LG G5 expected with secondary screen, dual rear cameras and Magic Slot

LG G5 expected with secondary screen, dual rear cameras and Magic Slot

There has been several reports about the upcoming LG G5 with different spec details. Recent reports suggest that LG is looking forward to boost the features on its G5 model copying some features from its other devices. Mainly we have the LG V10 and the LG G4 from which the upcoming LG G5 may get a number of common features.


In an attempt to make the LG G5 a well spec’d beast a 5.3inch display is expected which is however a little shorter than the 5.5inch panel of the LG G4. With this panel size the resolution is expected at 1440x2560pixels. Fresh details suggest the LG G5 with a secondary screen similar to the LG V10 which adds up 160x1040pixel resolution.

The camera on the rear side of LG G5 is reported to be 16megapixel with a secondary lens for wider angel. With second lens the G5 camera will be capable of capturing picture with 135 degree wide angle. Also with dual lens there will also be dual LED flash to improve the camera results. On the front face there is 8megapixel camera presented for clear video chats and good selfies. We can also find the finger print scanner on its place on the back.

Looking under the hood the LG G5 is reported with Snapdragon 820 chipset featuring Quad-core processor and Adreno 530 for graphics. For memory and storage it is reported to carry a 3GB RAM and 32GB native storage. Yet we don’t have reports about the external storage option.

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For battery details the LG G5 is expected with a shorter battery than the LG G4. Compared to the 3400mAh battery on the G4 it is going to carry a 2800mAh battery. Besides all these the performance on LG G5 is expected to be high with upgraded Snapdragon 820 chipset.

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