Broken iPad? Looking For iPad repair solutions?

Broken iPad? Looking For iPad repair solutions?

iPads are great for everything imaginable. Whether be it internet surfing, web browsing, game playing or taking selfies etc, iPads have no rival to compare with. iPad is a best choice for all your gadget securities, but you are not always secure for iPad.

One hard elbow or just one hard fall and your iPad will change to another physical form. No matter how careful you are with your device, sooner or later there is going to be a moment that is going to destroy your favorite glass wonder. If you think, we are being pessimistic here you are completely wrong! iPads are the most delicate creature of this planet. Oh, Sorry “Gadgets”. The problem is that you have broken your iPad accidentally and now you want it repaired.

ILooking For iPad repair solutions? Read below

The answer is very simple. You can opt for Apple to repair your iPad, but it will cost you more than you buy the iPad for, that is equal to $200-$300 dollars. It is better to get a new iPad with this amount, rather than spending it on repairing the screen or any other issue. There are plenty of third-party services available which will fix the iPad for you. But there is one another solution too, Fix it for yourself. No, we are not joking. Seriously, you can fix it too! Before you hurt my sentiments more, let’s take a look at how you can repair the iPad screen through simple DIYs.

Replace Your iPad Screen!

If something has happened with your digitizer, LCD panel or screen there is a one method only through which this problem will be solved. That is to change the whole display itself. To those who don’t know about digitizer, it is that little wondrous miracle which converts your taps into application of gestures followed by iPad. In simple words, it explains your commands to be followed.

To replace the broken iPad screen you need a new replacement screen which will also have a digitizer attached to it. In case, your digitizer is fine and there is just a simple crack on iPad than you can also opt for the digitizer-less screen. As for the LCD panel, it is situated right below the front glass and it will be replaced too.

Buy A Kit Online!

In order to start the replacement, first of all, you will need to buy an online kit for all the equipments ranging between $50 and $100. Also, when buying a replacement kit you can also change the color of your iPad if you were unlucky to get you desired color at the first chance. Well, luck you have now!

You can change from black to white and vice versa by selecting the screen for your specific iPad model on your desired color. The best replacement kits can be bought online from Amazon for economical prices. Keep in mind that most of the kits or screens do not come with any kinds of instructions regarding repair. In such cases, you will have to jump to YouTube for expertise. And easiest option is to step into Mobile Siri world and have your problems solved.

Get Started

Looking For iPad repair solutions? Read below

Once you have gathered all the necessary elements for the iPad repair, you need to read instructions and guides first to understand at what extent you are going to shred your iPad’s parts.

Also, keep in mind that you do not want to disturb the unnecessary cables which are not involved in the iPad screen repair area. Use tools less destructive to prevent any accidental wire-cuts. In case any such thing happens, you will have to buy the cables and all such parts again and will have to repair them. The slower you are, the better you are working should be the slogan of the iPad repair.

Moreover, after repair no one can have the guarantee that the digitizer is going to work perfectly or the way it used to. Because the taping system is used to giving you fits of no functionality if the parts used are cheap. I think that’s enough, you have listened to all pros and cons of this repair. Now we need to get started with the procedure.

Process Of Repair

Looking For iPad repair solutions? Read below

  • Place the iOpener in the microwave and heat it for about 30 seconds. No more, no less. Throughout the procedure, you have to continue reheating the iOpener as soon as it cools. Do not touch the iOpener if there occurs any malfunction, allow it to cool.
  • Do not tap the glass while repair. Lay down the strips of clear packing tape over the display until it is hidden properly. Wear glasses to protect your eyes and handle the iPad carefully and refrain from breaking the LED screen.
  • Put the iOpener on the right curve of the iPad, totally flat. Let it sit on the iPad for 90 seconds completely. Align it with the mute button. Insert a plastic opening tool into the gap between front glass and plastic bezel. Insert the tip only to expand the gap. Make sure the tool is placed correctly.
  • While keeping the tip of the tool between plastic bezel and front glass, slide between a plastic right next to plastic opening tool.
  • Remove the plastic tool. Push the opening pick deeper into the glass with a depth of ~0.5 inches.
  • Reheat the iOpener while working on the right side adhesives. Replace them on the bottom of the iPad. Slide the opening pick, it will release the adhesive.
  • Now, before removing the first opening pick from the bottom insert another one under the right side of the front glass. Re-heat the iOpener and move it to the top edge of your device.
  • PROCEED WITH CAUTION NOW. Release the adhesive while protecting all the inner parts. Secure the antenna carefully. Slide the opening pick to right side of the bottom corner, releasing the adhesive completely.
  • Remove the pick from under the front glass, so that ~1/8″ of the tip is still under the front glass. Slide the tip of the opening pick along the bottom edge releasing the adhesive over the Wi-Fi antenna.
  • Re-insert the opening pick to its full depth approximately 3″ inch away from the right edge. Continue releasing the adhesive along the bottom. Pull the opening pick to go around the home button, and re-insert it once the pick is past the home button.
  • Continue releasing the adhesive. Leave the opening pick between the front glasses near the home button.
  • Now slide open the pick along the top edge of your iPad. Pull it slightly to face the selfie camera. Work carefully and slowly. Slide the opening pick around the left corner and release the adhesive at the top edge.
  • Stop sliding when you reach ~2.25″ from the bottom of the iPad. The digitizer cable is situated there. Release the adhesive on the bottom left. Pry up the bottom right corner of your device. Rotate the front glass away from your iPad now. Be careful of the adhesive if it is still attached.
  • Access the front panel cables beneath the LCD. Lift the LCD to the volume buttons and gently flip it out of the back case.
  • Use plastic opening to flip the flaps of the digitizer ribbon cable ZIF sockets. Use the edge of a plastic opening tool to peel the digitizer cable. Pull the digitizer ribbon cable out of its sockets on the logic board.
  • Move the LCD to make room for the front panel assembly. Lift the LCD from its long edge farthest from the digitizer cable. Set the LCD back into the body.
  • Release the adhesive to the left side of the home button, to pry it open. Lift the home button off of the front panel. Remove the home button with mounting bracket from the front panel.
  • With the help of spudger, push the camera off the front panel. It will move about 2mm either to left or right. If you are replacing your panel with a new one, be aware that the new panel may have a protective film on the outside and/or inside of the frame. This needs to be removed.

This is all. After removing the panel, fix the new one by following the process inversely. Keep in mind that the cables should not be disturbed and the adhesive should not melt to any other part of your device. iPad repair would be successful when you follow these steppes carefully and do not burn your device by overheating too.

Battery Replacement

Looking For iPad repair solutions? Read below

If your iPad is not charging properly or it no longer holds charge for a great period of time. You need to send it to Apple for replacement. The company will charge around US$99 for servicing plus US$6.95 for shipping the rectified version.

The company can also send you the new iPad instead of the old one if they wish so. In such case, before sending the iPad to repair backup all your important data to any other device or your PC. If you are thinking of protecting yourself from all the expenses and doing iPad repair by yourself keep in mind that it is no common man’s task. There are tons of tiny wires, cables and other parts which can be damages seriously.

Changing the battery is very tough and only professionals could do that. Also, replacing the battery all by yourself violates the warranty by Apple so in case you have done it wrong forget about repairing your device by official channels. Adios your iPad for its lifetime. It is better to get it done from the proper channel.

These are the main problems which persists in iPads nowadays. DIY properly or contact the Apple for official guidance and assistance but please do not destroy your device. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.