Android and CyanogenMod, Differences and features

Google keeps bringing continuous updates in its Android Open Source Project (AOSP) or the vanilla Android OS. Being an Open source project, updates in the vanilla Android OS are released to the public short after their launch. Therefore its source code is then available to anyone who wants to download, improve or modify it.

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From here the job of CyanogenMod community starts. The community of mostly unpaid volunteers and Android enthusiasts from different corners of the globe join up and take this updated Android code and modify it with their best vision for many new and the older devices.

In the custom version that is modified by the CyanogenMod community, many new things are added and many things are altered that give you a complete new experiment of Android. In the CyanogenMod new features, bug fixes and improvements are added which are not included in the base code released by Google. Also the CyanogenMod developers have an infrastructure which facilitate test experimental versions and reporting bugs which are continuously updated in the source code.


What you have from the CyanogenMod laboratory is actually a different and unique experience of what started as vanilla Android OS. There are also many others who modify the vanilla source code with their own vision. But CyanogenMod offers more attractive changes and also a stable custom build of Android.

The differences you will find on the CyanogenMod includes performance enhancement through add blocking and CPU over clocking. It also don’t includes bloatware, which are mostly useless apps, included by the company by default. The security provided in the CyanogenMod is more improved than the usual Android. Along with these few it also offers a great theme experience. It supports theme engine that offers a large variety of themes which are not present on stock Android.


Main Features of CyanogenMod

There are many reasons that you may like to switch from the original Android to CyanogenMod custom ROM. The CyanogenMod community adds up many features in the stock Android like its security, lightness, no bloatware and extreme customization. Apart from this there are some key features offered by CyanogenMod which we are listing here in brief.

Up to date

CyanogenMod provides up to date versions that are bug free and improved with latest android updates. You can update you CyanogenMod with latest version when it releases or by your own schedule.

Privacy and app permissions

CyanogenMod provides you more control on your privacy and application permissions.

Global Blacklist

CyanogenMod offers the Global Blacklist features which enable users to block unwanted and annoying calls and messages by either complete blocking or just ignoring the alerts for a while.


Quick Setting Ribbon

You can have more easy access to your apps and features with CyanogenMod. It allows to embed quick toggles in your notification drawer for any of you useful apps. You can also customize the layout of your quick settings.

CyanogenMod Theme engine

Amazing themes are perhaps one of the most impressive thing offered by CyanogenMod. Using its integrated theme engine the entire look and feel of your OS can be changed. There are endless possibilities of styling on CyanogenMod. You can read more about the best CyanogenMod themes and free CyangogenMod themes in more details.

Status bar Behavior

Like the quick setting you can also customize the status bar and add new behaviors. For instance, you can set an alarm by just taping the time and access your calendar by taping the date.

Display and Lights

Unlike the normal Android ROMs where you have limited access to many features here you can control anything. For instance, you can Control brightness, wallpapers, rotation, notification lights and remote displays according to you choice.


The Lockscreen can be more customized to increase you productivity. CyanogenMod enables you to access your apps directly from Lockscreen and also many useful information are displayed at first look.

These were some of the many important features of CyanogenMod. If you are convince to install CyanogenMod on your Android device, we have made some quick tutorials on How to install CyanogenMod on your Android device. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.