Bumper Cases For Samsung Galaxy S6

Bumper Cases For Samsung Galaxy S6

Bumper Cases For Samsung Galaxy S6

When you are buying an expensive phone like Samsung Galaxy S6, it is wise to have some protection for it. You really need a screen protector to save your screen; so that your touch sensitivity may last longer. You also need a case to cover it back. That’s why we are going to review some of the best  bumper cases for Galaxy S6. 

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a smart,sleek device and there are Bumper cases that are designed to protect the phone from accidental drops. Around the edges of bumper cases there are shock absorbent layers which protect the edges of the device.

Who doesn’t want a beautiful cover for the beautiful smartphone?. So hell yes!! you really want to use the bumper cases for your expensive and very stylish Samsung Galaxy S6.

There are very few well-known bumper cases known for Samsung Galaxy S6. As there is not much of a trend with this stuff nowadays, but there are about 9 bumper cases that we have discussed below;

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Amzer Border Bumper Cases For Samsung Galaxy S6

It is available in various colors. Users can find the appropriate color for themselves. The positive point of the case is that it is not much expensive. Well this bumper case for Samsung Galaxy S6 is made up of double layer of poly-carbonate combine with glossy finishes and matte. The colors available are red, yellow, blue, white and pink. 

Olixar FlexiFrame Bumper Cases For Samsung Galaxy S6


It is for normal people who prefer simplicity! This bumper case is not fancy and it cost around $12.04. Hence, we can say it is budget friendly. Thus, it provides you with the safety of Samsung Galaxy S6 in low cost. For protection it has 2 millimeter raised lips on its back side and front side w is made up of flexible material.

X-Doria Defence Gear Cases For Samsung Galaxy S6

X-Doria-Defense-GearX-Doria is a bumper case from the company, Defense Gear.  The metal body is anodized, improved by shock absorbents that are at the corner. There is also a very soft rubber inner liner. If you drop the Samsung Galaxy S6 wearing this Bumper case from 2 meters nothing would happen to it, not even a scratch . The colors available are Dark blue, Silver and Gold, whilst the price is $40.

Baseus Ultra – thin Aluminium Bumper for Galaxy S6


The price of this Bumper case is $13. It is available in Silver, Gold and Black. This bumper is made up of metal body which is very cheap. The metal is Aluminium! *WINK*

Verus Iron Galaxy S6 Bumper Cases


Well the name doesn’t depict anything for this S6 case. Unlike its name,  the case is made up of anodized aluminium, which is light and strong alloy. Not surprisingly, it is good looking and stylish. The top of TPU bumper-ed layer is a metal frame so it can absorb high impact and avoid signal interference.  The colors available are Gold, Titanium Silver, Satin Silver, Black+Titanium silver.

Rhino-shield Crash Guard Galaxy S6 Bumper cases


Well, there is a whole video on their page to show the durability of this Bumper case on Samsung Galaxy S6. It sustained when dropped from a height of 4-meter. It is very tough whilst the weight being a mere 12 gram. It has a reliable grip because of the matte texture design. The price is $25 and colors available are Dark blue and White.

Seidio Tetra Pro


The TPU of this bumper case provides ultimate protection to Samsung Galaxy S6. The Seidio Tetra Pro has a black transparent plate that protects the rear of the Samsung Galaxy S6 rear from scratches. The price is $40 and the available colors are Gold, black and red.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex Cases for Galaxy S6


For protection, this bumper case has 1.2 millimeters lips on both front and back sides. It’s a product from Spigen. No other details on this simple yet alluring beauty have been specified yet.

Zagg orbit Bumper cases for Galaxy S6



It is a case which is made up of durable poly carbonate and soft polyurethane which cost just $20. It is available in various colors like Black, Grey and Red. It is very slim and designed with flash buttons that makes sliding of handset to pocket very smooth.

So, these are worthy cases that are available in the market for now! If you are a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy S6 than one of these would be best for the protection of your sleek and stylish phone.

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