iOS 9 features

iOS 9 features

There was a WWDC conference that took place recently it had amazing announcements for the Apple users, the announcements were basically more about Software rather than Hardware. Our website also has some important details about Ipad, Apple watches and iOS devices. Today we are going to tell you about some amazing features that will be introduced in iOS 9 and to be honest there will not be too much change in design.



Apple will introduce new Low power mode which the user will enable while going into the settings of it. This will be the thing in iOS9 it will give additional usage of three hours to the device, so we must say it will work as a three hour battery that will support the device. The sacrifice when you enable it would be low brightness and limited app that you can run but it is worth because we will be getting extra three hours of usage.

Siri function Expanded

Siri function is expanded you can by yourself ask Siri to find out the commands. Based on a email or message Siri will setup the remainder itself only without asking. If you are on a page or anything and you say remind me of this then Siri will do its duty by making it a remainder. With siri in Ios 9 you can also set remainders about location which are very handy when you are in your car and you want to reach a location. If you want to see photos and you be more specific like dates and stuff Siri of iOS 9 will do its duty and will display the photos from the app automatically launching the photo app.

Refreshing Notes app across iOS 9


Apple has done a great job in iOS 9 by refreshing the notes app that is a very good feature and its very helpful also. Just by using the shortcuts keys you will be able create “Checkable” list within the app, to make the list appears good you can also change the formatting of the text as well as you will be able to add pictures from the library or if you want a new picture so use take a photo.

App switcher redesigned

There is not too much new to be honest but this redesigned app switcher in iOS 9 look a whole better than what was there in iOS8. Not a very important update but it will look enormously good to see the iOS parts evolving.

iOS 9 spotlight search

It is also a really cool thing, well much cooler in iOS 9. iOS 9 features include Spotlight Search It is right next to the left of your home screen, but if you are too used to of the old location you can access it from there also. The new spotlight bring finding of new Widgets as well as Siri hint that will recommend the apps and contact truly based on your usage. With helpful apps and information iOS 9 will auto populate it.

new type keyboard

iOS 9 features brings a lot new typing with the Quick type Keyboard that will be remarkable. There will be shortcut that will be built in which will allow on you ipad the copy, paste and formatting of texts. With an app Quick type keyboard makes it easier to select text. It’s simple you just have to drag and tap with two fingers.

Proactive Assistant


This feature of iOS 9 will filter through information, mail, messages as well as the notes that you make daily for making your life easier. If you get an email on some random date and time iOS will create a calendar of that information and will also remind closer to that date.



iOS 9 feature in Ipad, Slide over in iOS 9 will make your life easier you can get access to different apps very easily without leaving behind what you were doing. On the screen swipe right side it will tell you about all the apps and you can very easily change between the apps. You can also run two apps at a time but for that you just have to go on full on Split view that is also a slide over function. Apps will work in portrait or landscape due to the slide over functionality of iOS9.

Picture in Picture Mode


iOS 9 feature that is picture-in-picture mode will allow the user to continue watching videos yet after you have left the application. The video will popup in a undersized window which can be stirred around the screen and you can pause, maximize, play, or if you want to exit the video from the accessible controls. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.