Author: Jason Bourne

Having a less crowded Homescreen will improve performance

Tips to make your Android device run faster

There’s a considerable measure of force contained inside our little handheld tablets and smartphones we carry throughout the day. We have eight-core CPUs, numerous gigabytes of RAM, and batteries with a great many milliampere-hours of capacity, however some of the time the experience doesn’t match the equipment’s potential. Things turn […]

Siri in iOS 10 for third party apps

Siri in iOS 10 for third party apps

Apple just introduced third-party app integration with Siri in iOS 10 at the WWDC 16 event. By allowing third-party apps to integrate with the digital voice assistant, Apple has unlocked a new realm of functionality for Siri. Developer integration expands the functionality of Siri considerably. But, Apple has also announced quite a […]