart homes is a thing of the past. Especially, when there are smart locks and deadbolts as well as electronic locks to choose from and via which you can enter your home with a push of a button. Smart locks that work with the ring are more useful for people who integrated ring doorbells for their home security.

Ring-compatible smart locks replace your door deadbolt to do much more than simply lock and unlock the door without a key. They allow you to receive alerts, track who is entering and leaving your home, email limited access digital keys, and remotely lock and unlock in your absence. The idea of a smart lock is that you can lock and unlock without a key along with monitoring and controlling remotely is way too appealing.

Here we have reviewed some of the best smart locks that work with Ring and Alexa that will give you the best security.

Does Ring work with smart locks?

Yes, Ring can integrate with the ring-compatible smart locks via the Ring app. Ring app allows you to connect your lock easily with your Ring doorbell. Ring app will notify you on your mobile in case of any activity at your door lock.

What smart locks are compatible with ring doorbell?

Yale Assure lock SL, Schlage encode deadbolt and Kwiskit Halo deadbolts are some of the best locks compatible with Ring

Can I unlock my door with Ring?

Interestingly, In case of the arrival of any of your guests or package delivery, you can unlock the door remotely via Ring App

Things to consider while buying the best smart locks for home

1.) Security methods (to unlock).

2.) Burglar alarming.

3.)  Connectivity.

4.) Weather resistance.

Most of the best smart locks and deadbolts come with one or more means of entry, such as Bluetooth, biometric, wifi, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), or keypad.

Best smart door locks that work with Ring and Alexa

Smart Lock BrandFeaturesCompatibilityConnectivityPrice
Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadboltworks with phone, key, finger, or voicebest ring-compatible smart lock
Schlage home app
Check price
August Smart Lockdoorbell cam, wireless keypad, Auto-Unlock, Ever Lock, Set SchedulesAndroid, IOS, Nest, and HomeKit and the best smart lock for AlexaAugust ConnectCheck Price
Yale Assure Lock SLAuto unlock,
touchscreen keypad
Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Phillips Hue, and Samsung SmartThingsYale Access appcheck price
Kwikset Halo Smart Lock deadboltElectronic touchscreen deadboltAlexa, Google Assistant smartphone, Kwikset appWiFicheck price
Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock 2nd Gentwo eKeys, electronic touchscreen to Open, Smart key tool a smart lock that works with Ring WiFi, BluetoothCheck Price
Yale Assure lock with Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt smart lockinbuilt siren sounds, touchscreen keypad, auto-lock feature, remote access, enhanced guest accessring compatible smart lockZ-wave radio moduleCheck Price
Level Bolt Smart Locktouch-sensitive LED, color-coded intuitive interface, touchpad, auto relock, history, weather-protected device Homekit door lock and ring smart lockBluetoothCheck Price
Schlage SenseTouchscreen, checkmark, red X indicator, program codes, history, set scenes, auto-lock, built-in alarmApple HomeKit smart lockBluetoothCheck Price
Google Nest x Yale Locktouchscreen keypadNest, Googe assistant,WiFicheck price
Wyze Lock Smart Door Lockwireless and keyless entry works with Amazon Alexa and Google AssistantWiFi & Bluetooth EnabledCheck Price
August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen)Fingerprint, keyless entry, door sensor, notificationsHomekit smart lock, Alexa, Android, IOSconnect Hub Bridge, Z- wave, Alexa, WiFi, HomekitCheck Price
August (4th Generation) Smart Lockfingerprint, door sensor auto-lock, schedulingAlexa, Google Assistant, door lock Apple Homekit, Smartphone app built-in WiFi, Fingerprintcheck price
August Smart LockKeypad Lock, Biometric LockAmazon Alexa, Hey Google, Samsung SmartThings, Philips HueWi-FiCheck Price

If you are looking for a Ring Smart lock so Here is a review of smart locks that work with Alexa and ring

List of Smart Locks compatible with Ring

  • Schlage Encode Smart wifi deadbolt
  • Yale Assure lock
  • Kwikset-Kevo 2nd Gen
  • Yale Assure lock SL
  • SCHLAGE Connect Smart Deadbolt

Smart Locks that Work with ring

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

 Ring smart lock

Does Schlage Encode lock work with Ring?

