How to shoot 4K Videos on iPhone 6S

How to shoot 4K Videos on iPhone 6S

While introducing the new iPhone 6S the point emphasized the most was shooting the 4K Videos on iPhone 6S. It sounds good that iPhone 6S camera can now function beyond the limits. And also the iPhone 6S users will like to shoot high quality videos but there are some concerns too. With heavy features you also need matching specs for excellence in overall performance.

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Thus to remove the concerns we have studies the newly included features in a little detail. Here we go with a hand on video that explains to you how to shoot good videos and keep your device running well.

When we talk about shooting the 4K Videos on iPhone 6S it means video that requires more storage than the regular videos. High end smartphones without 4K actually mostly carry 1080pixels quality which is much lower. We can compare the results from both videos in storage terms. The footage with 1080pixels at 30 FPS requires just 130MB while the same footage with 4K Videos on iPhone 6S requires 375MB.

Apple iPhone 6S comes with 4K Videos recording feature

Video size maters for iPhone 6S users as the devices come with limited storage options. For instance, the 16GB iPhone could previously carry all files but now it will fall short for just a single 4K footage. A 4K video with length of just 40minuts will cross 16GB in size. It means not enough storage as the iPhone already reserves some storage for iOS and other system functions. Though users can also have fresh iPhone in 64GB and 128GB options which means a little more space but this is also not enough at all.


But with the extended storage options we can’t suggest the exact length of video you can shoot. As we know the actual storage capacity on iPhone 6S is far less than the listed specs. But still the storage numbers aside, you can guess the iPhone which may fulfill your requirements.

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