iPhone 6s Plus Vs iPhone 6 Plus Speed test Comparison

iPhone 6s Plus Vs iPhone 6 Plus Speed test Comparison

Apple has done an excellent job by introducing exciting new models like iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6s. Both models are super fast. It’s really hard to tell which model will win in terms of speed. What makes them different from other iPhones is their capability of high speed processing and record boot time.

Here we gonna discuss some key points in speed test comparison between the two models. It is interesting to know that the predecessors are continuously being outmatched by their newer models. The great news is that these new models are going to be available worldwide in second week of October

What does Apple Say About Speed

The popularity of these great smart phones from Apple was so good that 13million iPhones were sold in the first three days of release. The great new improved features have made iPhone 6s a time saving device for its users.

Apple has officially stated recently that they have done their best to develop these models in better terms of speed and faster processing. Nobody can doubt the incredible features offered by these models but when it comes to superiority in terms of speed, the iPhone 6s Plus just takes some definite advantage. As iPhone 6S was considered amazing as compared to iPhone 6, the iPhone 6S Plus model is going higher than iPhone 6S. Boot Speed Test Comparison

iPhone 6S Plus Vs iPhone 6 Plus Speed Test Comparison

Apple is focusing on high tech improvements over its each new product. Predecessors often fall a little short in comparison with their newer models. Apple always implemented a new strategic plan for releasing a new model. Now let us check out the various speed aspects and speed comparison in these two models.

There are various types of features when it comes to speed and fastness. Users have experienced some great improvements in iPhone 6S Plus related to wake up speed, processing speed, turn off speed and apps loading speed. Videos recording and Live Photos are made speedier than ever. The processors have been going through an evolutionary phase as well. The direct result is super-fast processing speed.

The iPhone 6 Plus was packaged with brilliant new apps and features. But in comparison the iPhone 6S Plus is able to beat its recent predecessor in terms of speedy apps. The camera has been improved since the last years that create a difference in the speed comparison of both models and their predecessors. Third party games have also been made to run super fast with one touch.

The Battery-Improvement affect Speed

The iPhone 6s Plus had been observed to have an improved long battery performance and reduced size compared to iPhone 6 Plus. That directly affects the performance of all the apps and features of the phone to work speedily.

New Touch ID Sensor

According to the Apple, the new Touch id Sensor is two times as powerful in the iPhone 6S Plus than its predecessor. The 3D touch feature has made it all possible to access anything extremely fast. A recent comparison has been revealed by users stating that the new sensor is so fast that it is getting harder to use the menu on the screen and they have to try hard not to skip items from the list while scrolling. Therefore iPhone 6S Plus just wins the speed test with new improved 3D touch feature. Speed remains the same with different casing.

The CPU Speed Comparison

It has been revealed by the experts that the CPU speed of iPhone 6s Plus is 1.6x faster than its antecedent. The speed is directly affected by increasing or decreasing the RAM size also. If we even double the size of the RAM in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus, it may provide different results in terms of speed. The most likely result is the higher speed of the iPhone 6S Plus. However if the results are opposite, then it maybe concluded that our experiment is contaminated. Apple is using a newer processor these days instead of the old silicon processor.

Things have become genuinely speedy in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus due to that. Image and video processing have become way too faster than older models due to CPU speed.

The RAM affects Speed

The Random Access Memory (RAM) is the most important component in a computer or digital device such as iPhone. RAM directly affects the speed of the product. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have not yet been confirmed if they have a 2GB of RAM inside. But the speed tests have proven that they might contain 2GB of RAM.

Boot Test Comparison

According to a recent iClarified comparison, the boot test yielded the best results in favor of iPhone 6S. The iPhone 6S Plus took almost 21 seconds to boot properly, however the predecessor iPhone 6S took only 14 to boot completely. The predecessors of iPhone 6S all take more than 14 seconds to boot as well.

You can try it yourself if you have both the models available for testing, you simply have to shut down the both models iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus together. It does not matter which phone contain more photos or music, just reload the iOS operating system. Then you can calculate your own results to find out if the above boot test comparison holds true for your devices or not.

The App Store Test

The App Store test is another exciting test to find out the superiority of both models. As expected normally the App store loads a second or two earlier in iPhone 6S Plus than in the iPhone 6S. Again 6S Plus wins. You can perform this on your own for example on the weather App and observe the results yourself. The outcome is pretty much equal but 6S Plus opens fractions of a second earlier sometimes.


The above mentioned speed tests are pretty accurate and have been done by numerous professionals. One can see clearly that in terms of speed the iPhone 6S Plus has won the race from all of its predecessors and clones. The fastest and super speedy iPhone up to this time is iPhone 6S Plus. However numerous variations in the speed test results might be a result of tester’s fault. But iPhone 6s is not to be blamed for having less speed. As its boot time is evidently lesser than the iPhone 6S Plus.

To conclude: both models are great in terms of speed and quickness.

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