The Schlage Encode is the best ring smart lock and the best smart deadbolt for Ring. The most prominent feature of the Schlage Encode smart deadbolt is its compatibility with Ring, Alexa, and google assistant. It works remotely with your phone through Wifi, just install the Schlage Home app. No need to worry about handling keys just enter the pin code you have set and unlock the door.

Moreover, the Schlage encode smart Wifi deadbolt needs 4 AA replaceable batteries. It also supports 100 user codes more than any other lock. You can integrate your lock with the Ring app and rind video doorbell to lock and unlock the door. The Schlage encode lock has a built-in Alarm. Schlage Encode is the best smart deadbolt for Ring.


  • No more accessories or Hubs require to connect the lock
  • Easily connect to your Home wifi network
  • It features a low battery indicator

Ring-compatible door locks

Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave Deadbolt

 Ring smart lock
Yale Assure Lock

Yale Assure smart lock is one of the best smart locks that work with the ring and Alexa and the best smart deadbolt for Ring. It features backlit keypad controls and home automation integration. It comes with a Z-wave radio module that connects the lock to common home automation systems. The lock has excellent security, convenience, and technical support. Yale Assure Smart lock offers similar protection as most deadbolts. It has an inbuilt siren sound when someone kicks your door.

Besides this, it also has a built-in touchscreen keypad. You can program guest codes and send them through email or text messages. It has a traditional keyhole so you can use the physical key. Also, the smart lock has an auto-lock feature that engages the deadbolt 30 seconds after it has been unlocked. Moreover, it has remote access, enhanced guest access, mobile app functionality, and video doorbell compatibility. The automation system tracks the lock’s activity as well.


1 Yale Assure Lock Z-Wave Deadbolt connects the lock to the home automation system.

2 It features a built-in touch keypad.

3 It has an auto-lock feature.


1 Many of the smart lock features work only with the home automation system.

best smart deadbolt for Ring

Kwikset – Kevo 2nd Gen

 Ring smart lock

Kwikset Kevo is a smart lock that works with Ring and has different keys for different people and even for visitors during specific hours. Well if you didn’t know of it, this one’s interesting for you surely.

Kwikset Kevoo Smart Lock comes in a unique design. The smart lock is great in design, technical support, and control. It has excellent security and convenience features. The Kwikset app makes the lock much easier to use. It features two eKeys that you put on your phone or give to your family members for access. Also, you can send unlimited Guest eKeys that expire within 24 hours duration.

One of the convenient features of Kevo is the touch to open. It scans your phone or key thus allowing you to touch the lock and activate it. You can also rekey the lock by using the innovative key tool. The tool lets you switch compatible keys without even visiting a locksmith. The smart lock works most effectively with a smartphone. Kevo is among the best smart locks that work with ring and Alexa, as well as Honeywell home automation platforms.

Moreover, it offers FAQs and video tutorial support resources. As a whole, the digital lock is a good choice for its unique handiness features.


1 Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock has excellent customer support and quality design.

2 It offers various convenience features.

3 Kwikset Kevo is compatible with Ring video doorbells, Honeywell home automation platforms, and Nest.


4 It doesn’t have an auto-lock feature

Yale Assure Lock SL

Yale Assure Lock SL is the best z wave smart door lock compatible with Ring

 Ring smart lock

Yale Assure Lock SL is one of the best ring-compatible smart locks that can also control remotely by z wave technology and smart Home through the app, alarm system, or smart things. Yale smart lock comes with a touchscreen keypad, you don’t need keys for locks just an integrated code that helps you to unlock or lock the door and can set it to auto-lock or unlock. It offers remote access to lock through your mobile. You can operate it with voice assistants like Alexa, google assistant, and Siri. Additionally, you can track activities through the Yale Access app with a WiFi connection.


