Install experimental Xposed Framework on Samsung Galaxy S6

Install experimental Xposed Framework on Samsung Galaxy S6

It took some times but not too late that the Xposed Framework was made to support the Lollipop or the Android 5.0. After its arrival for fresh Android version many of the devices of latest Android users adopted the Framework without any delay. But for some with the fresh Android it is still not easy to install it at all. Here we produce a similar case with the process to tell users the process to get the service.
The case is true mostly with the devices that were pushed into the market recently. As the Xposed Framework for Lollipop was introduced just months back fresh devices with advanced architecture faces issued installing the Xposed Framework over the lollipop. Among the device Galaxy S6 stands at the top being the most important and most used device in the case.

The Galaxy S6 along with the Galaxy S6 Edge is build over the ARM v8 which is higher than the v7 that is supported by the Xposed version. The issue is solved by the launch of an experimental version that can run over the latest version of ARM.

Step 1: First of all before starting the installation of experimental Xposed Framework make sure you have back up your data.

Step 2: Now as you have back up your data go to download links 1 and 2 and get installation files. There are two zip files save both into device storage.

Step 3: After download completes go to recovery and flash the installation file from internal storage. Wait for the process to complete and as soon it get completed Reboot your device normally.

Step 4: After successful reboot now go to XDA and get the latest Xposed file it will be in apk format and available for free download.

Your installation of experimental Xposed Framework is almost done now you can check out it on your device.

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