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Apple’s iOS 8 : Why it is the best OS

Best features of Apple’s iOS 8

Apple did almost its best to get on the top cart of smartphone launches in 2014, which experienced a hot chase up among the smartphone makers. iOS 8 was no doubt the giant release when Tim Cook was announcing to the world the iPhone 6, 6 plus, AppleWatch and ApplePay.

This latest mobile operating system update is what so far apple have been trying to put forward with all the set of smartphones, smart watch and the mobile payment system. Thus the new iOS features not only a new looks for the systems, but it is a full package of new features which would make the new iPhone to really look powerful and bigger as it seems by its size.
iOS Features and review
The new iOS can only be downloaded and installed on some of the latest iPhones including iPhone 4S, the iPad 2 and the iPod Touch. While the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have already iOS 8 installed on them.

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Apple released the iOS 8 to the public on September 17, 2014, two days before the launch of its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Before it was launched to the public, five developer beta versions were launched and finally on September 9, a golden master version was released. The current iOS 8 is comes in its 8.0.2 version, the new version was released for the costumers use, on Thursday, September 25, after fixing several bugs.

The new iOS is all an amazing package, without going through out its each and every socialite; some of the interesting and contrasting features of the flagship Operating system of Apple are explore here briefly. There are few insights, for what you can expect when you update your devices.


Easy notifications are one of the specialties of the iOS 8 that lets you do more with the simple double-tap. Like the others it shows all your open apps but with thumbnail images of recent interactions, just tape on a thumbnail to call, message, or email the person. iOS 8 Notifications Screen

Most of the immediate response notifications are also available on the screen with top-ups. So by now instead of open the messaging app, just reply the text on the same screen without switching the app. This feature can also show the notifications from the calendars and the third party applications.


Multimedia Message
In the new iOS your concept of text messages would change. Here the text messages are not just text, it allows users to send audio messages, insert location data and video as part of the conversation. It has a sophisticated group chatting environment. The new messaging platform also allows for sending multiple photos or videos in a chat.


The camera possibilities were increased. It has a new Time-Lapse mode, which captures a series of images and then compiles them into a slideshow with video effect. The exposure can be controlled now with manual controls, and a self-timer mode that can be set for three or 10 seconds. Like it was in iPhone, now Panoramas can be captured with the iPad. In the camera app, the deleted photos can also be recovered. iOS 8 also allows camera apps more control over the shooter with adjusted speed and ISO. The image focus can also be enhanced by manual adjustment.
The photo management software with iOS 8 comes with new features. Now the Photos can be brows by location, date or other tags. It also provides a new Photo managing Appl which will automatically strait the images when they were taken on the iPhone.

The smart editing tools can adjust light and color with its simple and handy tools. Individual tools are made available with individual photos to make them fin-tuned. With the editing the brightness, contrast and highlights along with other key features can be simply adjusted.


Health & Fitness in iOS 8
The most anticipated features of the new iOS 8 is its Health feature, a host of monitoring programs to the company’s mobile devices. This health feature allows users to check the heartbeat and the amount of calories the person burned daily, it will also create a health card to lists important medical information. While there are dozens of different health and fitness apps, the Healthkit will let you combine that info in a centralized place.


Unlike the iOS 7 here it is made possible to delete albums from the music app with a left swipe. This swipe delete also works in Songs and Artists. Also it has an improved feature to add songs to Playlists from already existing Playlists.


Better icloud Settings
Apple has added cloud-based file features in the latest iOS, using this feature the users now have access to the documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images and other files on other devices which can also be edited on go. Though it’s much same as Google’s Drive but still Apple is betting that customers will prefer its native cloud feature to the competitors.


With the new iOS 8 family sharing feature users can designate accounts of family members who can share any app or digital download. You can also share calendars with your family to keep events synced. Similarly photo albums, can be accessed and changes can be made on the albums across the family. This facility allows to monitor and approve any purchase made by kids in the family.
apple ios 8 family sharing


Safari can now show the web page in desktop version rather than the mobile version. It also has the option of private search and the DuckDuckGo can be select as the default search option. On The Shared Links section users can add RSS feed subscriptions. It will now block ads from automatically redirecting to the App Store without user interaction.


Curing the early complaints, apple struggled well to make certain improvements in the new Siri. It now supports better use of hands free that makes it more car-friendly. You can now just say “Hey Siri” to start the assistant. Siri will also work with Shazam, that makes it enable to recognize the song being played and also it allows the purchase of tracks with just a voice command.

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The search option has enhanced with iOS 8 and the upcoming OS X Yosemite system. Searches will now get results from apps, Web pages, news sites and the user’s own mail archive. You can also search the library for songs, it can also show results from iTunes. Spotlight will also search for movies, it can look for theater listings and the online content for streaming.


Instead of looking for Yahoo, Apple is now using weather data from The Weather Channel. It can now display the weather forecast for nine day. The weather app shows weather summary and other basic info.


The location service has developed to show the path of the apps as will the option to access the GPS data. The App Store in iOS 8 uses location to display apps on the lock screen at relevant locations. It has new popup that will notify users of apps that access Location information.


ios 8 Keyboard
It may relax you from looking for third-party key board solutions. In most of the android phones the system key boards are not developed will and the users look for the key boards which offer different typing features. Apple comes to give their user the best. Now Apple has jumped on board, the native keyboard in iOS 8 with its word suggestion makes it easy to take notes it also get the words of any extensive typing done on iPhone or iPad screens.


There are several new Accessibility options, including a new “Grayscale” mode that shifts the entire operating system into shades of black and white. There’s also Improved Zoom option. Grayscale iOS Improved zoom.


The new iOS brought all the Apple devices on a single place. It will sync Apple computers, iPads or iPhones in most of the tasks. Messaging services are synced. Now you can start your email on one device and can pick it up on another. Similarly while using the iPhone you can also answer the call and rely to a SMS messages on another Apple device, be the iPad or the computer.

It can also share the internet connection through hotspot. The feature will allow a Mac laptop to tap into a nearby iPhone to create an instant hot spot that the computer can use to connect. As for Web browsing in Safari, the connectivity feature will allow users to pick up the same Web pages across devices. To use the feature, you must be logged in to Apple’s iCloud.


iOS 8 provides the users with best power saving possibility. With an improved battery one can go through the new iOS. It also included with the function to manage the apps over there battery usage, monitoring the battery drain of specific apps so shut down them are manage others to stop the drainage of a lot of power. As of beta 2, it also displays how much battery is drained when there’s no cellular coverage.
ios 8 update battery life


Though these are few of the hundreds of the features of the new iOS 8, it elaborates that what Apple did is the best it could offer to its new iPhones as will its other smart devices which requires their own developed environment to run. There has also been obstacles that it was failed to work brilliantly on update over the older devices. But still it is not less in its functionalities. Hope many other upgraded versions of Apple iOS 8 with event better features and stay with the best. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.