How to reserve Windows 10 free copy for your PC

How to reserve Windows 10 free copy for your PC

It is very easy for the Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free as Microsoft is issuing a notice to their users to reserve Windows 10 free copy. The launch date is decided which is 29 July when the new Windows 10 will come out in the market. So it means it will be available to you on the same date as well as you can get a free upgrade to your Window 7 or 8.1 Pc or tablet.

All You want to Know about Windows 10

People had great problems with the windows 8 especially the those who had touch screen but this time Windows 10 is sure to get rid of all the bad experience the users faced. Windows 10 comes up with new redesigned Start Menu, with a browser that is named Edge and the Cortana voice assistant that sure will win the hearts of all the users of Windows. Windows 10 will ultimately attract all the users towards itself because of the new unified features it will come up for the tablets and PC users.

The question that finally arises is how can you reserve Windows 10 free copy?

• For that you have Windows 7 or windows 8.1 on your PC’s or Tablets installed and also you must have updated Windows in March which is Window dubbed KB3035583. As long as you have enabled the option of Automatic updates on your PC then your Windows would have been updated.

• You will see a new window logo that appears on the window system tray at the lower right hand side corner. Check it there is a message appears to reserve Windows 10 free copy for your PC.

• As a next step, click that icon, and then there is a window that pops up and tells how the free upgrade works. if it is available then windows 10 will automatically update on your PC. After the download is complete you will get a notification so you will get time to install it.

• For checking and reading about the Windows 10 you have to scroll down the various screens.

• If you are done with the reading and satisfied then just click the button to reserve the free upgrade.

• There is not a lengthy procedure it just asks the email address so you can get notifications. Just enter the email address and click the Send confirmation button that appears. You are now very close to Get the Windows 10.

• Just click the windows 10 icon if your mind changes and you want to cancel the reservation.

• On the upper left corner click three horizontal lines to display the menu and click the link for view confirmation.

• You can always click to cancel reservation and confirm your choice.

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You reserve Windows 10 full version and not a trial version which is free of cost and according to Microsoft you can use windows 10 on your PC or tablet for a support lifetime.

There are some perks or some condition we must know that you have to upgrade Window 7 to SP1 or Windows 8 to Window 8.1 and if you have not done then this is the first step to perform and then you can apply for reserving a Windows 10 for free.

From the free upgrade Microsoft has left Windows RT and RT 8.1, so users who are using such versions they will not not be able to reserve the Windows 10 free copy.

If you miss the free upgrade then here are the prices for the Windows 10.

1. Window Home will cost $110.
2. Windows Pro will cost $199.
3. Windows 10 Pro pack will cost $99.

So don’t waste and reserve Windows 10 free copy for your PC before its too late.

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