Easy Tricks and Tips for Samsung Gear VR

Easy Tricks and Tips for Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR
Samsung Gear VR

Samsung and Oculus have launched their own versions of the Samsung Gear VR headset. Most of us have been using them for over a year now. The VR headset is liked and trusted by many. Obviously, the headset with Virtual Reality functioning will no matter what, look cool!

For those who are new, the headset is not an easy shot as it looks to daily users. They need to understand the never-ending possibilities stemming from this remarkable technology. This is why, we have explained below some enjoyable hacks, tips, and tricks for the newbie.


Samsung, when introduced its Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, acquainted some very novel features. Likewise, the new Edition also solved the many problems which we were facing. But, there is an issue that seems that it would never be solved and Samsung would be dumb-eyed to it.

Samsung Gear VR

The lens fog is what has us all irritated from time to time. No matter how many editions come, the manufacturers will never solve this problem. Those who think that the fog mysteriously comes and go, the actual reason is that it is caused by the disparity between lenses and the phone caused by temperature. The fogs go away because the gap gets smaller and smaller with the passage of time; while you are playing.

However, you should be prudent about this problem from the beginning. There are a number of products available in the market now, which will prevent the fog. Jaws Quick Spit is one of the best. It is the cheapest solution available in the market for now. The Spray can be used around 200 times.

Spray the solution on your finger, rub on each lens, clear the mist, and then dive into the delightful world of Virtual Reality.


Another enjoyable little trick is exclusive for Gear users. Samsung Gear VR is not as powerful as the Oculus, which is PC based. But, the main advantage of the Gear is that it is completely wireless. So, why not reap all the benefits of it?

Samsung Gear VR

You can sit on a chair, tool, comfy bed, spinning chair, or whatever you prefer. This way you can have your own real feel apart from the VR you are playing with. If you don’t want to use the chair or spinning chair, then you can simply opt to stand.

If you don’t wish to use the revolving chair or you don’t want to stand, then choose the sole-directional game. The best games for such players are Gunjack and Herobound.


The new Consumer Version of the VR headset gives you a lot of benefits. The users who had the 2014 Edition of the Gear VR, would remember the overheating issue they had to face. But, this problem is pretty much inexistent in the new Gear.

Easy Tricks and Tips for Samsung Gear VR

As per conducted by various tests, the headset only faces such an issue when apps are queued up for download and you played something along with it too. The content which is loaded in your headset is sometimes very heavy. So, the problem of overheating is not a problem. As for the little remedy, first download the content on your phone app of Oculus Store.


This tip is not so much of a tip. Everyone knows that you can’t trust Samsung’s built-in touchpad for a gaming experience. Nonetheless, the touchpad is compatible with the Gear VR, but its functioning is somewhat limited to that extent.

Samsung Gear VR

Some of the powerful games have a dire need for a gamepad. While most of the games will function with a touchpad, you should have a gamepad for a more alluring experience. The cheapest and best choice for the gamepad here is Mega Hero Power, which will just set you back $28.


Okay, let me tell you a scenario. You get free from your tiring day at college; prepared your favorite coffee, get all comfy on the couch, and slid the Galaxy phone into your headset. You plugged your headphones, the gamepad is on the shot, and the headset is strapped…… Here’s the problem. There are a million particles of dirt sitting right there in front of your eye, teasing your perfect snuggly atmosphere.

Samsung Gear VR

While this scenario might be an image of my over-productive mind; this situation is not a bogus one. We often forget to clean our devices and such things, when they require attention. Keep an air canister with you or some type of the same source, blow lenses,, and phone screen. This way you won’t face any distractions while playing.


This is a simple suggestion rather than some imposing tip. The view you get from the large Galaxy Phones is nice and subtle. The devices like Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 which have 5.7-inch screens are slightly better than the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Samsung Gear VR

But, the point here is that you need a phone which you use in your daily life. We are not at all suggesting you buy a bigger device for just VR’s sake. But, if you have a VR headset and you are willing to change your current Galaxy phone, then read the above Para again and read our little biased view.(Hint: The tip says the bigger Galaxy is much more striking)


Virtual reality is all about being Virtual. The Visual experience you get is something really mesmerizing. But, audio also plays a significant part too. It has its own value. The Samsung Gear VR can conveniently transfer audio through your mobile’s speakers. But, the problem is that it won’t be worth much.

Samsung Gear VR

The phone earbuds are a good option. But, the additional pair of quality cans is better. They will take the audio level to the up and you’ll really be in a complete VR world.


The VR experience; no matter how undemanding it seems has some setbacks too. Some people are vulnerable to motion sickness. Similarly, some of the content will make you more nauseating than others. Some people are more sensitive than others to motion sickness in VR, and some content is more likely to make you feel queasy than others.

Samsung Gear VR

The beneficial part, here, for such people, is that the Oculus App Store has ratings in different forms. The users will rate the app as per their experience with that particular app. The options are; “comfortable for most,” “comfortable for some” or “comfortable for few.” You can rate your reaction and can view other people’s ratings before installing an app. This way sensitive people will get cautious before installing an app.


The Gear VR does not use your Smartphone to power your charging or to refresh it. Whenever you are out of juice, all you have to do is to plug in the headset while playing and keep going on. The Gear VR has built-in capabilities, so forget about all the other problems and Enjoy!

Samsung Gear VR

The headset only works with the Samsung charger. Use a portable charger while playing; for your own convenience.

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