LG G3 Stylus

LG G3 Stylus: The Pen Enabled Smartphone

LG G3 Stylus


LG puts the tag name and the Stylus tool to its LG G3, giving it an odd finish. Its big screen and the Stylus may remind you the Samsung Galaxy Note series but here is the LG with its own features. It is not a flagship anyway but a mid-range handset with good impression. With this new smartphone LG has just kept the tag of its flagship G3, though the actual G3 Stylus id totally a different smartphone.

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The similarity in the name of G3 Stylus and the LG G3 also creates confusion, which is easily cleared as one get in to the features of the handset. So you have to just keep aside the name and you will have the compelling device with its own look and feel. It comes with a bench of truly looking premium features, stylish design and a big screen. However it has some common look but these are usual as both of the smartphones belong to the same linage of the design. These similarities are also limited on the skin while the inner is completely different.

In the G3 Stylus LG has used the less costly material to make it a lower budget phone as compared with its high budget flagship. In this regard it has replaced the metal chassis of its popular high-end G3 with the lighter plastic-made chassis with a look of aluminum.

The G3 Stylus comes with a big display and full of colors. It has a 5.5-inch IPS display with qHD resolution and good color results. But there are the certain points where it doesn’t looks well. Its pixel density is low at 200ppi which after all matters. With this pixel density the individual pixels are even visible on its display. Its contrast and brightness are also below the expectation. Though it can reduce the value but it is also an advantage regarding privacy as no one can view the screen from angle.
On the front, the entire space is captured by the big display with the on-screen controls. While on the rear there is the innovative control deck of LG which is setup below its 13MP camera. Within its valium keys it has placed the single button for power and look screen.

Its stylus is made up of plastic material with a nice metallic finish. You can’t judge it in the first look. LG has made it a handy tool which is very easy to pull out from the stylus slot, very light that feels even weight less and very thin and stylish in its looks. The G3 Stylus is also a regular capacitive pointer which can work any capacitive display. So with its stylus you can’t have the advantage of separate pressure-sensitive digitizer.

The Samsung S-Pen has already created a market standard with a solid feel which is not present in the G3 Stylus. Those who are familiar with the use of stylus will easily notice this. But also it doesn’t make a big difference as the G3 Stylus handset is not in the competition with the high-end Galaxy Note series of Samsung.

The LG G3 Stylus runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat with the latest LG features such as the Knock Code, Dual Window, Gesture Shot, Touch & Shoot and many others. These interface and features are supported with the quad-core 1.3GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage which will give you a snappy experience.


LG also follows the general trend of the large Android phone in their stickiness with the specific design. In the Android market you will not face much difficulty to find out the company by looking at the design of the handset. In the G3 Stylus LG brings its way of designing without surprising the customers with any remarkable innovation. So you will have the whole design concept of LG in the G3 stylus.

In its first impression, the design looks too much identical with the high-end LG G3 model. This similarity in the look can easily create a misconception. But things will prove deferent when you just get into it. Truly saying, there are too little things which can be said completely identical in the both smartphones.
The first glance will go to the front screen which looks essentially the same. Following the same pattern it has the LG Logo at the bottom of front screen. But as you turn to its back there are the points of differentiation. You will have the power key and volume rocker there. Though it has just one LED flash you will not find the laser focus beam. With all these it has the finish on its rear to feel the same as the high-end G3. Though its not the metallic and can expect the lighter body and the slightly different look with the plastic mater. It will remind you the difference of its range from the LG G3.

Considering its look you can find easily that the G3 stylus has the metal look in plastic material with respect to the G3 model which was actually the metallic phone. Still its look gives it a good resemblance with the high-end flagship of LG. Thus, you can have the low-end smartphone with a premium look which is also good in its functions. It is body is beautifully curved which adds much in its standard look. These curves on the sides and the back are usually expected with a phablet, which gives it a decent look. The design finally proved to be a positive for a middle range smartphone.


The LG G3 despite being a high-end smartphone was not the leader in the field of display. The premium phone without an impressive display created much disappoint in its users. Though with the G3 stylus LG tried much to cover up these weaknesses, still there are many.
In the display size the G3 stylus still follow the G3 model with a 13.97 cm or 5.5-inchs. Despite being same in the display size there are many things different which give it an edge over the G3. The 5.5-inch screen is increased in its portability. It allows you to see more on the screen and also do more with the stylus.

