Burkley leather Cases for iPhone SE, iPad Pro and Apple Watch

Burkley leather Cases for iPhone SE, iPad Pro and Apple Watch

Burkley leather is offering cases for Apple iPhone and iPad along with wrist straps for the Apple Watch. Most people don’t like cases as they can end up being bulky and constricting. But even those people would admit that the New York leather company lived up to their premium leather label. The Antique Camel leather design is quite attractive. The Antique Camel Apple Watch bands are a tad similar to the Hermès bands. We will be having a look at Burkley leather cases for iPhone SE, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch straps. You can read about the best leather cases for iPhone 7 as well.

Often people don’t want to hide the premium look and feel of their brilliantly designed Apple device inside a case. But the Burkley leather accessories offer a gorgeous premium design that is perfectly suitable for your premium iPhone or iPad. Although, If you are a fan of black cases, or if you don’t find the brown leather designs appealing, Mujjo leather cases might be the best choice. If you are looking for battery cases, check here.

Unfoutanelty, for now, Mujjo doesn’t offer cases for the iPhone SE. But, the Burkley leather case is a good fit, and it complements the device and maintains the premium look instead of degrading it.

Burkley leather cases for iPhone SE

The Burkley leather cases for iPhone SE has a simple delicate design. It has an extremely thin impact-resistant polycarbonate shell on the inside. The case is covered in beautiful brown leather. The top and the bottom of the iPhone are exposed and so are the buttons.

Burkley leather cases for iPhone 6S side view

The sections were the camera, buttons, and ports are located are properly cut out to provide easy access. Those cutouts also don’t make the case look like it’s hiding the phone away. Only the right-hand side of the smartphone is completely covered by the case. Burkley leather looks beautiful and feels soft and smooth. The case is delicate and lives up to its premium label.

Protection-wise, the case looks like it would do a reasonably good job. The ends are exposed, but the corners aren’t so the device is quite protected inside the case. You would have to be pretty unlucky to drop it in such a way that the smartphone itself hits the ground. The case is priced at a reasonable $27.90 and you really get your money’s worth.

Burkley’s iPad Pro leather cases

Burkley’s iPad leather case has a gorgeous traditional look that resembles Filofax binders. The leather us premium and utterly beautiful. The stitching of the case is also perfect. The logo is embossed and subtle, it doesn’t stand out unattractively. Overall Burkley’s iPad case is a great looking accessory.

Burkley leather cases for iPad Pro
The interior of Burkley leather iPad case is similar to every other case out there. There is a black plastic shell as a great fit for the iPad. The interior also has flaps for folded papers plus four slots for credit cards or business cards. The flap also has some kind of bracing inside the leather to keep it rigid.  It is also lined with soft suede.

The side leaves the iPad protected by the plastic covering, only the volume buttons are exposed. The ends are open, but the iPad is recessed so the rigid leather protects it against drops. The magnetic clasp is strong, and it snaps shut nicely. The flap has slight problems like it lifts a little when you’re using the case as a desk stand. Also, when the case is open, the flap wants to lay over the iPad. The case is priced at $69.90, which seems to be a decent rate for the premium cover.

Burkley’s leather strap for Apple Watch

Then comes the Apple Watch wrist strap. Burkley’s leather strap for Apple Watch doesn’t feel cheap. It gives a perfectly beautiful premium feel and is comfortable to wear. The  Sacco Tan leather is also quite decent but admittedly not as good as the Antique Camel one.

Burkley leather strap for Apple Watch

The strap feels like a decent-quality leather worthy of the Apple Watch. The fluoroelastomer is also incredibly comfortable compared to other Apple Watch straps. The fastening mechanism is also deceptively clever. It is very easy and quick to put on the watch one handed.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with either the comfort or buckle of the Burkley leather band. It feels the way any half-decent leather buckle band feels. The price of the band is $52.90. With Burkley Leather, you get a decent leather strap for slightly more than the Apple Sports one. Moreover, Burkley’s strap is also almost $100 less than the cheapest leather band from Apple.


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