Google Photos : How to get free space on your device

Google Photos : How to get free space on your device

Google released its cool app the Google Photos recently at Google I/O 2015 couple of days earlier and people have started loving it already. With unlimited cloud storage space, simple yet elegant UI and easy sharing features make the Google Photos app wonderful and we are sure it will become a part of every Android phone very quickly.

One of the coolest features of the Google Photos app is that it alerts you when your device storage is full. When you open the Google Photos app and your device is running out of storage, it gives you the warning messaging “Device storage almost full” followed by “FREE UP SPACE” option.

Google Photo app free space

Once you tap the option, the Google Photos app will tell you how much space you can get by deleting the photos taken 30 days earlier. On the other hand because you already are using the app and have synced your phone with the Cloud to upload pictures and images so you should not worry about the deleting the images and pictures because they are already saved in cloud.

While keeping your photos safe on the cloud with unlimited storage and deleting them from the device for extra space make it a perfect option for anyone especially the Selfie lovers. The Google Photo app also gives the option to delete the photos one by one by selecting the image and then selecting the option ‘delete device copy’, so the image will be deleted from your device but will be safe on the cloud.

Google Photos app can delete photos and give you extra space

Although the Google Photos app gives some very cool features as discussed earlier, like unlimited storage, easy sharing and accessing and a nice UI, there still lies a big question on the security of the images. Recent celebrity picture hacks and the leak of photos from the Apple iCloud mark a big question on the security of these services. Although Google has planned a strict security policy in this regards but preventing the hacker attacks and making something 100% safe is not an easier task.

You can download the Google Photos App from Google Play Store and if you already have started using the app, do share your experience with us in the comments section.

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