iOS 9.2.1 Vs iOS 9.2 Speed test on different sets [Video]

iOS 9.2.1 Vs iOS 9.2 Speed test on different sets [Video]

iOS 9.2.1 Vs iOS 9.2 Speed test
Following the developments with the iOS 9.2 the developers were finally entertained with the release of iOS 9.2.1 Beta 1. The first beta release of the iOS 9.2 was also made available for those already working with its public beta program. Though we have a little info yet about the beta 1 release of iOS 9.2.1 but at this stage it is expected with some notable changes besides the bug fixes and we have these videos showing iOS 9.2.1 Vs iOS 9.2 Speed test.

As it is the case with every new iOS release the expectations of users are high to see something new on their iPhones and iPads. The new iOS beta release in also not short in interest for the current users of iOS devices. Following the update track we also expect Apple to bring new enhancements onto the older iOS version. Thus Apple, not disappointing its enthusiastic users, has well improved the speed on its new beta release.

To shows the results of efforts by Apple enhancing the speed with new iOS release here we got interesting videos for you. In the videos you can see a notable performance improvement while running the iOS 9.2.1 beta 1 as compared with the iOS 9.2. The performance boast is quite well on a range of devices including as old as iPhone 4S.

While watching the video you can notice the iOS 9.2.1 beta 1 performing a number of tasks much faster than the iOS 9.2 performing the same tasks. However yet we can’t get the reason behind this remarkably fast performance. But the performance enhancement is quite understandable on the new iOS 9.2.1 beta 1 release. This remarkably fast performance makes the new beta 1 released kindest to the iPhones yet. Besides the iPhone 4s the speed tests go well on a number of devices including the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

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