LG G5 Launched: A New Smartphone Era With New Smart Features!

LG G5 Launched: A New Smartphone Era With New Smart Features!


LG Electronics once again stepped into the Smartphone world with LG G4, previous year. This year, the same company is back with a bang! Yes, the first day of MWC has introduced LG G5. The latest flagship from LG is the device we all have been dreaming about our entire lives.

LG G5 is a breath of fresh air for the LG G series. The Android powered device comes with a metal body, latest high-end tech, specifications and spectacular modular design. The LG G5 has a completely new design with an unexpected removable bottom that allows the users to add whatever modules they want. The latest LG flagship is novel and innovative and has sleek, exquisite looks. Let’s take a complete look at what LG G5 has to offer us and what this new Smartphone has in store for us.

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All Specifications Into One Place!


LG G5 has been announced with a Quad-HD resolution display paired with IPS Quantum display technology. Both the specs are exactly same as what LG offered us with the previous versions. However, the innovative new device definitely has new innovations for us in the display sector too.

LG G5 comes with an Always-on mode. The date and time will be shown side by side, when the handset is in sleep mode. This implies that you’ll always be able to see your text messages, calls and other notifications etc with a single peek without waking your phone up. This idea conceptualizes that a lot of battery should be consumed; however, the Always On feature actually saves battery life.

LG G5: A New Smartphone Era With New Smart Features!

In order to save the battery life, LG has rejuvenated the display driver’s IC memory and power management facilities so that the display’s backlight only illuminates a small part of the overall display that is actually in use. Due to this, the Always-On-Display takes only 0.8 percent of the battery per hour. As per LG, the per-hour battery consumed by the new function is quite beneficial because the normal consumers turn on their smartphones up to 150 times a day. So, when you will be able to see all what you want with a single glance no extra battery would be consumed.

Apart from the above mentioned, the exquisite display of LG G5 also consist of a Daylight Mode. This mode gauges different ambient light conditions and instantaneously adjusts the display’s brightness. The brightness can shot up to around 850 nits. On the contrary, G4 had about half of the screen brightness, so you can see where LG Electronics hit the mark.


LG G5: A New Smartphone Era With New Smart Features!

If you think that Display is the only part of the LG G5 that has launched with a pair of new, exciting changes you would definitely be wrong to think that. The LG G5 has also launched with a new modular design, the one we didn’t even guessed from the leaks.

At the beginning of the LG G5, there will be a separate added battery along with detached camera controls. This is a big time, good addition for the selfie and picture addicts. As for those who are more of listeners, there is an additional Hi-Fi DAC extra module for audio.

In the end, you also have good news that the modular swappable battery means that you will be able to replace your battery along with a full charged one within a matter of seconds.



LG G5 is a complete Smartphone beast. Packed with comfortable design, good display and amazing new software and hardware features, LG G5 has stunned us all by definitely rising above our expectations. To make sure that LG G5 is worthy of breaking all the mainstream LG stereotypes and to make its place among those Smartphones which are both efficient and wonderful, the mighty G5 comes with the Qualcomm’s latest, most powerful Snapdragon 820.

The Qualcomm 820 is the Samsung product made on a 14nm FinFET process. It supports a powerful Adreno 530 GPU, four custom 64-bit CPU cores, and LPDDR4 RAM support. Although the total number of CPU cores has been reduced to four from the eight stock ARM cores, the Snapdragon 820 is capable of 30% to 35% improvements in performance and power efficiency. What’s more is that the Adreno 530 GPU is 40% faster than the previous Adreno 430 unit.


The new Snapdragon 820 processor enables 64-bit performance, Adreno 530 graphics, and low-power Qualcomm® HexagonTM DSP as well as Qualcomm Spectra™ 14-bit dual image signal processors (ISPs) designed to deliver high resolution DSLR-quality images and additional power savings. The chipset also offers Quick Charge 3.0 technology. The LG G5 utilizes it for the absolute fast charging.

A new Low Power Location Estimation technology also enhances the battery efficiency by 41.9 percent. Paired with LPDDR4 RAM, the LG G5 has 4GB to satisfy your memory needs. The LG G5 also comes with 32GB of UFS storage. The memory can also be expanded with the help of microSD card.

Lastly, as for the audio option, the latest LG flagship comes with an aptX HD codec that supports 24-bit sound over Bluetooth. You get the clearest, buzzing and the definite sound experience ever from LG. As for the battery, the 2800mAh battery is not much powerful and doesn’t seem of much usage.


LG G5: A New Smartphone Era With New Smart Features!

LG, for the first time, has introduced the dual-camera setup with its V10. For surprising new additions in LG G5, LG has reformed the idea of the dual-camera setup by placing it on the back. The new idea changes the way we see Smartphones for taking photographs.

The two cameras on the back are 16MP and 8MP with 78-degree lens, and an extra-wide 135-degree lens, respectively. The viewing angle is 1.7 times wider than the other Smartphone cameras and 15 degrees wider than the human eye’s field of view. Surely, LG G5 has planned to stun us all! As for the selfie camera, there is an 8 megapixel unit, enough to make you happy with super-clear selfies.


LG G5: A New Smartphone Era With New Smart Features!

After display, design and all the other specifications, LG has announced LG Friends for better connectivity options. LG Friends is basically a collection of different devices that can easily pair with the G5 with the help of a dedicated LG Friends Manager app.

The new Friends addition provides an instant auto search option along with connection option for nearby devices. The first ‘Friends’ include a ‘Rolling bot’ fun little sphere with a camera. In a nut shell, this new feature is all about low-level spying. Yes you can know what your sister at the opposite room is doing at the moment.


LG G5: A New Smartphone Era With New Smart Features!

LG has removed the complex, space consuming screen drawer and has made the home screen of the LG G5 unique and simple. The interface is clear now and the users can search for the apps without any hustle bustle and searching.

Well, no body is got time to miss the mainstream, stereotypical App drawer that only needed space and made the home screen complex than ever.


LG G5: A New Smartphone Era With New Smart Features!

LG has finally bid adieu to its eye-candy microUSB and has adopted the new standard USB Type-C. The new USB Type-C is easy-to-use, efficient and cables can be plugged from the both sides. The new USB Type-C also supports various standards including rapid charging, much needed! Too.


LG G5: A New Smartphone Era With New Smart Features!

The slight curve on the back, similar to the dimple, is the notorious fingerprint scanner. The scanner is the first for the LG series. Thanks to LG G5, we have experienced the fingerprint scanner in the new, amazing specifications filled device too.

What’s more is that the same scanner is also a button that you press to lock your phone. Significantly enough, LG G5 has also altered the volume buttons to the side moving them from the back of the phone.


LG G5: A New Smartphone Era With New Smart Features!

The LG G5 is the range of four different colors. The hues available are silver, titan, pink and gold. Pink is a new somewhat cute color. While, the other color options we have already seen but the shading and the contrasts are bit different.


LG G5: A New Smartphone Era With New Smart Features!

LG did not reveal the price of the Smartphone that has some spectacular and mesmerizing specifications. LG G5 had been the same Smartphone which was under the suspicion that the Samsung duo will definitely crush it. However, the specifications and other intricately detailed features have stunned us all.

What we know is that the G5 will first launch around US with the availability to four major carriers; Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Have more questions about LG G5 and MWC? Land in the comment sections and we will let you know!

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