iOS 9 Tips & Tricks

iOS 9 Tips & Tricks

At your first sight you will not easily be able to discern between iOS 8 and the newly released iOS 9 until you dig a little deeper and finally find a treasure. You don’t need to shovel or map anywhere because we are here to tell you the best tips and tricks you will be needing for your mobile. We will be telling you how the interface of your mobile has changed and uncover the brilliant features untapped. After reading this piece of text you will be enjoying the plethora of the exciting features iOS 9 has for you.

iOS 9 Tips & Tricks
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  • Quickly Select Photos and Videos:

iOS 9 Tips & Tricks

Grabbing images and videos within the Photos application has become a routine fast act. Users now can select dozens of their loved pictures from within their album by using the ‘Select’ button on the top-right of the screen then tapping and dragging among across your chosen pictures. You may then share the pictures to another album or delete them.

  • Back to App:

To provide the users the best interface and luxury for switching and multitasking, iOS 9 has provided the users a convenient way to swing between multiple apps.iOS 9 Tips & Tricks For example, opening a link sent via messages will take you to URL, but alternatively of double-tapping to bring up the app-switcher, there will be an option to go back to Messages on the top left corner.

  • iCloud Drive App:

iCloud is your best cloud- based file manager to let you the best easy of all. Managing all your important stuff saved on cloud storage. Before, there was only one way to across iCloud drive through third-party apps. But now, iCloud Drive has its very own application in iOS 9 that can be assessed remotely from anywhere and anytime, just so that you may have the luxury.iOS 9 Tips & Tricks

  • Change the Keyboard Keys:

Apple unfolded a major update for its iOS 9 users. iPad users can now tap and hold two fingers on the keyboard to grey out the keys and use the touchscreen surface as a giant trackpad. Moving & Swiping the character-less keys will move the cursor on a document and will allow you to quickly navigate and select your text. The bad scene isn’t  for the iPhone users except for the iPhone 6S or Plus which have same 3D touch.

But the best part is whatever device with iOS 9 you are using has been updated.

For the very first time Apple has changed the characters on the keys between lowercase and uppercase depending on Shift key’s status.iOS 9 Tips & Tricks

But if you like the old days when the keys were in uppercase, the physical Apple keyboard.
To re-enable the uppercase keyboard head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Keyboard and then toggle off Show Lowercase Keys.

  • Turn off proactive assistant:

iOS 9 Tips & TricksIf you don’t find your proactive assistant useful, you can disable it by going to the Spotlight Search settings (in, Settings > General) and tapping the Siri suggestions toggle. You will still be able to search from the Home Screen, but unfortunately all of the application, contact and new suggestions will be wiped off since the app suggestions that appear below the usual pull-down search.

  • Draw, make lists and format text in Notes:

m has beefed up its Notes Application in a great way for its users in Ios 9. Last year Apple had added rich text for using underlined, italic and bold text font but now the Note app is more a beauty to use. Inside every file you will see a gray positive sign above the keyboard that opens a new menu of options, there you tap it and will iOS 9 Tips & Tricksbe able to easily create a list, add a photo, quick a doodle and even change the formatting.
When finally done, you can organize your notes into folders.

  • Hide Photos:

So you want to hide the next person who has your smartphone in their hands to peep into your some cheeky private pictures? iOS 9 makes it easy for you to hide all those private photos from those wrong unwanted viewers. All you got to do is select all those private photos and tap the Share icon and select Hide from the share sheet.

iOS 9 Tips & Tricks

  • Request Desktop site:

It’s now a tap to go to access desktop versions of particular sites on you mobile device. Just tap on the share icon to bring up the Share sheet & select ‘Request Desktop Site’.iOS 9 Tips & Tricks

  • Mail Management:

iOS 9 now comes with fantastic new features to Apple’s default Mail application. You will be please to know that now Cupertino tech firm has finally added a jiffy way to delete all of the messages bulking up in your inbox. In iOS 9, you will have to navigate to the Mail application and pick a particular problematic inbox then tap on the Edit button on the top right display.

This will reveal a new ‘Delete All’ option at the right bottom, which will trash all of the spam emails bulked up in the inbox.iOS 9 Tips & Tricks


Another best feature which is sure to speed up your email management is the shortcut to the Drafts folder. While navigating into your Drafts from the main menu, in Mail you can now tap and hold on compose button to bring up all your draft messages.

There is also a Start A New Draft too option which is perfect when you are working without your internet connection.

Bravo! Isn’t it?

  • How to use split screen:

iOS 9 Tips & Tricks

If You have an iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, or an iPad Pro, then you can enjoy split screen multitasking. This feature was a dream till yesterday until iOS 9 has made its way to reality. You just have to swipe from the right of the screen, and you will see a multitasking side bar from where you can pick another application to run parallel with whatever you have open. You may also drag it to split the screen 50-50 if you want apps to be side to side.

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