Facing Android Over-heating issues? Here’s how to avoid them

Facing Android Over-heating issues? Here’s how to avoid them

Facing Android Over-heating issues? Here's how to avoid them

Smartphones and tablets have become our necessities. We all are becoming more and more reliant on technology to proceed with our life. All your important information is available in one place plus all of the information can be accessed from just the little device on your hand.

Our lives revolve around Smartphones. It is good plus bad too. But, if your device is causing you untold problems, than it is completely a nightmare. Most of us use Android phones, as they are available from mid-ranged to heavy prices, so we have a list to choose from. But, sometimes your device starts to heat up without any reason that is when the panic starts to settle in. Let’s not worry now, because we have dug some important issues for you and their solutions that are causing your phone to heat up.

Read carefully, and you will be able to know the camouflaged reasons causing the problem and the remedial measures to solve them. The article concentrates primarily on Android devices but the cognition can well be applied to any cell phone.


Facing Android Over-heating issues? Here's how to avoid them

There are many various reasons which cause your device to over-heat. Hysteria might overcome you when your device starts to burn your hands, because, well you spent a fortune on it.

Sometimes, there are natural reasons while other times it’s your own carelessness causing them. Some of the major solutions to overcome the problem are;

Give It A Break!

Have you ever wondered that your cell phone is just a tech device? No matter how much strain and load it can tolerate, there is a point when the device is going to break. Still, you use the phone all day long for internet surfing, chatting, social networking, and other important works etc.

Facing Android Over-heating issues? Here's how to avoid them

As you sleep every night, your device needs a decent night sleep too. I am not kidding at all. We often use our phones carelessly, which in turn, causes the device to overheat. There are no hidden viruses breathing underneath. But, it is simply overused. All you need to do is to relax and shut your device whenever there is no use. During the night time, during meetings, your regular tennis session, college classes or whenever your little tech giant is in no use, shut it off!

Shut-Off Unemployed Functions

One of the most irksome problems of the Android phone is that it has numerous apps running all at once. The constant app use drains the battery frequently and cause over-heating. The proper solution of such problem is that disable all those functions which are not compulsory.

Facing Android Over-heating issues? Here's how to avoid them

Unwanted vibrations, vibrations on touch etc should all be shut down. Live Wallpapers are another reason which secretly causes the over-heating. Also, lock your phone immediately if you are not using it, instead of roaming here and there. Make it sure that the Bluetooth Connectivity and Wi-Fi options are switched shut when not in use. Many people don’t know that, even if your Wi-Fi is connected to you network; it is constantly looking for new network connections. Similarly, the Bluetooth is also finding friends to pair with. The only solution is to turn them off when not in use.

Don’t Carelessly Throw Your Device Everywhere

Most of the people will find this solution bizarre. But, it is one of the panaceas to problems going inside your phone. We, all, are accustomed to same habit of using our Android phone carefully, when it’s new. But, as soon as our device gets to see the light of the day we all become careless and negligent.

Facing Android Over-heating issues? Here's how to avoid them

In our everyday routine, we close our eyes to such things which are obviously causing problems. Can you sit under a scorching sun for a long time? No! Your cell phone can’t, too. Don’t you ever leave your mobile under the Sun for long. Similarly, never leave your cell phone adjacent to any other electronic piece. It tries to extract the power from such source, creating a magnetic field leading to over-heating.

Be alert and aware, and never leave your device in such places for long.

Change Your Cell phone after some time

This solution is not a solution for everyone, indeed. Most of us can’t afford to re-buy a new Android Smartphone after every small span of time. It is decidedly a factor that sometimes the phone is manufactured in such a way, that it is prone to such problems.

Facing Android Over-heating issues? Here's how to avoid them

From time to time, new phones are entering in market with more battery life and sustainability. Moreover, durable battery is one of the factors which prohibit overheating. The newer and newer technology is coming built-in with most advanced OS and battery results. So, one solution is to change your Android Smartphone to a better one from time to time which will never let you disappoint on the overheating front.

Clean Your Smartphone From Time To Time

This cleaning doesn’t refer to dry cleaning or “cleaning, cleaning” sort of function. The dust particles and the air moisture can sometimes infiltrate through the open spaces like, headset fan or battery slot etc. This ultimately causes overheating.

Facing Android Over-heating issues? Here's how to avoid them

If you don’t know how to clean a device, simply take it to you nearest phone service and get it done. Also, nowadays there are mobiles which have built-in battery, in such cases there are various apps and cleaning tools available on the App Store. Using the tools, you cannot only stop overheating, but it also tells you which app is draining the battery or which app is causing the device to overheat.

These were the main solution which can stop the Android device to over-heat. But, you also need to refrain from certain habits and functions responsible for this. Some of the commonly observed are;

  • Take care of your battery. Don’t use it to the last stop or don’t disturb your mobile frequently while it’s charging.
  • Don’t overplay the games.
  • Reduce excessive internet surfing or online browsing.

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