Google Cardboard VR: Compatible phones, Cost & What Exactly Is Google Cardboard ?

Google Cardboard VR: Compatible phones, Cost & What Exactly Is Google Cardboard ?

Virtual Reality was once a dream for all of us. We only used to think about it and cherish those days when we will be using it. Now, those days are here. And we all have the perks of VR. With Google cardboard VR it has become false that not only high-end and expensive tech can be considered as the classic VR technology. While, Facebook bought Oculus for massive $2 billion, Google has taken a safe side with its Google Cardboard VR.

Google Cardboard VR; Opening new doors for VR world

Google used it practical approach. To be honest, a bit more “practical”, practical approach and kept its VR tech simpler than ever. All the company has to do was to give you a simple piece of Cardboard to experience VR. You may not be able to understand how techy this tech is but in real, a simple cardboard box can change the way you experience VR.

Let’s check if Google Cardboard is just a piece of tech or a real simple genius? Find out in some basic questions you would all want to know;

What Exactly Is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard VR has the simplest tech design ever. You can either purchase it or opt to build your own. Yes, you heard it right. You can build your own Cardboard VR too. All you need to have is a simple cardboard box and a duo of 40mm focal distance lenses. Apart from these basic objects, there is a Velcro, rubber band and the use of magnets too. The simplest of the objects will give you an immersive VR experience as the Google Cardboard VR gives.

After putting all the objects together, tuck your phone into it. After adjusting the phone, you have to look through the lenses. This is the most simplest and the VR Google offers you. With the help of Google compatible and adequate VR apps you can forget the real world and dive into the Virtual world, happily.

How Google Cardboard Came Into Being?

Google Cardboard, at first, was not a priority or seemingly not a priority of the company. Google had a policy that the clients would have to daily spend some of the time of their work slot for the duties related to the Cardboard project. It was basically a 20 percent paced project.

However, the simple design and work turned out to be a huge success for Google. At present, dozen other companies are copying the same idea and applying them to form their own Cardboard VR. These affordable and easy-to-use VR headsets are becoming increasingly popular among the masses.

How Does The Cardboard VR work?

It works through basic but simple way. The Smartphone is supposed to be situated at the positive distance away from the lenses. With the help of using connected apps, the lenses form a 3D effect when hold close to the eyes. Like other VR headsets present around, you can also move your head wherever you want and the running images will respond to you in a similar fashion. You can move your head here and there and can feel that you are walking among the place you are visiting in VR. Do you have wanderlust? Than simply search for the application which contains streets of the different countries and roam around the world.

Google Cardboard; Opening new doors for VR world

Apart from the way mentioned above, the Cardboard box also comes with a pre-installed NFC chip. The chip will automatically launch the Cardboard app once the headset has been adorned with your Smartphone. Among the other things, Google has also showed a part of its pure geniuses in the Google Cardboard box too. The minimalistic design offers you complete convenience in all ways. Remember the magnet we mentioned above? You would have thought that it is included to hold the objects together? Nayy! The magnet is a button. Yes, button.

The concept behind a magnetic button is that it is obvious that you won’t be able to touch your phone when it is fitted inside the box. You can use the magnet to do all you want; by moving it here and there you can control the screen functions. The button uses you Smartphone’s magnetometer to sense and control the Google Cardboard.

What to Do With Your VR Cardboard Box?

Google Cardboard, as we have already told you, is a simple but mainstream VR headset. It can easily world with tons of apps. The apps include videos, games and other enjoyable apps. The home to the Carboad VR is its very own Cardboard app. The app has some initial applications like the Google Earth. With the help of this app, you can virtually fly wherever you want. You can stream videos from YouTube too.

The game specific for the VR box like Lampar are also especially designed for virtual reality. It takes you through different challenges and obstacles to give you fun. There is an additional app called VR Cinema for Cardboard. The app will change all the MP4 files into a split screen to give you a finesse of 3D virtual reality into a movie.

There are number of other apps which will make a VR experience fun for you. Also, remember it that Google Cardboard box does not turn any app into a 3D app. For that you need a split optimized screen. Google does not offer that. However, the company has allowed many developers to create such apps. So you can think of such options for the near future.

The most beneficial point is that the apps developed for the other VR headsets are also compatible with the Cardboard. So, why should you buy ultra-expensive VR headsets when Google is offering you the same for very cheap?

Which Smartphones Are Compatible With The Google Cardboard?

Due to the Application Programming Interface (API), Android and iOS are both supported by the VR headset. Google has already released its API for all the developers, so new and new compatible apps are soon launching.

Google; Opening new doors for VR world

Initially, the Cardboard box was developed to support phones with screens ranging between 4.7- and 5-inch. It means that the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 are both supported and were also the initial goals of the company. However, the previous version of the headset cannot support the new Note 5 and iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

The new updates release, Cardboard 2.0 can support large screen phones like the iPhone 6S Plus and the Samsung Note 5. The release was just made public last year.

If Something Happens, How Hard Is To Assemble Google Cardboard Back?

Google Cardboard is not at all hard in any aspect. It is extremely easy to use and easy to gather back, if something happens. Cardboard kit comes with the help of flat packs which you have to put yourself together.

There are additional instructions on the folds which will help you put together the Cardboard box without any trouble. The compatible app also teaches you regarding the details of the VR headset.

How Better Google Cardboard VR Fare When Compared To Other VR Headsets?

Google Cardboard can be ordered now and on the most economical price possible. On the other hand, many other VR headsets have created much fanfare and are not even available for pre-order. Samsung’s Gear VR is the only available but is only compatible with specific Samsung phones for just $99.

Google Cardboard VR; Opening new doors for VR world

As for the others, the Oculus Rift is not out yet and would be up for $599. The Rift has also a detailed list of its specific features along with a compatible PC. HTC Vive is nowhere in the detail list with no info on price, but we all know that it is going to be the most costly among the lot. Sony PlayStation VR will also join the race with a hefty price tag soon.

In a nutshell, Google Cardboard may have some limited apps but that is definitely going to alter as the time paces. But the price tag is really enough to convince many to buy this one.

How Much Does Google Cardboard Cost?

Price tag for the Google Cardboard ranges from less than $10. As for the viewers, they flow between $20 and $40. More and more expensive viewers with extra features are available also. The best part about this VR headset is that you can shop the headset and viewer as per you own taste and pocket value.

Also, if you want to try VR and you are not sure if it is going to be your favorite or not, you can try Google Cardboard VR and try for yourself.

How To Order Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is not difficult to order.  Start by visiting this page, and select a manufacturer as per your choice. Buying a kit can be minimally priced for $20. You have to complete the instructions. Many different developers also offer several design sizes. Choose the size compatible with your phone. If you want to order all the pieces separately, than order 40mm lenses too.

Assemble Your Google Cardboard VR

watch the video with easy steps that how to assemble your google cardboard VR and start a new experience of VR.



Google has, for the first time, introduced a solution for cheap VR needs. While, the other tech giants would keep on launching high-end and more advanced VR headsets, Google has the answer for your VR craving.

Google Cardboard VR has testified that you don’t need tons of money to enjoy and experience new tech. You can get all you want with Google for cheap. What’s your take on the issue? Do you believe on Google with its affordable VR or you want to opt for the stereotypical expensive VR headsets? What do you think? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.