Galaxy A7, Next Gen. Samsung Galaxy A5 receives its Bluetooth certification

Galaxy A7, Next Gen. Samsung Galaxy A5 receives its Bluetooth certification

Following last week’s reports we came to know about the alleged sequel of the Samsung Galaxy A3 and the Galaxy A5. Though the info came out is not that detailed but still these sequels show some points worth considering. Now we have fresh reports out of the same source with more details about the Galaxy A Series sequels.

The sequels of Galaxy A3 and A5 were first reported by India based Zauba website. Following this development we got some leaked details about the sequels of two Galaxies from another source. This time one was the same Galaxy A3 while the second one was shoed to be the Galaxy A7.

Here we have the Galaxy A5 sequel which is tagged as SM-A510F/DS with details about new features on board. According to the reports the Galaxy A5 sequel now got the Bluetooth certification. This is good and soon we may get some more specification details to fill in the blanks.

Let’s have a brief look into the post shared by the Zauba about the Galaxy A5 Sequel. Considering the details we find the Galaxy A5 sequel carrying 5.2inch display. Yes, those who have observed the original model can judge it.
It is a little larger than the 5inch display of the original Galaxy A5.

Galaxy A7 gets bluetooth certification

Fresh details show the connectivity options on the Galaxy A5 sequel supporting Bluetooth 4.1. These details are good on the charts but still too little. We may look forward for some more details out or any official statement by Samsung.

Following the reports and regularly adding details the devices seems to be real sooner. However Samsung is still busy pushing its older devices to customers. Joining recent reports there will probably be three new devices. These include the SM-A310 as sequel of Galaxy A3 and SM-A710 as the sequel of Galaxy A7.


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