How to Configure Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Display Settings

How to Configure Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Display Settings

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the latest addition in the Edge variants of Samsung Galaxy series and only the second phone with Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Although the Galaxy Note Edge had a real edge on one side of it, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has curves on both sides instead of the edge like in Galaxy Note Edge. When you configure the Galaxy Note Edge display settings, you can get all the shortcuts on the edge including games in it but the curves of the Galaxy S6 Edge are completely different as compared to. When you configure the edges on the Galaxy S6 Edge, you realize that the curves are not of much use especially when you are using it. Instead the curves only get in working when you are not using the phone. Strange! Right? But there are some cool uses of the curves in the Galaxy S6 Edge like the speed dialer helper, where you can configure your favorite contacts which are displayed only when required as shown below.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge have same size, same weight and same resolution only with the difference of curves for the Galaxy S6 Edge. We will now discuss in details about configuring the Galaxy S6 Edge Display Settings.

Configuring Galaxy S6 Edge Display Settings

Like we discussed earlier, we can configure different shortcuts to run from the curves of the Galaxy S6 Edge. One can :

1) Configure the ‘People edge’ to create shortcut for favorite contacts.
2) Enable lighting to to light up the edges of the phone when phone is turned over.
3) Enable Information Stream to get tweets, yahoo news, RSS feeds and other updates.
4) Enable Night Clock.

Now that you have brief idea of what you can do with the edge screen on the Galaxy S6 Edge, we will discuss in little more details about configuring these options.


The quick call feature or the ‘People Edge’ helps you reach your favorite contacts instantly without using the main screen of phone. When your phone is turned on it displays the settings icon on the top right of the phone. Tap it and you will see five circles each showing plus sign when not configured and when it is configured it displays the picture of your contact.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Display Settings Screen

You can message your contacts, call them and send email when you tap the desired contact in the ‘People Edge’. Similarly you can get the notifications of missed calls, messages and emails when configured properly. Go to Settings > Edge Screen > People Edge and here you have option to on or off it. You can set the settings to show missed calls, messages and emails on this screen as well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge takes advantage of accelerometer and Super AMOLED screen technology to decide how and what should be displayed on the right or the left side edge. Due to the light-up pixels in AMOLED screens it consumes very less battery as compared to the normal LCD display.

On the same settings screen, you can configure the settings to light up the curves in Galaxy S6 Edge when you get a call or a notification. This will be really helpful when your phone is silent and battery friendly as well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Display Settings Information Stream Screen

The next comes the ‘Information Stream’. To get the tweet alerts, Yahoo News and other RSS feeds alerts on the Edge
when screen is not in used. Go To Settings > Edge Screen > Information Stream > Manage Feeds . Samsung plans to extend this feature in future as well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Display Settings Night Clock Screen

The last but not the least there is a Night Clock option. You can set the time when you want the clock to turn on and it will turn on the light displaying the time and will act as a Night Clock. Go to Settings > Edge Screen > Night Clock and set the time accordingly to set your phone as a night clock. Again the Super AMOLED screen comes in action here and you only see the time being illuminated and not the whole phone or even the edge.

These are some of the cool features you can take advantage of with the curved display of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsung is taking real advantage of the super crisp AMOLED display in the Edge variants and the latest Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are expecting huge sales . These some features are only a glimpse and Samsung has plans to bring a SDK for developers to take more advantage of it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.