Best smartwatch under 200 for 2023

Best smartwatch under 200 for 2023

Introducing Galaxy Watch 5

The fast-changing pace of consumer electronics has begun its shifting focus from smartphones to smartwatches. Apple and Samsung have launched their respective watches with strict competition going on. The Samsung Galaxy watch is the best smartwatch under 200.

This time Samsung has taken the lead over its competitors in the smartwatch market and has launched the Galaxy Watch 4 & 5. Many people ask questions about whether the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is waterproof or not. we have reviewed Samsung Galaxy Watches 4 & 5 hidden features.

Some frequently ask Question

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 waterproof?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is waterproof with an IPX8 rating. It can resist underwater up to 5 feet for 30 minutes. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters according to ISO standards. However, it is not meant for Scuba diving. You need to dry the watch after use in seawater or wash it with fresh water.

Which smartwatch is the best and most affordable?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the best affordable smartwatch under $200 with enhanced GPS tracking, Heart rate tracking, BMI, sleep tracking, and fast battery charging.

Which is a reliable smartwatch?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is a reliable and best smartwatch under $200.

What is the best and cheapest smartwatch for Android?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 are the best cheap smartwatches for Android.

Can you answer the Ring doorbell with a Samsung Galaxy watch

As the Galaxy Watch has an app store, from where you can easily install Ring App. Through the Ring App, you can stay connected with your Ring alarm system and Ring video doorbell.

Can Galaxy Watch 5 make calls?

Will the best Android smartwatch under $200 become a good alternative for smartphones or not, it will be decided sooner but certainly taking calls, sending audio messages, fitness tracking, and performing other various tasks from your wrist without touching your phone is an exciting idea. The Samsung Galaxy watch 4 & 5 is successfully following this idea of making calls along with workout tracking.

You can handle calls, and send and receive messages on your best Android smartwatch under 200 and it lets you send or receive emails, and other social activities are also supported.

The Samsung Galaxy watch box contains:
• Quick start guidebook
• Wireless Charger
• replaceable watchband

Best smartwatch under 200

best smartwatch under 200
  • Samsung Galaxy comes with a version of Wear OS 3. It has a built-in speaker and microphone and can give you up to 40 hours of battery backup.
  • The Samsung Galaxy does not require a SIM Card or any other data connection. Instead, it is connected to your phone over Bluetooth, so you do not need to watch your phone every time it rings.
  • The best smartwatch, Galaxy Watch 4 ($169) under 200 is compatible with Android 6 and the $259 Galaxy Watch 5 is compatible with Android 8.0 and RAM 1.5 GB or higher but it doesn’t support iPhone yet. But Samsung has promised to upgrade its watch to be compatible with these smart devices.


best smartwatch under 200

The Galaxy Watch 4 comes with a strong rubber strap and has a speaker and mic buttons on one side. The finely brushed metallic device comes in black and silver and looks attractive in design.

The only button on the outside is a multi-functional button. It power-ups the display and double-taps it making the watch 4 perform additional but limited tasks, which you decide yourself, including the S Voice feature.

The best smartwatch under $200, the Samsung S Voice feature helps you control the different functions by speaking to the watch and you have to make the settings in your Note 3 before you use it on your watch.
The Galaxy Watch 4 has a touch display and one can navigate it like other smart devices.

It has a 1.6-inch Super AMOLED capacitive display with 396 x 396-pixel sharp resolution, which makes the small text readability easier and lets you enjoy photos you took with the camera in the strap.

Samsung watch designs are very stylish and graceful for women who would like to wear smartwatches with grace.

Interface Of best smartwatch under 200

One of the Samsung Watch Features is that you do not need to wake your Galaxy watch with a double tap on the screen, instead raising your watch to your eye level wakes the watch and you can start using it.
It has a 1.2GHz processor which helps find apps and perform other tasks very smartly without much delay. However, if you swipe through the app icons quickly, it can be very time-consuming and take longer to launch the desired app.

Calling and Messaging

best smartwatch under 200

The Samsung watch features accessibility to your phone calls, text messages, or listening to music while staying away from a phone with LTE connectivity

In all this process of making and receiving calls and sending and getting messages, you must maintain a connection between your phone and your watch through Bluetooth else you are going to miss some important calls.

Calling and messaging features are almost the same as in any other smart device. When a call comes in, it will be displayed with the options to accept or reject the call.