  • Yale Assure lock SL is the best smart deadbolt for ring

Ring Compatible Keyless entry

SCHLAGE Connect Smart Deadbolt

smart locks that work with ring

Schlage Connect is the ring smart lock that works with Ring and Alexa. The Ring door lock has built-in Alarm technology that beeps when someone opens or shuts the door, or tries to tamper the door lock. the smart lock is integrated with Z wave and lets you control your door lock from anywhere.

Moreover, it can pair with security systems like Samsung smartThing and Ring Alarm to make your life easy and convenient allowing you to lock or unlock your door from anywhere. The Schlage Connect is compatible with Google Assistant, Wink, and NEXIA as well.


  • Easy Installation
  • The fingerprint-resistant touchscreen lets you share 30 access codes
  • The Ring door lock keypad is a backlight that provides help to see at night

Homekit smart lock

August lock 4th generation

august smart lock

Smart things come with smart specifications and some outstanding features to keep your security tight! And we have just the thing for you.

August Home Pro Smart Lock Homekit has a minimalistic and clean design. It comes in silver, dark grey, red, and champagne colors. The smart lock offers some additional components such as a doorbell cam, wireless keypad, and August connect that act as a bridge between the lock and Wi-Fi network. The lock is easy to install as compared to other smart locks because the installation is required only on the interior part of the door. Also, several mounting plates and color-coded adapters will make installation much easier for you.

Does August lock work with Ring?

You can integrate the August smart pro lock with the Nest, Wink, smart things, Logitech, Ring security system, and z-wave.

It is compatible with both Android and Apple phones, therefore simply go to the store and download the free August smart lock app. In addition to that, you can access the smart lock using Bluetooth within 15 feet. Once you open the app, you will see a big red circle. It will turn green and unlock the door if Bluetooth is in range. Coming towards functionality, the smart lock is very versatile.

Interesting Feature

Another interesting feature is the Auto-Unlock which will lock the door automatically while you are 100 yards away. Besides this, the Ever lock feature will automatically lock the door within 30 seconds after the door is opened or closed. You can also set schedule time limits for certain keys or assign guests access to the lock through your smartphone. Overall, the August smart lock comes with ease of installation, extra security features, and remote access features, securing its position as one of the best smart locks on the list.


1 The August smart lock features unlimited virtual keys.

2 It effectively works with Nest and HomeKit.

3 It comes with Ever lock, Auto-lock, and other impressive remote access features.


1 It does not have a built-in alarm.

Kwikset Halo Smart Lock deadbolt

 Ring smart lock

If you are looking for the best smart deadbolt for google Home that can work remotely through WiFi, without any third-party smart home hub then Kwikset halo is the best Alexa deadbolt.

Kwikset Halo smart lock features an electronic touchscreen that allows you to lock and unlock with an advanced secure screen and smart key security features. You can also rekey the lock by using the smart key tool in seconds.

Moreover, Kwikset Halo is the best smart lock for Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit. The Kwikset app sends you an alert of all-day lock activity.

Is Kwikset Halo compatible with Ring?

Yes, it works well! As Kwikset Halo works with Alexa and Ring doorbell works with Alexa. You can see a person on your Smartphone or have Alexa show you who is at the door. You can ask Alexa to unlock the door by providing a PIN or security code.

Moreover, it works with Ring App as well.

Best smart locks for home

Level Bolt Smart Lock

 Ring smart lock

Looking for something hardened? Something with dual security? Well, here’s the best smart lock for you then.

Level bolt smart lock is the best Apple Homekit door lock that can be controlled through Bluetooth on your smartphone app. It can work with your existing lock. It features a keyless entry and can work with your existing deadbolt with a hidden battery inside it. The smart lock is compatible with both Android and IOS. It is made up of stainless steel. You can give access to your friends and family the to enter the home by using their phone, key, or voice.

