The Best LG V10 Cases and Covers

So You are looking for one of the best LG V10 cases and covers to protect your cool phone! You are at right place. We will be reviewing some best cases available for LG V10 in the market.

Whenever we buy some high-priced, high-end latest Smartphone, our first thought is to protect it from wear and tear. Surely, no one wants an expensive device to face scratches and broken vague screen. But, hiding your Smartphone within a cover is also not healthy for a show-off. Right? In such cases, we need covers which are durable as well as pleasant looking for the eyes. You need a perfect case that looks refreshing to your eyes. Same is the case with your very own camera king LG V10. The device is sleek, smart and adorable for the mainstream looking design lovers. The camera quality of the new mobile is pitched perfectly.

BEST LG V10 Cases

For the convenience of the owners, we have made a list of the best cases for LG V10. The list has been made while keeping in mind the durability, functioning, impact and scratch protection. Read and choose the case which fits your demand criteria.

Also, let us know which cover intrigued you the most. Till then, happy reading!

Ringke Fusion Case For LG V10

This case is a complete transparent beauty. All those who are very possessive with showing off their Smartphone, there is no need to look for any other case. This multi-dimensional case apart from protecting will also help you for showing off your LG V10.

BEST LG V10 Cases

The slim, sleek cover is protected by a fine polycarbonate shell on the rear, which coated by a TPU bumper. These materials make sure that your device has a strong grip and it doesn’t fall often. Also, there is a DIY template for all the design loving enthusiasts, so they can customize their cover. Ringke Fusion Case also has an HD screen protector.


Caseformer Armor Ultra Slim Cases for LG V10

This cover is a hard looking, rugged and stern hybrid cover for your LG V10. The cover has an appearance very similar to the Slim Armor (which is next in our list). But, the exterior design of this new case is really Armor looking.

BEST LG V10 Cases

For an easy hold and a firm grip, the cover has been manufactured by textured polycarbonate layers and TPU. There is an additional kickstand built right into the back shell of the device. It gives the case a firm touch. The case is available in five different hues; including deep gray. Only, the setback of this cover is its hard and stern look, which gives your device a bulky touch. Not many people prefer such cases.

Encased Ultra Thin Hybrid Tough Shell LG V10 Case

Another best case for the LG V10 is the Ultra thin Hybrid tough Shel case by Encased. With its Slim design, the Encased case for LG V10 provides dirt and smudge resistance. With its non-slip finish and raised-lip screen protection, the case is very best suited for your needs. Because of its slim design, it does not add any extra bulk to your phone despite providing superior protection against the drops.

Encased Ultra Thin Hybrid Tough Shell LG V10 Case

Spigen Slim Armor LG V10 Cases

The Slim Armor has a protective, durable and double-layered design. The positive of this case is that, instead of bulky materials, the cover doesn’t look overdid at all. For the landscape view, there is also a weird looking kickstand on the back.

The hottest cases available for LG V10!

The case cover is much similar to the Armor case mentioned above. The only area where both contradict each other is that this case is a slim one. The inner layers are TPU built along with 4 corners powered by Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology. This technology protects the device from high impacts or hard falls.

Like many other cases, there is a fine looking polycarbonate shell at the top. There is enough space for all your camera features. But, in some cases, you would have to setup your fingerprint scanner again.


OtterBox Defender Series Cases for LG V10

The OtterBox Defender series Case, as the name suggests, defends the mobile for all those users who have no conscience to use their mobile properly. The case covers all the features that are needed to protect the device properly.

The hottest cases available for LG V10!

There is an inner polycarbonate shell, internal foam padding, synthetic rubber slipcover, and a durable swivel holster to snap it all into at your side. To protect the screen from scratches, there is an integrated screen protector with silicone port plugs. This cover is either a hit or a flop. If you love it, you love it otherwise this cover isn’t meant for you.


Obliq Bumper Case for LG V10

The hottest cases available for LG V10!

Obliq keeps the design simple with simple covering and protective design. There is a simple shock absorbent TPU design. Apart from providing you access to all the mobile features, there is a nice pattern which is grid-shaped texture on the rear. The case protects the device from scuffs and scratches. Unlike other cases, there is no extra protection layer which makes the cover look quite slim and sleek.


Ballistic LG V10 Tough Jacket Case

The most special case of this feature is that it can protect your device from any sort of heavy drop. The owners claim that the case has been designed in such a way that it can also face a hazardous drop of 6-feet and your LG V10 won’t even budge.

The hottest cases available for LG V10!

There are raised lips structures and reinforced corners to protect the device from falls. There is a strong disclaimer along with this cover. Unfortunately, no matter how strong the device is you cannot use your fingerprint scanner while it is on. This is because the case protects the phone buttons on the back.


Spigen Rugged Armor LG V10 Cases

This is the second case from Spigen in the list of cases for LG V10. The case is cheap yet tough and protective at the same time. This is the best option for people who use device carelessly and wants to protect it at the same time.

The hottest cases available for LG V10!

Spigen Rugged Armor Case is made from a TPU shell, composed of the single layer. There is an additional textured surface for a strong and hard grip. The fingerprint scanner is also accessible when the cover is on.


Incipio DualPro LG V10 Cover Cases

The hottest cases available for LG V10!

The case has a dual layer protection which guarantees durability. There is an additional polycarbonate frame and an inner layer which is shock-absorbent. There is also soft-touch finesse to the case, which really makes this cover compelling. The case comes in four different hues including; black, red, gray, and pink.


Obliq Flex Pro ShockProof LG V10 Cases

The hottest cases available for LG V10!

This case is no different from all the other cases available for LG V10. Like all the other cases, it is durable and not very thick too. The case is good for protection against scratches, dents and has a hard and easy to grip case. The hard and durable grip makes it less hard to drop the phone by any chances.


Incipio Octane Cases for LG V10


Incipio Octane Cases for LG V10

The Octane is the second cover for LG V10 from Incipio. The rear of the case is made of polycarbonate. A soft, fluffy bumper is also infused in it. The back of the cover is translucent which will show the natural color of the device along with the shady sunlight entrance which will give the cover a beautiful colorful look.


Spigen Thin Fit LG V10 Cases

This is the most unique yet slim case for LG V10. Spigen has been quite active in manufacturing cases for LG V10. Don’t you think?

The hottest cases available for LG V10!

The case is sufficiently thick to cover the extending phone camera. All the accessories fit perfectly onto the V10. The cover can easily protect the device from light damage but not from the heavy disasters. There are other cases on the list to do so. The mobile along with case can easily fit into your wallet.


Spigen Ultra Hybrid transparent case

From the list of LG V10 cases by Spigen, comes another unique case. There are very few transparent cases available for V10 for now; Ultra Hybrid is one of them.

The hottest cases available for LG V10!

The plus point of the cover is that it is thicker than all the other transparent cases. There are pointed, reinforced corners for all the accessories which will protect the device from accidental bumps and light drops.


Spigen Liquid Crystal Transparent LG V10 Cases

The hottest cases available for LG V10!

Spigen, no doubt, dominates our list. This case is yet another transparent case by the company. Made up from light, thin TPU material the cover is enough protective. The cover can resist the light damage but not hard accidental drops.


Case-Mate Folio Covers for LG V10

Last but not the lease, this flip cover is the most amazing and a must recommended case for all the style and fashion lovers. The case is made from shiny and pure leather. It includes several pockets on both sides for storing cards and other accessories. The only setback is its price.

The hottest cases available for LG V10!


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