iPhone 6 Fat Battery Mod will bring 36 hours of Battery Life

iPhone 6 Fat Battery Mod will bring 36 hours of Battery Life

There is a mod currently out in the market that increases the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s‘ battery life to a significantly dramatic degree. The Fat Battery mod physically replaces the smartphone’s back cover with an alternate one that looks exactly like the original. But the Fat Battery’s cover is much thicker than the original one as well.

fat battery mod


This is in order to accommodate a battery of nearly 7000mAh. Previously, the Fat Battery Mod was priced at $300. Also, the customers had to send their Apple devices to Fat Battery installers to have the modification added into their device.

But, just before the initial launch of this Fat Battery Mod, its inventors had an idea to make the mod more convenient and affordable. So, they decided to delay the launch and work on this opportunity. The Fat Battery mod will now be available on April 28th at 9AM EST. The good news is that now, you won’t have to pay a whopping $300 for it. The price of the mod has been dropped to $129. Moreover, now you can also install the upgrade yourself, or take it to a tech shop to get it installed instead of handing over your iPhone to Fat Battery team.

A regular iPhone 6 provides only 13 hours of video playback. But, the one with Fat Battery installed will offer an impressive 36 hours and 24 minutes of video playback. The Fat Battery mod turns your iPhone into a thick brick but it is still a better solution than charging cases. The team at Fat Battery says that while the mod increases the battery life, it doesn’t take the extra space of a bulkier charging case. 95% of the Fat Battery mod’s added volume is used for extending battery life, which is very efficient. And unlike the battery cases, Fat Battery also leaves the Lightning port open.

Fat Battery is definitely a more elegant solution than a battery case. The only drawback is that the installation requires you to remove the back panel. If the product succeeds, the team at Fat Battery plans to introduce a version for the iPhone 7 and iPhone SE next year.

iPhone 6 Fat Battery Mod Prototype In Action

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