Buy One Get One Galaxy S7 Or S7 Edge Free From T-Mobile

Buy One Get One Galaxy S7 Or S7 Edge Free From T-Mobile

T-Mobile, a well-known name in the mobile retail world, has announced smashing news for all the future Samsung buyers. Those who are interested in getting the new S7 and S7 Edge Duo or those who were 50/50 over the decision would certainly rush to the outlets to get the Smartphones.


T-Mobile has announced that for a limited time being, the carrier will offer a “buy one get one deal” on both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. This certainly is true. The good news is that if you opt for a single S7, you will be able to get the other version for absolutely nothing.

T-Mobile’s competitor, AT&T, also announced a similar deal just recently. The carrier will give customers a bill credit over 30 months to make the phone free. However, T-Mobile has taken the promotion and deal to entirely another level. Read yourself what this cool carrier has to offer;

“Buy One, Get One. Once you’ve picked out and purchased your two new Galaxy S7 for $0 down on EIP—or feel free to mix and match with the Galaxy S7 edge—and add a line, you’ll get the full retail price of the second, lower-priced device back as a prepaid debit card via online rebate. If choose two Galaxy S7 edge, you’ll receive a rebate for the full retail value of that device. And when you buy two, families can get up to two Samsung devices on us.”

The carrier will offer a gift card for the full balance of the phone on it. This offer is similar to all the other offers as a free year of Netflix and a free Gear VR headset. So if you were waiting to get your hands on the Smartphones or were puzzled if you wanted to get the devices or not, this is the best time to make a final decision.

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