Level bolt is among the best smart locks that work with Ring so you can access it remotely. The level bolt is the most secure deadbolt.


  • 1-level bolt lock has easy Bluetooth unlocking.
  • 2 It is a weather-protected device.
  • 3 It can securely share access.


  • It is expensive.

Homekit smart locks

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

schlage sense

Smart lock with smart options! Here’s just another best Homekit smart lock for your security!

Schlage Sense Deadbolt Lock is one of the smart locks compatible with Apple Homekit equipped with Bluetooth and impressive performance, security, and various smart options. It also offers a WiFi adapter(sold separately) to connect with your home WiFi network to lock and unlock remotely. It works with Android smartphones through the Schlage Sense app, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Schlage sense deadbolt is the best Apple HomeKit door lock. The smart lock features a basic touchscreen with a white backlight to make it more readable. It features a checkmark indicator as well as a red X indicator. The Schlage Sense smart deadbolt app allows you to control the lock, program new codes, and view history.

If you have HomeKit-compatible accessories such as light, thermostat, etc., you can control all of them. Also, you can set scenes in different rooms.

Moreover, it offers an auto-lock feature and locks automatically between 5-30 seconds after the door is closed. There are different codes available to you, and you can store up to 30 codes. Also, you can give your family or friends unlimited code access. Besides this, it includes an optional reinforcement place with each lock for extra security.

Lastly, the Homekit smart lock has a built-in alarm with various sensitivity settings.


1 Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock is HomeKit smart lock.

2 It has the ability to give voice commands with Siri.

3 It has a sleek and smudge-resistant keypad.

Google Nest x Yale Lock

Best smart locks

The Google Nest x Yale Lock is among the best smart locks and deadbolts. Yale lock Deadbolt is a stylish electronic lock with WiFi compatibility. You can pair it with the Nest app to control the lock remotely. It features a touchscreen keypad that allows you to enter the passcode and open and close the door without keys.

In terms of security, if someone tries to tamper with your lock or tries to steal, you’ll immediately get notified.

Moreover, it has an auto-lock feature that automatically locks the door. You can either schedule when it has to lock or after how many seconds. Lastly, you can control who can enter your passcode or when. It will offer you a schedule, email alerts, and other useful features.

Undoubtedly, the best smart lock? Right?


1 The Google Nest x Yale Lock Deadbolt Lock features passcode entry

2 It has a tamper alert notification.

3 It’s easy to install and program.

Wyze Smart Door Lock 

Best Smart Locks and deadbolts of 2022

Wyze smart door lock is the best Bluetooth deadbolt lock that can be unlocked with a single click through Wyze App Bluetooth-equipped devices. It offers you keyless control and no need for a password. Also, an IOS and Android compatible app to operate the lock and various interesting features. The lock can connect with WiFi through the included Wyze lock gateway.

A lock offers an auto-lock when you enter inside and an auto-unlock feature when you touch the door; the smart lock isn’t it?  It is weather-resistant and can effectively withstand high temperatures. Moreover, the Wyze smart door lock will notify you who is coming and going. You can also share the lock with your family and friends. The app of smart Lock provides you with the history of when and how many times it is locked or unlocked. It also accurately tracks the location of the lock and allows you to share access with other people who need it.

It can work with your existing deadbolts and keys and is compatible with Alexa.


1 Wyze smart door lock has a sleek and modern design.

2 It can be easily unlocked through the Wyze app, a smartphone, or Bluetooth.

3 It comes with 4 AA batteries.

Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt

Like everyone, your security is also a matter of concern for us, and if you are thinking of some affordable yet best smart locks and deadbolts, here’s what’s best for you.

best smart locks

Lockly secure pro deadbolt is a smart lock that stands out for its high-quality biometric fingerprint feature that can work as your key to unlock the door. The Lockly secure pro deadbolt comes with a contemporary design, touchscreen digital keypad, keyless entry, and various smart competencies to give the owners peace of mind and ease of use. A unique feature is that it allows you to get 30 user codes at a time thus allowing you to lock or unlock the door by entering a digit code on 4 buttons. Lockly technology connects to your home automation system that perfectly locks or unlocks doors remotely through a smartphone. This deadbolt has an integrated alarm system for security purposes. Furthermore, it delivers notifications if someone enters your home. Finally, it is very affordable compared to other smart locks.


