How to install “Samsung Stock Music Player” App on Galaxy J7

The Samsung Galaxy J7 recently launched with great fanfare. The smartphone was well received by fans but, it is missing one crucial feature. Like the other smartphones of the J series the J7 is also missing the Samsung Stock Music Player. A lot of users felt the absence of the stock music player and wanted it back. Fortunately, we are here to show you just how to get the Samsung Stock Music Player installed on your Galaxy J7.

Samsung Stock Music Player

Samsung eliminated the stock app and replaced it with the Google Play Music App on the Galaxy J7 to fulfill the craving of all music lovers. However, the absence of Stock Player still remains a mystery. Some rumors state that the reason might be due to Samsung Galaxy J7‘s weak hardware, but this rumor doesn’t contain much weight. Whatever the reason is, we all want music. Right? Whether it is the pain of heartbreak or the euphoria of celebrations, we want music to add life to our memories. And, no music means, no enjoyment!

How to install Samsung Stock Music Player:

What we have here might interest the lovers of Samsung stock music player. Here we have a complete tutorial to guide you how to install the beloved stock music player on your Galaxy J7 smartphone. The best part about this tutorial is that is works for other devices that are running on Android 5.0 or Android 5.1.1 as well. So, if you want the stock Samsung music player on a different device you can follow these steps as well. The installation process is simple, but you have to understand few points. Without further ado, here are the steps you need to follow to install the stock music player:

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is check the OS version of the device. Keep in mind that the process is only reliable for the Android 5.0 or 5.11. To check the Android version of your device, click on “About Device” and see your “Android Version” there.

Samsung Stock Music Player

If the Android version number is 5.0 or 5.1.1, then proceed further with the steps. If you have and older version try updating to 5.0 or 5.11. If you can’t then tutorial will not help you install the stock music player and proceeding further may do serious damage to your smartphone. You have been warned.

Step 2: 

Now port the “Music” app from a Samsung smartphone. It is better to port from a higher level device like Samsung Galaxy S6 or one where the app has no bugs. Try to play songs. We hope that all songs will play fine.

Step 3:

Now, to install Samsung Stock Music Player, download the “apk” file by clicking here. After the apk is downloaded, go to “My Files”, Select SD Card folder and choose the folder where you have saved the apk file. Next, click on the file to install it like any normal apk file.The update for the Music Application will pop up. Click “Install, wait as the app installs and you are done!

Hope you understood the method properly. It is simple and doesn’t require many pre-requisites and hard work. Now, what? Sit back with a nice cup of coffee, Enjoy the weather and listen to the music as per your mood. Check out the video below for a complete video walkthrough that will guide you through all the steps of installing the apk.

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