How to take care of data limit on Android Lollipop

How to take care of data limit on Android Lollipop

Well you have to be careful because now a days these cellular charges are very costly, if you are using the unlimited package then it is okay but if you are on limited package then be careful because extra usage means that you have to pay extra and that the amount paid in excess is always heart breaking.

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The latest version of Android is Lollipop makes your work easier by limiting your cellular limit as per your wish thus making it easier for you to use a little or how much you want to use the data on your Android Phone.

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The first and the foremost thing that you have to do is turn on the cellular data on you mobile or tablet that has the latest version of Android Lollipop to limit your cellular data. You have to go into the menu settings then go to the data usage. In order to enable the data you have to tap the dedicated button. As soon as cellular data is on there will appear a new button which will let you set the data limits. After the second button there comes orange line by dragging up or down you set the cellular data. Once you set the data limit, there also comes a warning when you reach close to your limit.

data usage on Android Lollipop

It will automatically turn off the cellular data when limit is reached by the Android Lollipop, while we know WI-Fi is something different so don’t ever relate it with Cellular data.

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