1 Lockly secure pro deadbolt opens your door with a biometric fingerprint.

2 You can give access remotely to other visitors to enter a home by access code through the app.

3 It is quite affordable.

4 It comes with a secure digital keypad.

5 It can work with Alexa and google assistant through smart things.

August Smart Lock PRO

The August smart lock Pro is the best Homekit smart lock that lets you control your door remotely through the app with your phone. The smart lock allows you to give access codes to those people you trust as well as revoke access whenever you want. It comes with an auto-lock or unlocks feature thus no matter whether you are coming or going; it will lock itself once the door is closed for a few seconds. The August Smart lock is fully compatible with any deadbolt as August smart locks fit on the inside of your door. Moreover, the August app offers great scheduling features as well. Overall, it’s a simple and easy lock to operate.


1 The August smart Lock works efficiently with your smart home.

2 It allows you to generate keys and give access to your family and friends.

3 It comes with auto-lock and unlocks features thus efficiently protecting your home.

4 It is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple home kit.

best smart lock for smart things

August (4th Generation) Smart Lock

Some sensor stuff! A smart lock that superpositions above all other smart locks.

The August Smart Lock 4th generation is the Alexa smart door lock that is smaller than the previous August smart lock, it comes with many convenient features. The first one is that it has built-in WiFi, controls your door with your voice, and three-voice assistants Siri, google assistant, and Alexa will allow you to lock and unlock the door by simply using your voice. It can work with your existing deadbolt by attaching them to the inside of your door. The other one is auto unlock which will automatically unlock the door remotely through WiFi, only requiring a 2.5GHz network. To lock or unlock the door, you can choose biometric Verification to use your smartphone’s fingerprint or facial recognition.

For setup, just enter your WiFi information in the August app.

Furthermore, you can also disable the auto-lock feature and enable it again later depending on the situation. It’s quite easy to select from the various unlock options within the app, notifications, and other settings. Finally, the lock settings also let you customize its direction.


1 August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock requires WiFi.

2 The built-in sensor works very effectively.

3 Alexa smart lock offers various lock and unlocks settings.

4 The installation is easy.

August Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

best smart locks

A remote lock feature that outcasts all others and is rated as among the best smart locks that work with Alexa.

August Smart Lock Wi-Fi enabled is one of the best smart locks for the home that fits with your existing deadbolt to the inside of your door. It is nicely designed with built-in Wi-Fi and excellent technical support. The best smart lock has various great control and security features. Efficiently tracks the keypad users and has an audible alert to let you know when the lock fails to engage. The Wi-Fi door lock connects to the Internet to customize guest access and add codes remotely.

It is fully compatible with Airbnb which lets you rent out properties for cash. Moreover, you can give unique access codes to your friend or housekeeper to unlock the door. Also, It can enable the auto-lock function (hands-free) as it relocks after a fixed time when someone closes the door. Lastly, it is compatible with Alexa, home automation, Google, Samsung SmartThings, and Philips Hue. It is only compatible with IOS.


1 August smart Lock wi-fi enabled comes with a keypad lock and biometric lock.

2 It has an auto-lock feature.

3 It has excellent technical support.


1 It does not feature any tamper alarm or siren.

Everyday advancements in technology, it is making our life much easier than before. These technologies are setting up modern trends. All of these best smart locks for home, as well as some of the above smart locks that work with ring, have superlative security, automation, and compatibility. It’s not just a trend but safety for your family. It might cost you more than a traditional lock, but for all these impressive features and convenience, your money will pay you off well.

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