If the caller was in your contacts list, his/her details will be shown as well like Name and image. Similarly, messages are displayed with an icon and name and you can tap on them to read them or read them later in the notification section.

Furthermore, if your hand is full then, you can just simply move your hand up & down twice to accept the call.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch apps for Wear OS

best smartwatch under 200

Galaxy Watch 4 & 5 Google Assistant

Feel the magnificence of using Google’s unique services and apps on your Galaxy Watch 4 & 5 alongside the assistance of Bixby or Google Assistant. Pay for groceries or find your way to the hospital or mall.

Galaxy Watch 4 & 5 Google Pay

Many people across the world now prefer to use online payment apps instead of physical cards or cash and Google Pay is one of them. It is now available on the Galaxy Watch on the wearable OS app.

Ring app on my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 & 5

As the Galaxy Watch has an app store, from where you can easily install Ring App. Through the Ring App, you can stay connected with your Ring alarm system and Ring video doorbell.

Youtube & Whatsapp

Chatting with people and watching videos are quite the norm today. With YouTube & WhatsApp leading the way. The best smartwatch under $200, the Galaxy 4 supports both YT Music and Whatsapp messages/notifications. You can answer WhatsApp messages by using Quick speech (built-in small phrases used in day-to-day life) or by the Voice-to-text feature.

fitness watch with spotify

Nowadays, music is quite an integral part of most of our lives. Whether during exercise, for motivation, or just for fun, listening to music is the hobby of many out there.

The Galaxy Watch accomplishes just that, by allowing you to install Spotify for your watch and download your favorite song or playlists. The best about this is that you don’t your mobile for even a single step.

Now you can also read messages from your WhatsApp, Instagram DMs, and Facebook. You can answer native messages by either using the Voice-to-text feature or the Quick messages that appear at the bottom of your watch screen. A handy feature, isn’t it?


Try to avoid extra workouts, sudden temperature changes, and high-speed activities

Advanced GPS features

Galaxy Watch 5 Fitness tracker

Samsung watch is the best Health fitness monitor for both men and women to keep them fit and smart. It can track the following

  • Body composition (BIA)
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • SpO2 oxygen monitoring
  • ECG tracker
  • Advanced Sleep Monitor
  • Track workouts like running, cycling, swimming, and much more
best smartwatch under 200

Body Composition

One of the Hidden specs of the Galaxy watch 4 is its new feature, the watch is extremely true to results, helping you to find out body composition. All you need to do is to place 2 of your fingers on the side button of your watch and then wait for 15 seconds, allowing it to calculate the data and then it displays your body composition (Weight, Muscle, Skeletal Muscle, Fat in-lbs, BMI, etc.).

As far as accuracy matters, the results are quite on par with professional ones from hospitals or gyms, with the difference that you don’t need to pay for them each time.

best smartwatch under 200

Battery and Other Accessories

The battery of the watch is not very long-lasting and charging it is more complicated. If you want to set your Galaxy Watch 4 you should have its wireless charger with you as well.

Galaxy Watch 4 & 5 come with a wireless charger to charge your watch. With heavy use, the battery lasts not more than a day so take your watch’s wireless charger with you always if you are going away from your home.
Samsung watch 4 has a 247mAh battery and gives around 25 hours of use when used fairly while Samsung watches 5 has a battery life of 410mAh. Comparing this backup time with the smartphone’s battery backup time can make you happy but the idea of charging your watch every night with a separate wireless charger is not exciting and you will take time to become used to it.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 charger

Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with a 25w USB C power adapter (sold separately)

The best Android smartwatch under 200

Galaxy Watch’s price is much lower as compared to its features, With this price, Galaxy watches 4 & 5 are only compatible with other Android devices as we discussed earlier, which makes it a rather good deal.
When thinking about the idea of a Samsung watch, today men and women have at least Email and social activity features enabled along with Calls and messages.

One of the Samsung Watch Features is that you can use WhatsApp, YouTube, and other apps on your smartwatch then you can leave your smartphone in your pocket for a long time. Due to more apps available to use with the Galaxy Watch 4, its usefulness is unlimited and has become an important tool in daily life.

With a Medium price tag, unlimited features, and more compatible devices, the Samsung is the best Android smartwatch under 200 for both men and women is a super exciting entrance into the market of wearable devices. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.