The G3 Stylus display stands to be different from the G3 with the qHD resolution which is the resolution of 540 x 960. With the 5.5-inch IPS and qHD it has 200ppi pixel density which is not ideal but still sounds quite well with its range. Being an affordable smartphone from LG you may have a satisfying experience without expecting any miracles from it. Finally it has the impressive viewing angles and also the beautiful colors on its average display.


The Operating System loaded on the LG G3 Stylus is the Android 4.4 KitKat. It will have all the glories of the KitKat with its most liked features. Though the Android OS is upgraded but with this model of LG you have to continue with the current KitKat version. With the inbuilt features of Android the User Interface of LG G3 Stylus looks good enough.
For those who are familiar with the current interface loaded on LG smartphones, there is much to expect. It has the key features of the LG User Interface which can simply boost its attraction for the end users. There are the features like Dual Window which makes the LG handset to run two apps side by side. Other features include the KnockCode which set a lock pattern with knocks and the KnockOn which will make the screen weak up on a double tap.

The leading feature which gives it a name is no doubt the Stylus. It works same as the famous S Pen of the Samsung galaxy. With this amazing tool you can take notes in interesting way which will give you the true digital concept of taking notes. With its precise results you can also draw clearer and impressive sketch on the bigger space of its screen. The preciseness of Stylus will give you many options and possibilities to do interesting things which would not be possible with a finger.

There is also the 5.5-inch screen which sounds ideal to use the stylus with more space. It is also made attractive in its light and thin design. The uniquely curved design is good enough to catch the attraction. Matching with the range of its device the material it is made is plastic but it has a metallic finish which give it a premium impression.
Among the many other innovative software features it has the Smart Keyboard. The G3 Stylus’ Smart Keyboard will efficiently increase your typing capability. It can also reduce the typing errors up to 75% which will make the typing a smooth and accurate thing for you. This easy to use feature is customized well which surely fit for what you expect. It can be customized with adjustable height and other settings. It also provides you with the natural navigation and reliable word recognition.


It is a mid-range smartphone so we can expect some mid-range specs without any disappointment. Underneath the external cover of LG G3 Stylus there are the key parts with average powers. It has the 1.3GHz quad-core processor which is companied by 1GB of RAM. This processing power and RAM with the qHD resolution can work will and also will give you the enough speed and smoothness of its functions. So, you don’t have to worry about running the demanding apps on it.

It has 8 GB of internal storage which itself sounds enough for its range. You also have the option to boost the storage with the microSD card. Unlike many smartphone models it doesn’t bound you with the limited internal storage.
It doesn’t have the NFC support but there are options for Wi-Fi, high speed 3G and Bluetooth 4.0. With these specs it will give you the slick performance which you can expect from mid-range quad-core Android handsets. Still it is not supposed to run what is the job of high-ends smartphone with heavy specs. While doing the basic tasks smoothly it can face trouble with the HD games and similar apps. The lake of 4G connectivity is also not good as it has been a quite part of the most of low-end smartphones.

Its screen is big so we will expect more power on board to make it run uninterruptedly. You can only take the full experience of a smartphone when it has the enough power in its battery. The LG G3 Stylus is powered with the battery of 3000 mAh. It is not claimed by the LG that how long it will run but being a big screen smartphone it may need more power.


Like its huge display the camera is also made enough powerful to give you the fair shoots. The camera on LG G3 Stylus is 13MP with support of a flash. It enables you to take brighter, clearer pictures even in the dark. It also has an improved quick focus adjustment function which keeps you focused with the moment you want to capture.

It has the interesting feature of Gesture Shot using which you can take pictures with hand gesture. For this feature first you have to induce the hand gesture to the 13MP camera by raising your hand in front of it until it detects. Its camera can than sense the gesture and you have to just give a gesture and it will automatically start capturing images.
Unlike the too much Megapixels of its main camera the front facing camera is just left too low. It is a 1.3MP camera which is still not bad for video calling and taking low level selfies.

With all these hot features and certain inabilities the LG G3 Stylus seems to work out. The overview on it can simply place it to be good. With its big screen, good processing power, attractive stylus and large battery capacity it is a powerful smartphone in its range. Along with these it also has the lots of interesting software features and the camera which is surprisingly high in the megapixels. With such strengths it also has its week points. Its screen comes with lower resolution and also certain functions are missing. Though compared with plus points these weaknesses are simply adjusted and we finally have a smartphone with positive results.

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